Friday, December 30, 2011

Still Busy at Work

My brother is still busy even on holidays like this. He needs to round up construction site of his projects because they have to clear some of the debris before the celebration of New Year to prevent some hazard if ever there are people who will use fire crackers nearby. He’s also looking for some instrumentation fittings for his building project and asked me if I know the tube bending at He’s not so familiar with buying online so he consults things with me when it comes to buying things online. I told him that more often it’s better to do it online because you can look for the brands you need and compare prices as well. I hope he’ll get the things he need sooner so he’ll get into vacation mode earlier.


How We Used to Spend New Year

We always spend first day of the year in resorts with the whole church as we want to welcome the year with good vibes. Even the weather is cold we still rent a private resort with swimming pool which the kids loves most because they could have the pool by themselves only with no other group to share with. At times the staff of the resort would fix their pool pumps for better water flow and they would also check if the hot spring is just enough for our needs.

Now that it falls on a Sunday we will be in our home church and have our regular Sunday fellowship. In the afternoon we’ll have our gift giving and we’ll share some of our foods in our New Year’s Eve feast. We just had our four-day vacation in Baguio with our church mates and still we feel happy that we managed to have it through whole year saving of our money. The weather in the upper north is at 14 degrees when we were there and we’re thankful that we were able to visit nice places and stay at the park late at night even if it’s cold. The kids had a blast and we’re all satisfied with our vacation.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don't Cut Corners that Could Cost You in the Future

Effective managers know how to identify areas of cost-savings to reduce waste and increase profits. However, not all spending reductions enhance the bottom line over time. Review this list of cost saving measures that could end up harming your company's profitability instead of helping it.

• Don't compromise the safety of your workers just to save a few bucks. Reducing your company's investment in worker safety may pay off in the short term. However, if important safe guards and equipment are no longer in place, there's an increased chance that workers will get injured on the job. This could result in your company dealing with workers' compensation claims or, depending on the laws of the state in which you operate, possible litigation. Incurring these risks could spell major trouble for your company. One way you can save on safety is to look for alternative training methods. Instead of flying in a high-priced trainer, develop your own in-house safety training program.

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• Avoid downgrading your packaging in noticeable ways. Consumers do care how products look on the shelf, so it's important that you present your product in an enticing way. Shifting to packaging that appears cheap or flimsy could result in fewer customers buying your goods. A smart change would be to use less expensive packaging made from recycled materials. Many consumers applaud (and choose to buy from) companies that use environmentally conscious packaging.
• Scrimping on shipping can cause problems. If you change shipping companies because you're getting a better deal for the same service, then that's a great move. However, if you're paying less and getting inferior service, you'll hurt your bottom line. Distributors and customers have a low tolerance for delayed shipping.
• Resist the urge to eliminate your IT staff. Just as installment loans can save individuals facing a financial emergency, in-house IT professionals can save your company during a technological emergency. It's true that your IT staff may have periods of down time, but when your system crashes at the worst possible moment, it's hard to overstate how important it is to have IT experts on staff who know your system inside and out. They can help you back-up all your files and data, recommend maintenance and upgrades to prevent crashes, and be available for crisis management. Outsourcing these functions will save you money, but finding yourself in the midst of a network disaster with no one on hand to intervene could have serious financial ramifications.

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It's important to evaluate existing contracts and processes for inefficiencies. At the same time, thoroughly consider the long-term implications of any cost-saving measure you undertake. Today's quick dollar may cost many more dollars in the future. What are some of the worthwhile money-saving strategies your company has implemented?


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Personalized Food Gifts

I’ve been thinking of making my own sweet and delicious desserts and delicacies for gifts to my friends but when I count the days that I’m free before our vacation I backed out. Anyway I still have to clean my set of kitchen utensils for making my desserts because I didn’t used it for months now. I have a separate kitchen items for making my sweet delicacies like my molds, baking pans, my ever reliable sieving utensil to sift my flour, rolling pin, scale and a lot more. Last year I was able to do some for my friends but now I really have a hectic schedule and cooking personalized food gifts won’t fit in no matter how much I want it. Next time I’ll plan it ahead of time.


Craft and Gift Items

I’ve been rushing about my gifts for school party and some small giveaways last week when I saw a site that offers beads, charms, jewelry and craft supplies. All are nice, and cute and very flexible if you want to create your own craft or gifts. They also have this variety of stamps to choose from like different shape punch for stamping metal blanks. I love the heart shape as usual as I always go for heart-inspired bracelets, stamps and other things. Well I also noticed the 4-leaf clover design which is not ordinary for me. This month is a very busy month for me and I have to rush things up because we’re going on vacation fellowship in Baguio end of this week.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Funding Your Season’s Shopping

In this holiday season people want to celebrate the most festive holiday by giving gifts and rewarding themselves for the work they’ve done for the whole year. It’s the season also that people want to buy their most desired home appliance or gadgets that they’ve saved for the past months. I observed that this season is the time that people wants to spend their hard-earned money for everything that they want to have and to give. But sometimes people run out funds for the things they need for the holidays that they need to find  moneylender for their deficiencies.

It’s good that you can now find online licensed money lenders directory like money lender Singapore where you can choose from list of lending companies you can borrow money from. Just be sure that you know all the rules implied in the agreement before you commit into any  personal loans you want. There are calculators provide for guidelines and reference just in case you want to estimate how much you need to pay at certain period of time. Having this directory ensures that you can search, choose and finally decide on where you can find the best deal on your much-needed loans.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

True Meaning of this Season

The most reliable source of an easy access fund especially in this season of Christmas is through cash advance online available throughout the worldwide web. Just a touch of your finger is enough to communicate and apply to online staff assigned in the offices of those lending companies. People making list buying special gifts is not just part of a famous song but became everybody’s favorite saying on season like this because we all know that it only occurs once every year. We never forget our precious friends and close family relatives in this yuletide season and we tried our best to give them memorable gifts to make them feel that we really cared for them. That even though we have not enough funds we prefer to give them something that they can value our relationship to them. 

The cash advance online opportunity helps people in choosing and buying quality but affordable gifts. We all know that if we don’t have enough money in our pocket we tend to buy something that we find cheaper than the rest which is most of the times with a lower quality than you usually buy. Most of the times we are just tempted or forced to buy toys, dress and even appliances that don’t have high quality characteristics because of lack of funds. We should be a wise buyer and a responsible citizen starting in our own homes. 

Getting cash advance loans should be applied and done only to pay emergency needs that suddenly come up unexpectedly before your payday. We should not give extravagant or too many gifts if we can’t afford to raise funds on our own salary. The true meaning of Christmas is not only on material things but sharing your love to your brothers and sisters.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Avoiding Separation Anxiety When Sending Your Child To A CT Daycare Center

Tips on how to avoid separation anxiety when sending your child to a CT daycare center.

Separation anxiety is something that all kids go through at one point or another. Many parents have experienced many tears and tantrums from their children whenever they are to be separated from each other. Unfortunately, if you are a working parent, it is inevitable that you will be away from your child for many hours in a day. Some parents find out that sending a child to a CT daycare center might provide stronger separation anxieties with the child because they are also left in an unfamiliar place.

Separation anxiety is not unusual even for kids who are about to go to a CT preschool. Although this is quite normal, there are some things you can do to help ease your child’s separation anxiety and help him overcome it.

·         Do a trial visit. It will be a great help if you do a trial visit to the Connecticut day care center before leaving your child there. Visit the center so that your child will be familiar with the place even just a little bit.
·         Make your child comfortable. It will also help if you try to make your child comfortable before leaving him at the center. Let someone at the center play with your child while you are still there with him.
·         Keep your goodbyes short. The first thing you have to make sure of is that you say goodbye to your child. Never try to distract him and then sneak away when he is busy with something else. Instead, you can hug and kiss your child as you say your goodbyes. Keep it short and do not prolong it even if he has started to cry.
·         Leave then come back. After saying goodbye, leave the center straightaway. Looking back or going back if your child has continued to cry loudly will only make matters worse. Leave immediately after your goodbye rituals but make sure that you come back on the time when you promised your child. This will help your child understand that you will come back even during the times when you need to leave him.

About the Author:
Aggie Aviso is a freelance consumer and business writer, writing comprehensive reviews, articles and how-to's.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Affordable Quality Health Care

My friend who has suffered from broken bones ailment last year went through a lot of treatment and therapy before coming back to her regular routine and schedule. She was shopping for their weekly goodies in a supermarket when she slipped on one of the wet floors there. There was no warning neither a note that it’s wet so people continue to pass by the wet corner when suddenly my friend passed that corner and she slipped along with her grocery cart. The management was sorry enough for her that she was rushed to the nearest clinic at first. She didn’t demand for anything but for the expenses of the checkup and the management gave her a delivery benefits for the things that she would buy for the store until she was fully recovered.

Since all had happened so fast she was surprised how it made a big difference in her life. She has a sickness that would complicate with an ordinary surgeon so she consulted their family doctor to declare what’s the best treatment for her. Well she didn’t walk for more than six months which completely changed her life. She did looked for specialist for her bones and she searched for the likes of orthopedic surgeons Richmond because they offer personalized healthcare and she loves treatment like that. 

Stony Point Surgery in Richmond is an outpatient surgical facility which offers the best care, surgeons and the best facility to look into their patients’ condition. They specialized in orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, ear,nose,throat, interventional spine center and various surgeries. They’re not attached to hospitals and emergency clinics that’s why they can plan and schedule appointments easily. They can give their patients the same convenience and quality health care as when you go to big hospitals, best of all they’re affordable and provide quality service as well.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stylish Protection for Blackberry

I was browsing online for a replacement of my phone case when I saw varied kinds of blackberry case which is very suitable to my niece’ newly purchased Blackberry Curve. Since I realized that I have limited choices for my own mobile phone I just contented myself on searching for a good case for gift ideas. I found hard shell case for safety and protection, commuter case and battery powered case. All cases will protect any blackberry phone from getting scratches, dirt, dents, dust and a lot more. It will not only serve as a guard against those harmful things but a beautiful accessory to your phone also.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Travel With Peace of Mind

A former office friend knows about many things about health and how to live a healthy lifestyle. He does everything with careful planning because he didn’t want to delve into things that he didn’t thought of. I admire his well-planned activities that even when he became a born-again Christian he has all things set and arranged in perfect time. He makes sure that he prayed for a certain thing that he needs an answer so he’ll come to a right and justifiable decision in life.

One thing that he doesn’t know about is life insurance because for him it’s not a thing that he desires right now because God gave him the perfect insurance in life. Now I don’t know if he’ll be concerned if it’s about motorhome insurance because I know that we both dreams to own a motor home someday. We both know that owning one would also mean getting insurance for the vehicle because it’s too risky not to get one.  It's like ensuring you'll enjoy your long travel with peace of mind.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Long Beach Things to Do

My Auntie spent most of her life in California and since I was in grade school she’s living and working. It’s now her world and her life. Now that she’s old already she seldom takes vacation in our hometown and I really haven’t seen her in person for years. She’s my Mom’s cousin best friend and also my godmother. When she was younger and often visits us she’ll always talk about the state she’s living in US as she found California the best place for Filipinos like her with just the right weather and community that she’s became comfortable with. She’s a good cook and she has flair for good restaurants to which she really visits and tastes their special menu. I know she’s rounded up good Long Beach restaurants in her tour of cuisine search.

Long Beach by the way is in the South, a dominant maritime center and known for being the Aquatic capital of the nation. It has the second busiest container port and one of the world’s largest shipping port. The place has plenty of things to offer to someone who wants to visit nice places and has some nice sit down venues and restaurants when you want to have a meal and relax your senses. There are plenty of Long Beach things to do like water sports, tour around the place, shopping perhaps and most specially dining in their wide array of varied Long Beach restaurants offering cuisine of sorts. You can choose if you want to eat in restaurant offering comfort foods, seafood, steaks, dinner cruises, American food, Spanish cuisine, continental and California cuisine or other cuisine you may want to try. There’s a website which will help you find all these things and will be a good guide in shopping, choosing hotel and some vacation deals also.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Perfect Coffee and Blended Drinks

I just love coffee and can’t start a day without a perfect creamy cup of my favorite brand. I’m not that choosy whether it’s instant or brewed kind just as long as it has the aroma and flavor I want I’m satisfied. It doesn’t just starts my morning right but keeps me relaxed during the day and keeps me awake at night when I need to be up and alert on my online writing tasks. I’m health conscious so I keep some decaffeinated kind in my stocks always so I will not have to worry about the number of cups I’ve consumed throughout the day.

When I want something that would make my day special I go for brewed kind and that’s when I long to have Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers which can help me prepare quality coffee every day. It will certainly make me feel good if I can make enough for me and my friends who visits me. Well Hamilton Beach provides for all coffee maker needs because they have all the size, features and design for any of your requirements. They have single serve, brew station, 10-12 cup coffee maker, coffee urns, coffee grinders, coffee filters, espresso makers and more.

Hamilton Beach not only offers coffee makers but blenders as well. For those who love making fresh juices and delicious fruit shakes like me you will be satisfied with Hamilton Beach Blenders. They can bring out the best in our drinks as you can be assured of perfect smooth blended icy drinks, shakes and smoothies from their machines. They offer not just functionality but quality as well and backed by 3-year limited warranty. This is just perfect for the coming holidays as I have come up with new exciting recipes for blended fruit shakes.


Indulge in Recreational Games

People are now into healthy lifestyle and healthy habits in life. This may be due to increasing number of sickness derived from bad vices, wrong eating habits and ways in life that can harm our body and lead us to deadly diseases that’s quite rampant these days. I heard some of my friends and teachers in my secondary suffered from severe cases of sickness due to not-so healthy lifestyle. We should really be disciplined in what we eat and what we do in life. It’s still best to have a balanced diet food, regular exercise and enough sleep. We should also have time for some relaxing moments with our loved ones as healthy body and happy soul are great partners. Happiness is vital to our state of mind and body thus we should seek things not only for our financial gain but for our happy life as well. 

Recreation is one of the things that we should focus our mind sometimes because we can be happy doing some outdoor activities with our friends and family. It would include games and sports we particularly like to do like ball games such as badminton, bowling, tennis, volleyball; or some sports like marathon, walkathon, swimming or maybe we could try the shooting sport with the use of guns airsoft. Some men prefer this sport as it seems challenging to them. I myself haven’t tried this sport although I’m keen on shooting games when I was a kid. I always play what my brother plays even if I’m not a boy. It was fun and exciting game for me back then and when I learned of this kind of sport these days I know how nice it should feel when you try this one.

For those who don’t know this shooting sport I can share what I learned from reading. This sport uses Airsoft Gun which shoots with the use of plastic round pellets. It’s harmless, can’t kill someone and will not cause any injury to anyone. This is only a toy gun but if you can see it it’s like a real gun as makers of this toy manufactured it like it’s real with same look, feel and weight. Anyway the pellets can cause slight pain when they hit you so the player should also protect himself by wearing safety gear around the eyes and face. You can use thick pants and sweatshirts or wear camouflage for better protection. The rules depends on the game, airsoft gun can be used for target shooting or like a paintball where players should avoid being hit or you’ll be eliminated.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tips for a Guilt-Free Eating this Thanksgiving

Company of good friends and bonding with family is what Thanksgiving is all about. But aside form this, Thanksgiving can also mean Food, food and more food.

On the eve of Thanksgiving Day, most households are busy preparing for the meals that they will serve on Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey with gravy
Mashed potatoes
Cake and more dessert

For sure, one or two of these meals are present in your dining table for Thanksgiving. That is why those who are on a diet dread Thanksgiving Day, as they know that temptation will be hard to resist.

But you need not feel guilty after the festivities of Thanksgiving by following these tips:

1. Grab a bite before heading to the Thanksgiving dinner. Eat something to fill up your stomach like yogurt or fruit so you will not feel starve. At least coming to battle with a full stomach will help you resist temptation.
2. Start your meal with salad or soup. Vegetable salads are rich in fiber, which can make you feel full. Having a full stomach will lessen the possibility of taking in foods rich in carbohydrates and calories.
3. Choose the right kind of food. Although it is tempting to just dig in and enjoy all the food that is served on the table, it will help if you will choose wisely the food that you will consume. Stay away from fried foods as this contains fat, which is a big no-no for those who are on a diet. Choose lean protein like grilled chicken or steak, as this is low in carbohydrates and calories.
4. Portion your dessert. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate so resisting dessert would really be a hard thing to do. Eat healthy desserts instead like yogurt or fresh fruits or don’t eat the whole share of the dessert to lessen your carbo intake.

You can celebrate Thanksgiving without feeling guilty by following the tips mentioned above.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Clean Environment Promotes Good Health

When I watched the news this week the television keeps rambling about the prevalent diseases occurring in the season like colds, cough, flu and dengue fever. It’s actually in the season that people easily gets sick, the sudden changing of temperature is most probably the reason because it changes so easily and some people have a hard time adjusting to weather changes. As I have three kids to protect against the occurrence of sickness in the house I do some preventive measures in our environment and house interiors. We can minimize some sickness when we filter our air inside the house and when we clean every area in the house.

House cleaning is done not only to make it look beautiful but to be a comfortable and safe place to live in. We should be aware of the air we breathe inside our house because it triggers respiratory illness so it should be filtered. We must also think about how to dispose unseen bacteria lurking in undisposed garbage, molds growing in moist areas and the cobwebs that accumulate in the walls and ceilings. Remember that cleanliness promote healthy environment and prevents a great percentage of illness occurring in the house.

So for those who likes to get their houses cleaned without hiring a full time stay-in helper can always get the services of cleaning service company like House cleaning service Centreville VA. They’re a maid service company that provides cleaning services on a one-time, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly schedule to home owners. Their staffs has 3 years of cleaning experience and undergone 5 training days before they will be sent to home cleaning service requests. Their cleaning system includes the regular spring deep cleaning and maintenance rotation system to ensure that every areas of the house are well cleaned and taken care of. You can get instant quotes online.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Superior Solder Alloy

DH and I are both in line with technical works particularly assembling of electronic components to printed circuit boards. We both studied in University, I took up Computer Engineering course, while he’s presently taking up Electronics Technology. We assembled and fixed defective home and office appliances including business machines, personal computers and laptops. 

We’ve experienced soldering all classes of alloys and learned that not all of them are user-friendly. Some of them are hard to bond with electronic components, the reason why most of the devices soldered are not functioning well. This will not be a problem anymore with Nihon Superior, a developer and quality maker of lead-free solder alloy available in the market all over the world. Many electronics manufacturers and dealers are successfully using this kind of excellent high-quality products.


The Secret of Ageing Gracefully!

This generation seems to be so concerned with the issues of aging; in fact it has an impact on millions of people. People seem very concerned with their financial future, their retirement, insurances, career and almost anything that secures their financial and physical looks. The current issues on healthcare and the never ending dieting is one proof that we’re concerned on living longer. And now people seems to prevent aging because of cosmetology and surgical methods, I know some people did it because they want to stay young and beautiful to secure their career, love life and some other superficial things that commonly worries human.

But did you know that we need not ask for more as God has given us everything we need to enjoy our present life now. The real secret of aging gracefully is how you live today. It’s just a simple secret that we didn’t see like if you want to be healthy when you’re on your golden age start it now, eat healthy food, have some exercise and be sure to secure a good sleep everyday. If you want to be mentally alert even when you’re twenty years older you should start reading, watching current issues and participate in discussions meaning exercise your mind to the full because learning is a continuous process you shouldn’t stop. Now if you want to be spiritually secure in God start searching for Him now, pray for His guidance, seek for His words attend Sunday services with no absences and live as a true Christian.

Now you still want to live longer by changing your natural looks! You still want to be healthy with those never-ending supplements? Live simply, have a natural healthy life and put God in the center of your life and you’ll live and get old gracefully!


Coping Up with Sickness and Medicines

Are you familiar with the signboard “The doctor is in” on almost all clinics, health center or hospital? When we feel bad about our health we know that medical doctor is the one that we can rely on. They are the one who studied hard to help us when we are physically ill. We should always thank them for all the untiring efforts they exerted when we’re in our sad physical condition. Every findings and decisions they make is very important for our wellness and recovery. I’m very thankful for some of them who give their extra time and effort to explain the condition of patients and give more healthful ways and advices to us.

We know that proper medication, healthy diet and rest are three of the best winning ways that patient will do to be able to cope up with sickness and be well soon. Sometimes due to lack of careful attention we fail to follow proper medication procedures or at few times drug prescription from our doctors causes side effects. We cannot blame the doctors as the manufacturers should know first the effects of their products before selling it on the market. We should also act on some medical failures like what Actos drug did to some diabetes patients. Well for those diabetics who are non-smoker and still acquired bladder cancer you should be getting the services and legal help of actos cancer attorney who can help in the whole process of the case. They evaluate the case and help you through receiving your claims. They also offer free consultation and advice.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Careers in Medicine

My kids and their cousins were talking about the careers that they will be taking up when they reach college. I’m amazed that two of my kids dream about being a Civil Engineer and an Architect just like my brother’s two kids who want to have the same profession also. Anyway they’re too young now to really know what they want for their career so I just let them with their supposed ambition. Nobody wants to be a doctor, nurse or any other course in the field of medicine but lately I learned that my brother’s youngest would want to take Careers in medicine. We were happy to note my nephew’s career wish considering that he himself easily got sick. We joked on him that when he’s already a doctor make sure to think of ways on how to cure granny’s arthritis.

Well when he grows old and finish Medicine course I hope that he’s going to help people in his own kind ways just like what service Soliant is giving to health care providers. They a health care staffing company that binds and connects hospitals and health care providers to help the latter find the best job suitable to their course. Their expertise is proven on employing the highly qualified health care professionals who specializes on physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy, radiology, ultrasound, histologists, surgical technology and a lot more. So for those who really want to work and enjoy a good salary and nice benefits from work you can apply in various vacancies posted by Soliath.


Monday, October 31, 2011

Preparation for December Camp Fellowship

Since we’re going to Baguio for our December camp meeting I’m now making a list of the things to bring for our four-day stay there. We’ve reserved few months ago in one of the buildings there but changed our mind when a friend of my Mom offered her 3-storey vacation house. It was such a blessing for us as we’re going to spend huge amount of money just for the venue site only. DH, Pastor and 2 others went there last week to check the house and when they finally saw it they’ve decided that it can suffice for our needs. They even saw that the 3rd floor would be ideal for our fellowship service and the other floors have plenty of foambymail latex mattresses for our sleeping beds.

We will just bring extra blankets for extra warmth and buy some basic disposable dining wares so we will not be using the house owner’s things. Since we want to travel light we will buy our groceries and food when we get there as there are plenty of supermarket and stores where we can get all our supplies. We’ll be having common food for all now that we’ve saved a lot of our venue money . All in all we have everything we need this coming December and we just have to continue with saving some of our money so we’ll have enough to spend on our vacation and fellowship. Everyone is excited and looking forward to having our fellowship first time in the summer capital.


Help in Getting Hearing Specialist

I’m sad to hear that one of my former office mates who happen to be the daughter of my very close friend in my kids’ school failed in the hearing test in her job application abroad. She was supposed to go to her Auntie in Qatar for a contract job and they’re only waiting for her complete medical exam results for her to fly and work there. My friend was devastated upon learning the condition of her daughter and search for good specialist to check on her. She told me that she needed big amount of money to finance medication and if she recovered she wouldn’t allow her to work abroad to protect her daughter’s health. 

I’ve asked some of my friends who are into Audiologist Jobs if they can refer me into a good doctor who can diagnose and treat such case. While waiting for some references I’ve told my friend to go to my neighbour who is a specialist on hearing difficulties and check if she can help them. My doctor friend will understand their situation and will not charge them huge fees if ever they will decide to start the treatment. I hope that in few months I will hear some good news about my office friend.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Choosing the Best Nursing Home Care for your Elders

We love the elderly members of our family and we care for their safety and ease in living. Sometimes even if how much we love them we can’t give them our uninterrupted attention and time because of our work. When we don’t have other members of the family who has no commitment elsewhere we should be able to hire someone who can take care of them efficiently and with tender loving care. If our aging parents are not perfectly in good health we should be careful in choosing people who will take care of them like Nursing homes Indianapolis which provides quality nursing home care for seniors in short and long term living arrangement. They have a cadre of skilled nursing aide who have good references, background, work experiences and the right attitude on caring for senior people.

For those who need daily care and help but hesitant to let their seniors stay in home care they can avail of Assisted living Indianapolis which offers help for the seniors’ daily living activities. They can provide necessary assistance with meals, housekeeping, bathing, dressing, washing and other services needed by the elders in our family.

If you’re not very careful and cautious in hiring care giver by yourself you’re in the risk of endorsing your senior to unqualified and incompetent personnel. You must check references, background and observe proper dressing, punctuality and over all attitude. As these things can be quite hard to achieve it’s better to hire the professional nursing home care for your elderly loved ones.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Stop Shop for His Car

I just had a talk with my brother and discussed the schedule of our plans to go to our hometown this coming weekend. He’s a busy man and it’s hard to fit in his schedule especially now that both his cars are in shops for checkup and maintenance. I asked about his Ford Everest because it’s only almost a year that they’ve bought it, surely I believe that it’s in perfect condition up to now. He’s not worried about the expenses on it because it’s covered by insurance but still it has to be checked up in the best shop and if ever there’s a replacement needed it should be installed with original parts.

He’s actually looking for a good supplier and came upon a stop shop for all his needs. MKM Customs offers diesel performance parts for Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge. Aside from the quality parts that they offer they also provide assistance to clients on their inquiries and questions. So for those who want the best quality parts only for their cars they’re a good source for bumpers, grilles, EGR delete kits, lighting, upgraded EGR coolers and a lot more components. 

They maintain a cadre of professional sales representatives who has good knowledge of their field and can offer help anytime to their clients. Shopping for the parts will be so convenient and easy with their categorized inventory or you can browse for the manufacturers that you want. Best of all if you can’t find what you need on their site you can always call them for assistance and help.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Physicians’ Exclusive Network

Education has brought a lot of good effects to mankind as those who has great gifts in innovating our gadgets and other communication tools never stopped in improving their crafts. I’m glad to learn that even in the medical field they have embraced the vital need for active online communications among their colleagues. I’m glad to browse over Doximity which put a lot of ease in going around the network of physicians like Francis Ferraro MD whose expertise and profile can be easily browsed over by co-members of the network which is exclusive to a group of physicians only. With the help of this tool members can locate specialists, send messages and share vital information exclusively within their network quicker and easier.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flexible Staffing Solutions and Job Opportunities

Looking for jobs might be easy for few but for others it’s hard and cost them not only money but a lot of their best effort and time. According to some HR experts sometimes even if you are qualified there are other factors that may affect your employment application. I came to learn about these factors when I was assigned as HR officer in my previous job. You need to pass psychological exams as well as some other specialized tests to determine your skills and capabilities in handling applied position. Work experience counts a lot also as it will clearly define how well you know your job. More often work experience weigh as much as your education because some employers look beyond your degree especially those who want an output-oriented employee who has the probability of giving more work than expected. 

There are other factors aside from the ones I mentioned but those are specific requirements from immediate superiors that will handle new employees like good looks, pleasing personality, good interview results. These things are somewhat tasking for some companies so they hire companies or group of people to handle recruitment of employees like NJ Employment Agency which provides flexible staffing solutions to employers and companies who needs employees but find it hard to do all procedures in hiring staff. They also help find job openings and career opportunities for job seekers whether they want a full time job or part-time only. Finding a job will not be hard when someone like NJ employment agency will be there to help both employer and employees as well.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Black Friday Discounts

I’m doing my wish list now for my birthday in two months time and of course it will include a new digicam to replace my 3-year old one which died on me last July. Since I don’t want to replace the over exposed lens once again I really plan to buy a new one. The old digicam which I bought 3 years ago is not actually useless as it’s still running smoothly on videos but since I really need a cam which has a higher megapixels and optical zoom I think it’s just worthy to buy myself a new one.

We’ll be having travels this coming months and it will be fun to have my dream digicam on those travels. Now I’m looking for the best store to buy and since I really need a discount and good deal I’m thinking of buying on Black Friday sale. I heard from my friends that it’s the best season to buy and discounts are overflowing. It will be also more relaxing and convenient to buy it online and use my PayPal or card. I just hope that the camera I want will be sold at desired discounted price.


Gifts For Special Men

My friend asked me to give her ideas on what to give her husband on their 12th wedding anniversary which is approaching this last week of October. Since they’re both working abroad we only communicate online and she’s asking me to help her find the best gifts for men to choose from. She wants to surprise her husband but they’re always together even at work so we’ll be working hand in hand to order it online.

Oh well it’s actually an easy task because there are many online sites where you can find the best and unique gifts for your special loved ones especially our beloved partner in life. For the men there are wide varieties of choices for them like watches, bags, car gadgets, accessories case and a lot more as the gift would depend on their preferences and hobbies. I’m actually thinking also of buying hubby small gifts to use for his Sunday service accessories like ties, cuff link and cases. I’ve seen some nice ones online and it will be very useful to him.


Memories Still Lives

When I visited the school of my second grader and paid for his quarterly school fees I noticed that they’ve nice personalized name tags in the administration department. There you can see their individual designation and position. Of course the most noticeable is the administrator’s and principal engraved name which are written in gold in a distinctive letter font that I love best. 

Suddenly I remembered my father’s name tag when he was still working in our town municipality. I love seeing it when I was a child, somewhat proud that he’s one of the best officials in town as proven by the appreciation awards and plaques collected from his twenty years of service. The name tag is still with us together with my father’s old personal things when he was still alive. He has passed away but his memories still lives with us.


Monday, October 3, 2011

History of OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or what is commonly referred to as OSHA, is an agency under the United States Department of Labor, set up by the Secretary of Labor during that time, James Hodgson, on April 28, 1971. The agency is dedicated to preventing work-related injuries, job related illnesses and occupational fatalities by enforcing safety standards in the workplace. They are the reason why osha 30 and 10 hour safety training courses are now being offered to the employees of the general and construction industry.

The agency was born when former President Richard Nixon signed the Williams-Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act into law on December 29, 1970. The main objective of the law was to give the national government the authority to set, monitor, and enforce proper safety techniques around most workplaces. Essentially, the OSHA set forth a number of law, rules, and regulations that all occupational health professionals had to adhere to. 

The history of occupational health and safety was a messy one before the OSHA was created.

Prior to the formation of the agency, there were no safety regulations to protect workers from occupational hazards and no clear documentation on the benefits and compensation. In fact, many workers often found themselves faced to work with machines that were in no way safe and need replacement. Since there were no rules about updating and quality control on various business sectors, most business owners would choose to save money and risk accidents with employees than to replace machines or install safety nets within their procedures. 

OSHA changed all that. When the agency was created, it received a lot of criticism from various sectors. There was a huge uproar over the need for detailed documentation from small and large businesses and most refused to be under the OSHA’s control. Once OSHA began implementing safety regulations within the workplace, businesses were forced to comply and change safety levels within some of their facilities.

Two tragic workplace accidents in 1973 however proved the need for safety regulations in the workplace, and this led to OSHA’s officials working hard to bring governing rules updated with safety and health regulations.

During the time of former President George H.W. Bush, OSHA implements certain hazardous exposure rules within the workplace. It gave the right of workers to know about hazardous materials and whether or not they are exposed to it. In January 14, 1989, OSHA mandated exposure limitations of a worker from 52 chemicals from the original 24. 

OSHA has risen in importance from the time of its conception, and now almost every single business displays special OSHA posters on their walls to inform workers of their rights. 

OSHA grants workers important rights and plays an important role in the identification and correction of workplace problems. An employee can complain about threats to health and safety and can file in person, telephone, fax, postal mail or electronically through the OSHA web site.

The various safety signs you see in the workplace: fire extinguisher signs, running man sign leading to exit doors and standpipe signs are just few of the many examples of what OSHA has brought and contributed to the safety of workers in the workplace environment.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture

Since last week I always have back pains and I’m just waiting for long weekend holiday to succumb to back massage therapy. It’s the only health problem I experience whenever I’m overworked but I’m on close monitoring if I can bear it longer because I don’t want to take a leave off my work. Actually I’m considering some possibilities that our bedroom furniture is not fit for me the reason why I’m having hard back pains. 

I’m thinking now if we will switch to rustic bedroom furniture because it looks as if it’s more relaxing to lie down, rest and sleep in the naturally beautiful and comfortable log bed. I’m impressed also with the latest designs they have for log bedroom furniture which looks stylish but very nature looking. Oh well maybe it will solve some of my back pain problems in the future.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Be Ready at Travel Times

It’s vital to bring all important things and tools when traveling because you’ll be prepared anytime that emergency trouble with car will come up. My cousin always bring his trailer hitch with him whenever he’s on long travel or just few towns away from us. One afternoon on his way from mountainous town in the next province he encountered trouble in his owner-type jeep and since it’s dangerous on that place he thanked God that he has everything he needs so they can move the car into safer place. He used his hitch on the vehicle that rescued them and they reached their desired safe place without trouble. It’s always important for drivers to be ready at all times for everyone’s safe travel.


Medical Health Card and Insurance

I’m happy that with my current job we have a medical health card that will be able to cover almost all our medical expenses should we get sick or we need to be examined. We’re getting the services of one of the best in the field and it can be used to various known hospitals in the city and provinces. It also includes clinics in the mall and many towns. 

I already processed and submitted all requirements to our provider and just waiting for the card itself to be delivered to our office. The package that we got and the company that will cover the health insurance is like the guaranteed issue life insurance I saw online because it doesn’t need medical examinations, no questions or interviews and no medical tests which means that everyone can be enrolled. This is great as we’re all qualified and will be getting the best of our health benefits.


Gadgets on My List

I’ve been searching for my next digicam to buy before the end of this year because I have to be sure that I’ll be purchasing the right camera for my needs. At first I’m loyal to my favorite brand of camera but upon seeing some other brands I suddenly have second thoughts on what brand I would buy. I came to think that I should be open to other brands should they offer better features and of course competitive pricing. Since I work near the vicinity of the mall where there’s a place for gadgets and accessories I get to see special promos and deals that offers discounts on my wish list items like new digicam and camera cases, EHD and some other stuff for my home office. I just bought USB, CDs and some other things for our PC at home and planning to get a new notebook for the husband for my graduation gift to him at the end of the school year. Hope my online work will pick up to a high peak again so I’ll have budget for all the things I want to buy.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Affordable Furniture for Your Home

We’re planning to renovate the whole house and turn it into a duplex to separate my sister’s place from us. Our old house is more than 3 decades now since it was reconstructed from a Spanish type house into a modern type and now we observed that it needs a total makeover. We’re now doing a house plan that will maximize the use of the house and turn it into two identical types which we call our duplex project. We’re just fixing our finances and next year we hope that we can start the reconstruction of the house.

As early as now I’m doing the interior design of the planned duplex home and I have included new furniture to match the new house design plans. Since the sofa is too big for the new place I will probably search for smaller size and buy side tables also. As I’m thinking about it excitement is running down my spine and I browse some online furniture sites for other more bright ideas on furnishing my future duplex house. I came upon DealsDirect which offers furniture online at affordable prices perfect for my limited budget. If you have furniture needs check out Deals Direct and choose from their wide range of furniture for your bedroom furniture, tables, outdoor furniture, chairs, beds, sofa, storage solutions, bar stools and others. Enjoy their 14 day guarantee on your purchases.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Convenience of Having Insurance Quotes Online

When we talk about life insurance many people are not open about it because some always associate it to death. Well I have experience of my own in the past when insurance agents convince me of getting one. I must admit that I feel so uncomfortable with it having vague knowledge of how it can affect my life and my loved ones. Now that I have family of my own I’m beginning to understand the importance of life insurance and the benefits it could bring to our family. Still I don’t have a life insurance but I’m open to talk about it and the suggestions on getting it. It has beneficial effects especially on our family that we’ll be leaving behind when we reach the end of our journey. That’s how I put life, it’s a journey to doing our objectives and eventually after all our goals have been achieved we’ll meet our Saviour. Actually the best insurance we should ensure is the quality of life here and the eternal life we’re looking forward to.

Now while we’re still living we can ensure that when we leave something for our family so they will not be burdened with financial problems. Others may still feel uncomfortable with it but gaining information from online websites can teach us the importance of having one and what it can help to our family. There are plenty of insurance companies that offer various packages and deals but it sometimes took our precious time to hear their seminars or explanations. Other times agents made it look like we’re heading to our end and sooner we’ll be dead that we should get one. It took a lot of understanding to really grasp the meaning of insurance and most often browsing sites that offers life insurance quotes help us understand more and they also make the insurance affordable by giving comparable rates to choose. 

This way people will be able to assess their capacity to take insurance and getting them online can help them decide at their most convenient place and time. No need to hurry and no need to be burdened with high rates. You’ll have the privilege of searching, reviewing and getting them when you want it, where you want it and how you want it. No pressure with pleasing or entertaining agents that will try to get your approval and you can get it on your own time when you’re really decided on getting one. Having the insurance quotes online gives not only convenience but a lot of savings too.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cancellation of Travel

We planned to go to our provincial hometown late this afternoon but when we’re travelling we stopped by my brother’s house to decide if we’re going to continue our travel or not. The rains were too heavy to ignore and we’re going to travel through the mountains and zigzag road. My brother slept at dawn this morning to prepare for his church message so he only had 3 hours sleep and we feel that he’ll never make it through driving through heavy rains with zero visibility in the mountains.

While deciding if we’re going to continue or not we had some nice conversation about many things as it’s not every day that we have time for this kind of bonding. The kids were not with us and it’s only my siblings and I who planned on going to Laguna. Since I have a need for plumber I asked for my brother’s staff and his advice on separating our relatives’ water line. I also inquired about teflon hose and its usage since I need some for the house. It was really nice talking to him and asking about his ideas on our planned renovation in the house, choice of floor tiles and anything about home repairs. After careful thinking on our travel to province we decided to go back home and informed our cousins there that we’re backing out. It’s too dangerous to keep on travelling especially that it’s raining and dark in the mountains.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Advanced Technology in Stencils

Hubby is enjoying his electronics subject as he’s into computer hardware now and dealing with ICs. It’s good to hear about his stories at night about his activities in school which brings me back memories of my college days also because my computer engineering course is actually more of electronics and computer hardware. He’s more determined and dedicated with his studies now than when he was young maybe because he’s a family man now. 

If one could only see his enthusiasm over what he’s doing one can tell that he’s so power-driven. He’s been telling me few days back how he perfected his IC board and how they learned about the new technology about SMT Stencils especially the laser cut stencils custom-made for their printed circuit boards. Well it’s part of their subject and course and anything that’s recently innovated they should know so they will be updated with the latest trends in electronics technology.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Kids' Future Jobs

I was having fun with the kids watching a movie when we talked about their ambitions in life. That’s the term they used when they want to talk about what they want to be after college. As young as they are they have their goals in life already. The eldest would want to be a Civil Engineer like my brother and I think she’s fit as she’s good in Math, has a gift with arts and design, has an analytical mind and a flair for beautiful homes and buildings. The second wants to be a Professor or Teacher just like my Mom. She’s actually the achiever among the siblings and I think that she’ll be a good contribution to the field of Education with her zest for learning things. She also has the best patience with teaching kids so I think she can deal with them.

I asked them if no one with go with Business Analyst Jobs in the future and my youngest kid answered me that he’ll think it over but for now he dreams of being an Architect. He whispered to me that our house will be his first project lol! Well time flies so fast and in time I’ll have an Engineer, Teacher and an Architect in the house when I’m older and writing again at home.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Luxury Bedding and Home Furnishings

My students are very happy that their teachers announced that they will resume classes on Wednesday. It's actually my youngest who is on second grade who told me that their classes are suspended on Monday and Tuesday. I asked him as if I didn't know the holiday and he explained to me that the government has declared the holiday. It was fun talking to him especially that he's really very patient in answering multiple questions lol! Since my students and DH are on vacation I'm really looking forward to the long weekend. I was sick at the start of the week and I really want to rest, sleep and just let the time pass on us. I was planning on cooking something special and doing some house arrangement. I had an inventory of things and I found out that we should be buying new things for the bedroom.

As we need to rest on the long weekend it would be more relaxing if we would have comfortable bedding I saw on Versai-la. They offer high quality luxury bedding, pillows, comforters, blankets and other bedroom accessories. For the other parts of the house they also have fine linens that you could use for your bathroom, dining, kitchen and for your home furnishings. It's important for me to have these things in the house because it will make us not only comfortable but will make the bedrooms look beautiful with these stylish bedding and home accessories. We find solace in our home so we might as well make it as nice and welcoming as it could ever be.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Car Reviews

Men love cars and it starts in their toddler years where they prefer toy cars than any other toys. Well most of the kids I know collect miniature and big toy cars and it pleased them to see them on their glass cabinets. That’s what men are even on their younger years. They only differ in taste and on their capacity to own. If you’re just an average earning employee you can settle for a simple but running good car but if you’re the type who can afford to have more than you’re likely to dream for the hot branded cars like lamborghini which suits those who want outrageous styling in a car. Just look at the car and you know what I’m talking about.

Just like cars men have different style to show. Some want the hot branded super sleek design inside and out but others especially the seniors want a simple but elegant look. Whatever your preference is be it mercedez benz, audi a4, Honda, Hyundai or any other beautiful cars be sure to check them for a complete list of reviews for all types, make and brand of new cars. They have a wide array of all brands and make of cars for review so they will be seeing the advantage and disadvantages of the particular car being reviewed.
I’m also fond of looking up for beautiful cars and I’m always reading reviews on the latest car on sale in the market. My sister works for a car company also and we share the same hobby of reading reviews. Just now I’m looking at the chevy traverse, one of the safest vehicles in its class and found out some likes and dislikes. The Chevrolet traverse has a solid build quality, decent fuel efficiency, refined ride and with smooth-shifting transmission but it has a luck luster styling and high cargo floor with unhurried acceleration. This car can seat up to 8 persons. For other car reviews you can visit them and search for yourself the car of your choice.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Added to My List

I went to the mall to buy ink cartridges for one of the printers that we’re using in the office. As I’m the one in-charged with the supplies in the office I should buy stocks upon using the last stock in the store room. Our part-time help in the office should buy it for me but she’s on other errands so I volunteered to do the job. As always store malls are quite an attraction to tempt you of nice things to buy. Well it takes a lot to tempt me not unless it’s a gadget. That’s my weakness and unfortunately that’s where I’m heading at that time.

I went to Cyber Zone and look for specific cartridges I need passing through shops selling discounted toshiba netbooks, laptops, digital cameras and many other accessories. I remembered that I should canvass also for a new digital camera with much larger zoom because my cam died down on me again with its lens. It’s still ok for video recording but not for still pictures , I went to my fave camera brand shop after the purchase and got the list of prices for cameras. Now I added a new notebook and digicam in my wish list and hope to buy at least one of them before my birthday.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Help in Consolidating Your Loan

Managing finances takes not only skills in budgeting but of discipline on setting up priorities. There should be a table of priorities so you’ll know what to buy first when you get your salary. Basic necessities should be the first priority then followed by other necessities. Purchase of goods on whims should be the last priority as things like those should be bought when you have extra money. Failure to come up with a good managed budgeting plan will bring you to debts and loans that will make your life miserable if you will not know how to solve it. It’s easy to get payday loans but we must instill in our minds that it also takes shorter time to pay thus the pressure on budgeting your money will soon bring problem. Anyway if you’re in this kind of dilemma there’s Payday Loan Debt Help which can help you understand advantages and disadvantages of payday loans and any other loans that you might have. Worse situation is if you have multiple loans in your hands that you find hard to handle.

Having plenty of cash advances and loans will take you nowhere but to bankruptcy. Sometimes due to nonpayment of some of your loans you’ll have nonstop collection calls on your home which can stress you all the more. Before this could happen you should know How to Consolidate Payday Loans so you will not be burdened with unwanted calls and you’ll be able to consolidate all your loans into one single loan which would require a single monthly payment with lower interest per month.

This loan consolidation proved to be of great help to those with several loans which can eliminate high and accumulating interest. With Payday loan Help you’ll be able to break the chain of spending hard earned money on accumulating fees and interest charges. Consultation is free and no upfront fees to pay. They will work things out for you and when you’re finished with their financial plan and loan consolidation you’ll be free from debts and you’ll return to your normal life free of debt. Isn’t it sweet!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Good Uncle

My uncle who is a second cousin of my Mom grew up with her like a best friend. Mom would always talk about him riding on a bicycle with her on the highway near the rice field and she was always protective of him because he was smaller and younger than my Mom. They were close up to when they finished studies and started working. Soon after they had their own families they missed communications as Mom lived in the town of my father and Uncle Ramon lived in the city. They both left their provincial hometown and reunited after 15 years. It was such a happy moment for the two cousins and we were part of it as every other weekend he would drop by the house after his golf activities. He even offered me a nice job in one of the prestigious companies in Makati but I declined as I found a job on my own in my career field. 

He was such a great help and inspiration to us and been like a father since my own father had undergone mild stroke. We never knew that behind the happy face he was suffering from diabetes and one day we learned that he died on severe attack of his diabetes. We were surprised, sad and from then on I considered diabetes as a disease that should be taken care of with intense monitoring and supervision because it can lead to complications of some sorts. It should also be cured with the right medicines that can give treatment and not severe side effects like that of Actos, an oral diabetes medicine that was found to cause cardiovascular and bladder injuries. I learned that victims of this drug can now file for Actos lawsuit since recent studies confirmed that it can lead to heart attacks, heart failure and bladder cancer. If you’re one of these people you can get help from Actos Injury lawyers at O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Lighting Fixtures

My brother is in the construction industry and works as the Engineer. In all of the projects that he deals with, he makes sure that he handles all the purchase of materials for his contract projects up to the finishing touches of the house. He's very careful in choosing the kind of material because after all his name is at stake with all his projects. Each project he finished are like accomplished medals on his name so he makes all his projects with all the high quality things needed. Like me he's also fond of decorating houses being a natural artist since he's a child. He designs his own house and it reflects all his moods, his preferences and his likings. Just like how he chooses his home lighting fixtures it reflects his personality and characteristics.

Lately he has made some renovations in his house extending the living room up to their previous office room location and transferred his office in the attic for a more peaceful ambiance. He's looking for a way to change the confined atmosphere of his kitchen and looking for stylish discount lighting fixtures that would turn the looks of their formal kitchen into a cozier kitchen area. I suggested that he add some pendant light fixtures which I found so attractive when I searched Echo Lighting Design Gallery. I of course recommended it to my brother who never seems to stop now with decorating his new attic office. Maybe he'll put some wall lamps in there to create a peaceful yet functional look of an office. The site has a complete for all lighting products and fixtures like ceiling fans, lamps, chandeliers, exterior lights, home accents and more.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Gift Ideas for My Siblings


I’ve been thinking about my siblings’ birthday and they’re just two if you must know. I have one brother and one sister which I thought in the past very few compared to my other friends’ siblings. They said that we’re perfect in numbers just like what you will see in the nursery books where there’s an elder brother, an elder sister and the youngest kid. We have harmony in our birthdates we have every other month birthdays starting in August and ending on December. We’re three kids in the family and we have 3-year gap each which you might say very organized and planned but it’s really a coincidence that we have 3-year difference in age.

imageAnyway what I’m thinking now is my gift for them on their coming birthdays and been searching the net for some accessories for ladies and men like bulova watches, bags, shoes or their favorite type of clothing. It’s much easier to think of gift for my younger sister as we have more or less the same penchant for things except that she has more class in taste lol! She goes for more trends in fashion while I opt for simple things. I prefer gadgets than women’s accessories while she fancies accessories. If I have more financial blessing this month I want to give her what she really wishes for her birthday as I’m her only sister who knows her wants the most.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Promise Ring

Every time I see the ring on my finger I remember how Ed and I have vowed our promise on our wedding day. Even before we got married we already said our vows that we will love each other come what may but the ring has symbolized the strength of our promise and our love. As our officiating Pastor said when we slipped the ring on each other’s finger that the circle shape of the ring symbolizes infinity meaning endless and boundless love.

And so love should be like that between couples, their love should see them through the storms of life and in every trial that they will meet along the way. Glad to find more about promise ring and how its meaning became the promise of one’s love or loyalty in I love reading about love, marriage, symbolism of ring and everything about the promise ring. I even love seeing several beautiful rings which can also be your choice of promise ring to your loved ones.


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