Thursday, December 2, 2010

Security from Trespassers

Our compound needs to be secured from vendors and junk buyers. We already have our gate on our side but on the other entrance the steel gate remains uninstalled. I was telling my cousin to hire my brother’s contractor in gate installation and tell them not to forget their micrometers just in case they have other metalwork jobs for the contractor. They need to be precise in their measurement and cuts to avoid excess or waste in steel. Anyway they’ve made the materials ready and just waiting for the contractor’s schedule on installation. It would feel great to have security on both sides of the compound. And that would mean less strangers coming in our place.


Advice to Parents

I learned that smoking parents can be a big factor in the future defects of their children. Some kids were born lucky not to have respiratory and heart ailments after being born from parents who smoke a lot but most were proven to have weak resistance to sickness related to respiratory system. I really can’t figure out why some can’t control their desire to smoke cigar even if they know that their bad habits and vices will affect the baby inside the womb. My doctor told me that the breath of a chain smoker father can affect the baby especially when they kissed their babies. I actually know it because my office friends had a long journey with sickness because their first born developed asthma and other respiratory ailments because the father smokes a lot.


Finding the Best Webhost for Your Sites

I’ve started blogging more than three years back with all the life inspirations and experiences shared through my sites. I’ve always wanted to write my heart out, share inspirational thoughts and document my kids’ memorable experiences and journey in life. It’s the best hobby I’ve ever done in my life leading me back to my first love of writing which I didn’t pursue in college. I’ve taken a computer degree course to help me land a better paying job. Now both my computer education and my dream of writing became so useful when I gave blogging a stint. I’m so grateful to my friend who introduced me to it and helps me along the way to learn some more tips and guides in maintaining my sites.

I remembered using free-hosted blogs without domain name. Then I learned buying my own domain name which led me to earning income from my multiple blogs. Keeping up web sites during those years seems simpler than now. It’s easier to qualify and passed applications to companies even if you’re not hosted. This year I wanted to enjoy the many features and benefits of webhosting and started to ask recommendations from my online friends.

I’m also reading several sites providing web host reviews like webhostingfan and I learned tips on how to choose the best web host for my sites. They have the latest trends in web development on their site together with industry news on web hosting, ratings and reviews of the best and top ten web hosting providers, web security and many others. It’s such a great help especially to someone like me who don’t know anything about web hosting. If you are thinking of getting one you should consider important factors like reliability, uptime features, technical and customer service support, disk space, number of domains allowed and affordability.

Web hosting is a varied industry and you should know your needs, requirements and budget before you actually get one. You can choose from different types like shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting which is the most affordable is just what I need for my personal websites and happy to get the best package from a chosen web host. One other host that you’ll probably want to think about getting is the ipage web host which provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases. It has all the benefits and features you’ll want for your sites at the rate you can afford with extra free credits from Goodgle Adwords, Yahoo and Facebook. They also embraced the use of renewable energy so you’ll help the environment when you choose them.


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