Friday, March 5, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #66


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A total summer look with this kind of view of clear blue sky and white clouds. If you'll look into details you'll observe some trees with dry leaves. This is a shot from the villa we rented last December. Yes it isn't summer when I took the shot but the sun shined so brightly during that month that even my kids' complexion turned brown due to playing in the fields. Not that they're directly under the sun, here in this place even the air can give you a tanned look. Well I stayed inside the conference hall to save my skin from getting darker.

Will you believe me if I tell you guys that with the sun shining so brightly we have to wear jackets and shawls? If you stayed inside the hall you'll feel the cool air of the highlands. We're in Villa Dominga Forest Resort in Indang, Cavite near Tagaytay City.

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Security for Family and Home

My cousin who is into insurance job has started working for an insurance company way back several years. She told me that it’s easier to sell premium plans few years ago but now you have to be patient in getting clients. If several years ago they can get average working class to insure themselves now their customers are very limited.

People who are still getting themselves mortgage life insurance wants security and protection not just for their family but to their home as well. They’ve chosen this because it has the easiest ways to provide financial well-being to them. I must check this one out.


The Baby Animal Test

You Are Bright and Cheerful

You're the type of person who always has something to smile about. If the sun is shining and the birds are singing, that's enough for you.
Other people find you to be a breath of fresh air. You have a childlike innocence that others lack.

You like to make other people smile, and you're likely to say something to lighten the mood.
You want to be a joy to be around, and you try to keep your problems and worries to yourself.


Full of Schedule

I’m so busy right now and my former office mate told me that it looks as if I’m busier now than when I’m working in the office. That’s true because I really can’t find the time sometimes to do everything ahead of time. Well for my online tasks I was able to be two days ahead of time. I also have to look for a new receipt printer for my friend’s usage. She wanted to start a small business complete with everything like in a supermarket that’s why she needs all the list of equipment, gadgets and grocery registers. It’s my dream also to run a small business but my online works wouldn’t allow me to do so because I’m full up to my neck.


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