Friday, January 22, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #60

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This is a shot of the sky from the beautiful villa we rented last December camp meeting. The sky looks very bright and peaceful as we are also on that day of fellowship. The beautiful sky looks very perfect here as a background of the banana and coconut plantation of the villa forest resort. I have plenty of sky shots in this place and I'll share it in this site in the following weeks to come. Just love the sky and the whole scenario, It's fun sky watching here!


Happy sky watching!Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Be a Healthcare Professional

I’ve known many students who want to pursue a degree in medicine or any healthcare education but failed to enroll due to different reasons. Some lack the financial capabilities and others don’t have the time to study because they were already working for their families. Some students were forced to work after secondary education or high school because the need for earning additional income is so significantly needed. Most of them work and study at the same time but I find it very exhausting on the part of the students as after working you don’t have the energy to study and hear what the professor has to teach. Because of these reasons and difficulties many failed to achieve their dreams and just contented themselves with what job they can grab for their undergraduate qualifications. It’s good to know that now you can study conveniently in the comfort of your home through online university decreasing the problem of travel allowance and time hindrances. Anyone can study and learn without going to normal schooling through online education.

WGU offers online healthcare degree programs to individuals who want to gain knowledge, skills and qualifications on becoming competent health professionals which is very in demand nowadays. With these programs it’s not anymore impossible to gain those bachelor’s degree programs like online nursing degree and other healthcare degree. You can now achieve your goal of becoming a talented healthcare professional and land the job you’ve dreamed of. You can even master your skills if you’re already a professional with WGU’s master’s degree healthcare programs. It’s also good to know that their nursing degree programs are now CCNE accredited.


Foods that are Good for Our Teeth

My kids are growing up and so are they teeth lol! It’s very expensive to repair bad tooth and it’s usually painful especially to those who have low resistance on pain. Well I have learned lately that there are certain foods which can prevent tooth decay. These foods I may say are only common and everyday foods. They deserve their status as 'miracle foods" because they've been scientifically shown to significantly prevent tooth decay.

The first is the apple. They say that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, now it's proven that it will also keep tooth decay at bay.

The second miracle food for tooth-decay prevention is one that compliments apples quite well – certain kind of hard cheese. Hard cheese like cheddar contains enzymes which neutralize the harm done by decay-producing acids in the mouth.


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