Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Partner in Night Blogging!

Still wide awake to finish some tasks and anyway I just had more than an hour sleep early this evening when my son asked me to sleep beside him. He asked me to sleep early and I did but I woke up again to do some works online. Anyway hubby just got home an hour before and I still have companion now aside from my favorite coffee beside me. I really love coffee though I minimized my intake from 3 cups a day to one cup only except of course when I work late in the evening and I feel tea will not see me through my sleepy status. If only I have time I would want some brewed coffee. I’m sure I will enjoy my blogging in the night more if I have a coffee maker but on second thought I will be needing a buddy to have coffee with, my hubby is not a coffee drinker so my sister will be the one!


I'm Playful!

You Are the Playful One in Your Family

When you're with your family, you want to relive the times you had as a kid. You're ready to goof around, joke, and play games.

You probably get along best with the kids in your family. You wish all the adults would lighten up a little and connect with their inner child.

While you sometimes may feel a bit out of step with your family, they appreciate your levity.

You are a truly happy person. Your enthusiasm and optimism are a blessing to those around you, including your family.


Better Understanding of God’s Word

I’m always looking forward to Sunday and Wednesday because that’s our days for fellowship and midweek bible study. Every week we consumed all our efforts to face daily challenges of life and with it we experience failures, problems and disappointments in life. Attending fellowship and bible study lesson makes us feel blessed, protected and secured in God’s love and in faith that no matter what our God will never leave us nor forsake us. He has redeemed us and after Jesus resurrection He made us all free from the bondage of sins and gave us a new life. Jesus paid it all on the cross.

In these days we can see that people are busy with many things in life rather than their spiritual life which is the most important of all. People tend to prioritize material things instead of the more vital things in this world which is putting God in the center of our lives and reliving Jesus life in these present days. God has given us the Holy Bible to read and explore the things that can also be the answer to all our questions in life. It is God’s words written by the chosen people of God, His disciples. The book contains bible prophecies and great stories which can be a great help for many as reading it can help you find a way on how to live our everyday lives with stories of God’s chosen people and how they live with great faith in our creator.

When Jesus died on the cross and resurrected after three days He has given us a new covenant which has God’s plans for salvation and His promises to us. For those who want to know more of God’s beautiful plans for us and understand the Holy Bible more you can visit this free bible study site at www.ucg.org and learn how to use the holy book in teaching God to our children. The whole family can learn many things such as covenants, tabernacles and how Israel observe their three annual festival seasons. It can also help on how to make our lives better and how we can have a personal relationship with God.


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