Saturday, April 17, 2010

Planning to Study Again

DH is planning to study again after several years of working, actually he’s already reached the minimum years for an employee to have a pension in SSS. We both reached the 120 months minimum pension requirements so we’ll just have to wait until we’re 60 and old. But I’m still planning to continue it even as self-employed individual only. Since Monday we’re searching for schools that he’ll enroll to. We want a school near our place because he needs to be close to operating our planned business.

He has one or two courses in mind and we’re looking for schools with specialties on those particular courses. There are actually many schools specializing in engineering, technology, business and more like cosmetology school in Texas which is for those who want to be skilled in that field. I hope that we can arrange everything so he can enroll this coming school year. He’s really very enthusiastic about it and I pray he’ll be able to study again.


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