Monday, March 30, 2009

Well Loved Person

We prepared early for Mom’s laboratory test we had her tested at the nearest clinic that can give the units immediately because we have a schedule after1 pm with the doctor who will read her X-ray, ECG, CBC, other laboratory tests for the clearance certificate. After getting all the results we headed to River Valley and happy upon learning the doctor’s reading.

My mom’s heart is in excellent condition and all blood tests are good. He even joked that the cataract lens we choose for our Mom is like having an M-Benz model. He told my mother that she looks like very much loved by her family and bid us good luck on her eye surgery. True enough Mom is a well loved person not just by us but by her hundreds of friends and relatives.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Mom's Eye Checkup

Big Bro, Redge and I went together with our Mom to big bro’s high school classmate Cecile who works for Dr. Belza of River Valley Eye Center. Even before the checkup my brother informed Cecile of my Mom’s situation so when we got there we just called Cecile to accommodate us. Though we're afraid of what the doctor might say we braved ourselves through the checkup that transpired. We know God will always make way for hope.

My Mom’s right eye which was diagnosed to have cataract needed immediate operation especially now that Mom’s retina veins in her eyes suddenly gave up. Her doctor gave her laboratory recommendation for a complete checkup, done with the ECG and X-ray but will just look for laboratory clinic near our house. Will go back to him when all checkups were done and when we have the certificate for fit for operation.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My One-Month Vacation

After staying home yesterday I went to work this day and filed my one month vacation leave. I informed my employers right away of my intention to care for my Mom and because it’s an emergency case they don’t have much choice in declining my appeal. I also emailed my boss of my plan to just go to the office once a week because that’s the only time that I can spare for my schedule. Hope they’ll see and understand my immediate needs.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Mom Lost Her Sight

I called the house to check on my kids and my Mom and was shocked to learn that Mom suddenly lost her sight. Cold air suddenly chilled my spine for awhile as sudden fear enveloped my mind. As soon as warmth returned to my body I prayed to God to guide my Mom until we reached home. All she has for companion are my three kids and my equally old auntie who also had an operated eye.

It was already late in the afternoon and after conversation with Redge to arrange needed schedule, informed everyone of my situation, packed my things and went home. I hold on to my prayer to God while on travel because I can only find strength in Him. I know trials are ahead of us and only God can help us. He’ll never leave us.


Friday, March 20, 2009

My Son's Kinder Graduation

The whole family was excited (as usual )as the youngest in our family graduated from his kindergarten level. Though I may say I’m not as nervous as the previous year when Josh delivered his first speech ever for the nursery graduates of 2008. Now he’s more confident and matured.

His speech is about the value of education to youth and the giving of awards to honor student. He luckily made it to the top, he’s no. 1 this year! He’s excited to all their graduation activities especially the graduation songs that they had spent almost two weeks to practice lol!Of course his dear grandma 9my mom) was equally proud of his grandson. I heard her saying that it’s not only looks that he got from my father but also the witty mind! Grandmas always think that their grandchildren are the best among many. Anyway she will not be able to withstand going there in school so we just dropped by the house after graduation and headed to the nearest mall for a hearty lunch. I didn’t pick the resto; my kids requested and insisted KFC. Here’s some shots for the view, hope you enjoy these!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ruth's First Play

Ruth was so busy and excited over their Cinderella play in school the other day where she portrayed the role of a fairy godmother. Actually I was more apprehensive than her last weeks because I was looking and searching for costumes. Glad that I thought of my own rainbow motif gown which I used for my dear big brother’s wedding 16 years ago, of course I was very slim then so the gown fits my Ruth immediately. Looks like it’s her own gown and I think she’s pretty enough for a fairy. Now give your wishes to her lol!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Josh' Practice and Speech

Had to take leave of absence from work as I have to attend to Josh’ general practice. The school required all parents and guardians to attend to avoid disorder on graduation ceremony. Anyway I also want how he’s going to deliver his speech for the awarding of honors as he’s making fun of it while we’re practicing at home. Sometimes he would make his voice too big or too small, oftentimes he would make some funny signs when he talks, boy he’s really something! The practice lasted for only an hour or less and I’ve promised Josh that we’ll have ice cream after the practice just to behave in his speech lol!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's Participate in Earth Hour

My Sis Redge reminded me about this thing and I’ve also learned it from media. All are invited to participate in the worldwide Earth Hour. We must care for our environment because God has created all these for us for our own sake and all we have to do is take good care of it. Caring for our environment will benefit us and our children in the future. God’s creation is beautiful but man has used it so badly. Let's participate on March 28 and do our part for just one hour. Visit the EARTH HOUR website for more info.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Door Opens

When my boss agreed to my renewed resignation last month he offered a new door for me and that’s a part-time consultancy which I accepted immediately unlike last year when I told him that I can’t. I was thinking that maybe it is God’s plan for me to adjust myself little by little to a life without the office works. My boss even advised me that working women like me tend to regret their decision of retiring early because they find it hard to get used having no salary on payday.

He has seen some of his female employees got bored immediately after permanently leaving their work. It was nice of him to advise me and I’m thankful that he said so though my situation is different from them as I’ll be venturing on my own business and will be working online also. Whatever it is and whatever reason it may be I’m looking forward entering a new door in my life.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fondest Memories of My Dad

It’s been 12 years since my father passed away leaving us beautiful and fondest moments to cherish. I was pregnant with my eldest then and it took me months to talk about him without shedding tears. He died old, happy and loved by us all. Of all his children I was tagged as his carbon copy having the same features as his. I even remembered the times when he will bring me to his office and all his officemate will comment that I looked like his junior the only difference is I’m a girl. I took not only his features but some of his traits, characteristics, hobbies, his love for music and his photographic memory as what my Mom always telling me up to now.

He’s a jack of all trade mastering tailoring, carpentry, and house designing and building even if he’s a law graduate. He’s a very good speech writer and I got my writing inclination from him too. Though he’s all of the above he doesn’t force us to be like him loving us as we are. In our house with my parents like them – my Mom was a teacher – they let us do our studying the way we want it never enforcing any strict rules on us which makes us love learning with our heart. I grew up in a family where siblings never quarrel; we just love each other’s company come what may.

Up to now when I passed through the mountainous road of Laguna I can still remember how my dad would stop his car at the top of the mountain, take a view of the Laguna Lake and help my Mom bring out our picnic bag. We always do that when we travel from my Dad’s hometown in Rizal to my Mom’s hometown in Laguna.

Sometimes we would go to our fishpond and enjoy the fresh grilled catch there. On summer days we will pack our things and food to go to the field and spend the day over the fruit bearing trees of santol, mango, coconut and guyabano. He and my uncle would make a spoon out of the coconut husk and served buco with milk. Those are lovely memories of my childhood spent with my loving parents and siblings. Now I still miss my father especially when I see my little Josh, a perfect replica of Him!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Expanding My Horizon

Reaching forty opened my eyes to a lot of more important things in my life. This includes resigning from my regular office work to be just a part-time consultant. I began to realize that I shouldn’t be focusing so much on my career which is not giving me the true fulfillment of my dreams. I took up my Engineering course to assure me of better opportunities at work when I graduate and true to my plan I got a job before I even graduate.

Graduation was a happy event because I was hired already, no worries of unemployment. I had five jobs and my present employment freezes my wandering feet and mind. I just celebrated my 16th year last month but happiness is far from my thought that I reached those years.

Now I want to focus on my family and earning money for me can be done even if I’m not employed or hooked up in an 8-5 schedule. Family first before career is what I aimed to do and I talked to my boss to arrange everything for my early retirement. Thank God for his kind assistance and after almost one year of filing my resignation he’s willing to let me leave my full-time job just as long as I agree to his part-time work offer. Now I’m waiting for my replacement and looking forward to expanding my horizons, better online job opportunities, more quality time with my loved ones, time for myself and time to learn new things that I want.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beyond Just Happiness

I feel overwhelmed with God's bountiful blessings on me. I didn't win anything financially but I'm just happy with the way things are going for me. Happiness cannot be measured by inches, meters or kilos but the weight can be gauged through your own life. If you’re happy it shows in your face, how you deal and help people, by your expression and what God has make you as a person. As for me real happiness is having God as the center of your life. Let Him rule your life and you can achieve beyond just happiness. I’m having this new site to share happiness not with material blessings but with spiritual blessings from God.


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