Monday, May 24, 2010

MYM/RT: Winnie the Pooh at Tom's World


These are some of the cute stuff toys you can bring home when you got lucky at UFO Catcher in Tom's World. I just love the combination of yellow and red here, very noticeable for kids! My eldest kid Ruth who is a big girl now is so fond of this game. Most of the times she's not lucky enough but she's had her times when she caught a pretty lavender stuff toys which she love dearly. It was an achievement for her to be able to catch her desired stuff toys!

Know what? It's not for kids only as I've known some male office mates of DH frequent this kind of game in Quantum and they became expert. They're able to catch nice stuff toys every time they insert their tokens lol!

For mellow yellow monday and red tuesday pics pls click on the badge at the top!


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