Monday, August 24, 2009

Tired Eyes

I’m tired now and long exposure to my computer somehow worsens my backache. I’m thinking of getting some rest now after doing my tasks offline and online. I’m tired but I really enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes my Mom would told me that just looking at me working in the house and in my PC makes her feel worried that I’m overdoing my job. Mom told me to rest early in the night but I felt inspired to write more. You know I’m always like that my mind wouldn’t cooperate with my body or vice versa meaning my mind would tell me that I can but my body sometimes fails me. The moment that I feel some pain in my eyes that’s the only time that I would stop, people can be stubborn at times I admit.

Well then I don’t want to suffer pains in my eyes so I’ll stop now to rest and watch television shows, meanwhile I’ll be checking my SIL errands on searching for quality camcorders. She’s busier than me and can’t find the time to search for good camcorders and since I’m online most of the time she asked me to do it for her. Anyway I’ve found what I’m looking for in minutes, I’ll just forward the site name and presto she’ll buy it immediately.


Golf Vacation

Planning your vacations but can’t leave your favorite sports behind? Sometimes if it’s a family vacation decision is hard with regards to vacation resorts because you have to consider every member in the family. My friend who is currently been so hooked with golf suffers this kind of dilemma because he really can’t spend a week without a day or two with his golf sports even though their family really needs a long overdue vacation. Well this wouldn’t be a problem anymore as he can try Myrtle Beach Golf where he’ll be happy with his golf while enjoying a true vacation with his family. That’s what we called hitting two birds in one stone. If everybody is happy it’ll be a very nice vacation for all.

Reservation can be done online so there’s no need to worry about choosing Myrtle Beach Golf Package that’s right for your specifications and needs. They offer various golf special packages for flexibility of schedule. My friend can’t wait to prepare himself for their family’s getaway and as early as this he’s making sure that he has finished all his work deadlines so he can enjoy his vacation without having to worry about anything.

His family on the other hand can enjoy having him on their vacation even if he’ll be on his golf course most of the time. Of course the nights will be spending on family to enjoy leisurely walk on the beach or enjoy a sumptuous dinner with his family in the restaurants available there. It will really be a complete Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation with complete facilities for airlines, car rentals, lodging accommodations, restaurants and even spas. That’s vacationing while enjoying his favorite sport.


Run the Race

We need a lot of determination in order to achieve our dreams and goals in life, yes determination and failure cannot coexist because you only failed when you quit! Failure only happens if you stop trying and whether it’s a business, relationship, spiritual life, career or some other issues if you keep on trying you are in the game. If you want to win the race of life we must do everything to take off what’s preventing us from running and keeping off the sin that will pull us down where we could never have the strength to stand and run again.

The most important thing in running the race is focusing yourself on God and leaning on his strength to get you through the marathon. Despite all hardships and persecution thrown our way we have the happiness of seeing our final destination in life. Just always remember that God is our guide and when we run the race of life He runs beside us each step of the way. He’ll even carry us when we fall over, isn’t that something to be happy about!


Donate A Car

I believe in the saying that it’s better to give than to receive, I’ve experienced that in my life and it’s very fulfilling especially if the recipient can’t return the favor. It’s nice to give without expecting anything in return, it’s the kind of work that fulfills something inside you, a kind of feeling that reaches the heart. There are lots of people who give valuable items but sometimes they give for a reason or wanting something in return. If you give and expect a return God will not be pleased as He also gives without any expectation. He gives because He loves us. Blessings come in various forms be it spiritual, financial or any other kind but we must all be thankful for whatever we received from God.

Then if we were blessed so much we should extend the blessings to others especially those who badly needed it. God wanted us to return the blessings we’ve received from Him to the humblest of our brethren meaning those who need help in anyway they can get. There are many channels wherein we can direct our donations; there are charitable institutions that accept different forms of donations like canned goods, clothes and cash money. But I came across an institution online who accepts vehicle donations as charitable donations. They accept used and second hand cars for a donation to help them in their ministries. It’s also a help in the community as if you get rid of old vehicles there will not be pollution in the air so you’re hitting two birds in one stone.

I’ve heard about this thing few months back but I think it’s for a boat donation. This one is nice as many car owners now can say goodbye to their old cars, buy a new car for themselves and participate in donate car program. It will also lessen their tax in the process, oh what a great way to help people who are less fortunate than giving your donations on people who have more. I find this car donation site very useful and it opens a way for people to help not with cash money but with something that they own. Think that in every car you donate a Christian charity will be able to help children and those in dire need.


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