Thursday, July 25, 2013

Saving for Major Home Renovation

I love furniture, home decors and everything about house planning and design. I guess it came from our hobby when we were kids when we always want to draw home plans for our dream house. We have a nice huge house but it’s devoid of pretty interiors. All our furniture are made and designed by my father who took up carpentry as a hobby when he’s not in his government office. All of them are made with quality wood and craftsmanship that even after 3 decades it’s still in good condition. Last year I had some of them restored to its former beauty not just for looking good but for my father’s memories as well. It carries all the sweet memories we had with our father when we were still young and he’s still living. 

Now we’re saving a lot for the general renovation we have in mind and we’re investing on some small business if we’ll have enough finances. My friend is asking me to teach her how to buy gold bars and told me that she’ll let me invest stocks on her future jewelry shop business. She’s now working abroad and saving for the big dream of hers so when she decides to stop working she’ll have something as good investment and source of income.


Renovation Ideas For Your Home Garage

Garages can quickly become a really big garbage bin for your house – all kinds of stuff gets thrown in there, never to be seen or heard from again, and existing only to turn your garage into an eyesore. To renovate your home garage into a garage/shed that you'll actually get use out of, take these ideas on board.

Shelves are a man's best friend

See that chainsaw on the floor that you spent hundreds of dollars on but now rests in dust? It needs to be a on a shelf. Build yourself some shelves in your garage so you have somewhere to rest your power tools once you've built them. Shelves should be sturdy and attached to your walls securely, at a height that's easy for you to handle, so don't go building them above your head if you're planning on storing your chainsaw and hedge trimmer on them. Keep high use items at elbow height and low use, light items higher up.

Add wheels

If your garage turns into a shed for you on the weekends, build a workbench on wheels instead of installing one that's attached to the wall. That way, you can wheel it out of the way during the week, then bring it out on weekends so you can access all sides of it, which is especially useful when you're measuring or constructing something delicate that shouldn't be pivoted until it's finished.

Add hooks

Why build a whole cupboard if you don't actually need one? If you have shelves and all you'd use a cupboard for is hanging up your protective eyewear and jacket, rip out that old cupboard and install a few hooks instead. It's much better to have your things on display instead of shove in a cupboard – out of sight, out of mind. You can also use hooks to hang up your shovel, broom and even your bike, so they don't hang out in a cupboard getting dusty and being forgotten.

Go high

Build one tall cabinet instead of a few shorter ones and you'll be able to save space and have more storage room. You can keep a small step ladder beside it so you can always have full access, and use the cabinet to store the little things that can't be kept on hooks – containers of screws, your battery charger for your power tools and all the little things in between.

Hang it all

You can also add hanging mesh baskets to your walls, to keep items that might be dirty or wet in place and stop them from making a mud mess in your cabinet. If you've got small gardening tools, they are much better suited to being kept in a mesh basket so they can drain any loose soil or water, instead of being shoved in a cupboard.

To get the job done, you need the right tools on your side. Go to your nearest STIHL dealer today and pick up some STIHL power tools to make your garage renovation a breeze.


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