Friday, March 12, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #67


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I've got nice sky watching shot here with white cotton clouds on the top and greyish white clouds at the bottom. Well I've got plenty of imagination again here as I'm seeing dino head popping out of the roof of the dark building and another head on the upper left maybe a dragon lol! Forgive me for playing 'guess what' again on the clouds :-) must be working too hard again on my online writing. Happy sky watching!

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Help Your Child Live a Normal Life

Our five senses are very important in our lives. We should be able to make use of our senses in sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch in order to cope with learning and living a normal life. If a person lacks one of these senses she will need to be treated or undergo therapy to at least be as normal as possible. One of these senses that seem to lack in few children is the sense of hearing. It’s unfortunate to lose hearing because through this important sense we learn to communicate languages, enjoy the arts of music, develop our language and enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature.

When I saw people suffering from hearing loss I felt their difficult experience as I have a cousin back in our province who suffered hearing loss since birth which led her into speech difficulties. It’s a difficult situation for her and her family helped her live with her incapacity and supported her all the way. If only Cochlear Implants is available those days she would have lived a normal life. Now that technology has advanced itself in medicine many disabilities were given treatment and I’m so glad about it because disable people will have the chance to live a good and normal life.

With the help of MED-EL Cochlear Implant system there is a renewed hope for children and adults suffering from hearing loss. It’s a combined product output from the latest innovation in hearing science and modern technology to give way for coming up with the perfect solutions to those cases with hearing impairment.

Cochlear Implant Surgery will greatly help those who have severe to profound hearing problems to understand what people are saying, improve their speech, listen to music and communicate with people. Communication is very important in our daily existence and with it you can learn, have friends and understand the people around you. This solution is not for everyone so if you have a family member that suffers from hearing loss consult their doctor first to see if they’re qualified for cochlear implants.


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