Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Pole Garages

When we visited my Mom’s hometown I’ve observed that most of the newly-built homes have spacious lawns and garages making way for beautiful garden and a space for several cars. One relative of ours is an operator of passenger jeepneys and he asked the opinion of my brother about the most economical garage for his increasing vehicles. Since his lot will provide for any design my brother could think of he has requested for a simple, less expensive yet stylish enough to complement with his house which is just few meters away.

He wouldn’t care much for the looks if the garage would be in other place but since it will be in the same compound with his home he wanted it to presentable to his visitors. He should have seen pole garages offered by because for sure he’ll be ordering for fully-built building or a DIY building kit. They provide different styles to suit their client’s needs and they include a detailed set of plans for the customer to follow when they got DIY kits. It’s actually very interesting to do it themselves as they can choose options to make the garage more functional like adding sliders, windows, entry doors and a lot more. They also offer pole barns, horse stall, building options, attic storage truss and more. It will save not just time but money.


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