Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Things First

DH is working in an appliance store and every time there are new gadgets or high technology equipment on sale he will update me about that. Although we can’t buy those expensive appliances we just want discussing them like this new Rackmount LCD with KVM switch which is just too good for one’s taste. Anyway I still have many things in line to purchase in time but for now we’re saving for our youngest and eldest kids’ entry to primary and secondary education, respectively.

The tuition fee for private schooling nowadays is something to save money for because they are now having some increase due maybe to increase in electricity or they need it for maintenance of their school. After the holy week enrollment will start and hopefully I can enroll my two kids as early as possible. For those who can’t afford whole year cash payment they can pay in semestral, quarterly or monthly intervals. I want the semestral payment mode and since enrollees will be accepted only next month I’ve paid for reservation fee to secure their slots in school.


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