Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preparing the Car for the Camp Meeting

We’re preparing ourselves for our yearly December camp meeting fellowship. Lately we had some church meetings reminding us the things we should prepare on our most awaited camp meeting. We have to reserve the usual place we’re staying for three to four days and we’ve saving up for that. Next month our pastor will go to Villa Dominga Forest Resort to pay for our down payment. The owner of the place became our friend after more than 2 years of hiring the place and she wants our group to occupy their place always because when we’re there the villa changes from a lonely to a lively place. They have companions too on Christmas season. It’s a 4-hectare lot and when you’re the only family on a big villa on holidays it feels quite lonely.

Anyway back to preparation, we talked about the basic essentials and our transportation on that event. We will have 6 vehicles to accommodate us all. Last time we’re there we just joined one vehicle because we’re not prepared with our car. We’re not confident that our car will be able to carry us through the long travel. Now we have my brother’s car again and we started gearing it up for the big event on December. We’re checking all that’s important in the car including batteries, brakes, clutch, wiper and some other minor parts. Sometimes December give us rain showers and we’re thinking of having rain guards to make driving through rain more manageable. It’s also safer to have them especially through a zigzag or winding roads which we will be passing through on our travel. 

With the accessories that we’ll need I’m canvassing as early as now to avoid rushing through the holiday season. I found which sells automotive accessories online with their superstore based in NJ. You’ll be glad to see automotive products for interior and exterior styling, comfort and performance.


School Preventive Measures

My little boy came home from school last week with notes from the school administration about health awareness. They have written instructions that all students should wear their PE uniform every day until further notice from them. I was alarmed immediately and asked the school administration if there were occurrences of dengue in the school. The school staff told me that it’s only a precautionary measure because kids will be more protected if they wear jogging pants. I’m just making sure that my little boy will not in any way be subject to danger of having dengue. It’s better to have preventive measures than having to incur diseases. 

With paranoia about dengue these days and various sickness occurring in the kids I suddenly thought of searching for the best insurance quotes about health. It’s easier to bear sickness if we’re prepared with health insurance which will make our financial burden lighter. Of course with many agencies offering insurances I should get the most affordable so as not to affect my budget.

Here's one pose from my little boy wearing his PE uniform.


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