Monday, April 27, 2009

Balancing Work and Faith

I'm always looking forward to Sunday Fellowship and Wednesday Bible Study because that's the time that I can recharge my faith battery. As a working mom and a born-again christian I'm exposed to many temptations of not living up to Christian right attitude and principles, my job requires me to deal with a lot of people locally and internationally. I do collection and payables and it necessitate me to enforce rules and discipline to settlement.

There are also things that your employer wanted you to do or wanted you to work on Sunday that will test your patience and a lot of perseverance in explaining and making them see your point of view. I had difficulty in my early years of working when my work deadlines gets in the way of my church service, good thing my boss has a kind heart to see my reasons for not working on Sundays. You just have to pray to God to touch your boss’ heart and see clearly your reasons and point of view. Line up God as your priority and everything good will follow. Make Him the center of your life and He’ll watch and care for you everywhere you go.


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