Friday, October 22, 2010

:Looking at The Sky on Friday#99: Montalban Mountain at Dawn

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We spent few days in DH mother's house in Montalban and we went home early in the morning to catch up our Sunday service.  I just can't resist the urge to stop at the bridge and take a  shot  on this  majestic view, it's lovely when I saw it personally.  It's beginning to have some light in the sky despite the time.  It was early June and summer has just ended so daytime is longer than nighttime to explain the slightly clear sky at 5 in the morning.  
I love the pink tinge in the sky and I love how it became a great background for the creations of God - the mountains, the trees and the river. Just perfect!I love sky watching wherever my cam takes me whether it's dark, cloudy, cloudless or  the sky is pale. God's creations are indeed beautiful.  Visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Replacement Windows for Your Home

DH and kids are on their semester break from school except for my eldest daughter and we’ve been arranging and cleaning the house to take advantage of free time. We noted everything that needs repair, replacement and additions like the windows, doors, wall paintings and floor. The kitchen needs an immediate renovation on the sinks and walls. We really must allot some budget for the house to finish all repair and renovation works. For the windows I’m thinking if we need a new one something like Baltimore replacement windows which provides plenty of window choices for any type of home.

Whether you need awning, picture, casement, double hung, hinged French door, French sliding, bay/bow and many others specific requirements you may have they can provide you with their free window diagnosis. Just visit Renewal by Andersen, one of the most trusted brands in replacement windows business to provide you with high technology and quality window and door replacement service.


Medical Negligence

We strongly believe in the capacity of medical professional to treat, cure and care for us when we’re sick because that’s their goal in their work. Their mission in life is to give their best knowledge and ability to bring wellness and cure to every patient that they handle. But not everyone is careful enough not to commit error because after all they’re also humans. I learned to believe that medical staff should also consult their colleagues in major decisions they have to take on delicate medical situations. There are cases that need careful thinking and studying before deciding what should be done on some medical cases. I heard news and documentary stories over television on some error committed by nurses on giving medications and one time one case was of doctor issuing wrong medical verdict to the patient.

One frightening incident that showed a complete medical negligence is the case of blood transfusion where they’ve chosen the wrong type of blood which caused death to the patient. At first the family didn’t know the error committed by the nurse but was surprised that after blood transfusion their patient died. After investigations and medical findings from other hospital it was declared that a wrong type of blood was used in the transfusion. It was such a painful incident and even more hurting that the hospital denied the error. 

It’s good that there are group who handles this kind of situation who has medical knowledge and provides legal expertise on such negligence cases committed by poor quality medical care. The victim’s family can file for a case and eventually can seek justice for their loved one and claim compensation for it. Other cases that you can file under this kind are cerebral palsy; obstetrical/gynaecological injuries; negligently performed neurosurgery, misdiagnosis of cancer; substandard cosmetic surgery and more.


Carpet Cleaners

I love seeing beautiful carpets whenever I’m in my favorite section of the mall and stores and that’s the home depot section where they showcase various home care things, kitchenware, accessories, decors and more. One time I was given beautiful wide carpets from the neighbor of my boss. It’s their carpet for the whole living room and since they’re giving up their helpers they will not be able to clean it on their own. It’s only slightly used and the color is just the right shade that I want so I accepted it. I never find the need to put it in our living room until my brother need the same size and I’ve given it to him.

It’s nice to have some sections of your house covered with carpet but you need to have it cleaned regularly or it might invite dirt, dust and other particles. I learned from carpet cleaners Northern Virginia that it’s best to use hot water extraction process in cleaning carpets and it should be done with the right approach of thorough cleaning because it can bring about indoor air pollution which can cause health risks for the family. Their services include carpet cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, water damage restoration, ceramic tile and grout cleaning and sealing and more. Visit their site for discount coupons and special offer.


Reducing Energy Costs

When I received our electric bill and saw how big our total billing is I sat and think of ways on how to reduce the cost of our electricity. It’s not only me but almost all friends I know have been thinking about how they can conserve energy and minimize their electric bills. It’s taking up a large percentage of our monthly financial budget so we really need to resort to anything that will help us reduce costs. Even the companies I’ve worked for are setting up some energy saving devices to minimize their utility expenses. This is the reason that we now have leed existing buildings. Some companies are really up to providing helpful strategies on implementing comprehensive energy efficiency like Servidyne who helps existing buildings reduce their energy consumption and costs. 

One of their best approaches is the lighting upgrades where they assess the existing systems and determine how much is coming from the lighting then they will study the case. The upgrades are one of the quick and easy ways to reduce our energy consumption. They have a list of successful establishments that they helped to improve lighting and reduce energy costs like manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and nursing homes. Servidyne promotes greener, healthier and financially efficient buildings.


Solution to Quick Cash Needs

It’s not good to always get a loan especially if you don’t really need it badly but sometimes we can’t avoid situation where we need  fast cash to use immediately. In case like this you can’t expect others to give you the needed amount and banks take a long process method. What if you have a bad credit history? Well you just need to apply for a cash advance loans that you can get within 24 hours. It’s the best thing that you can have immediately, a quick solution to emergency situation like sickness, death, accidents and other quick cash needs.

Fast payday loans are the best solutions for your financial trouble which you can get fast and easy. They are short term loans that you’ll have to repay in 15 days to one month. The most important thing about this is the availability of the money to your account within several hours only when you needed it most. You can borrow as much as $1000 without worrying about documents and credit history, great for difficult and emergency situations in your life.


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