Saturday, March 17, 2012

Garage Renovation Plans

DH started washing the car as early as now so he will not be rushing tomorrow before we go to church. He usually cleans the car’s exterior and interior on the same day of our travel but we will be setting off earlier tomorrow so he did it earlier. I noticed that it’s quite tasking sometimes to clean our pick up because of the garage floor as it’s not as smooth as before. When the big flood happened two years ago we did not repaired the damaged part as we prioritized the house interiors. Hope these coming months will give us extra income from online works so we may push with our plans to renovate our garage.


Finding Investors for Your Business

When I reached the age of forty I decided to set a goal for my working life. I’ve been working in corporate for almost 20 years and I thought that it’s time for me to change my career path. I’ve been working offline and online then and I’m confident to quit my office job because I was earning enough to sustain my family’s needs. I’m also planning to start a small business so resigning from my job is necessary to devote my time to the business that I plan to pursue. We had an experience with a small meat products delivery business and since we already knew the ins and outs we were planning to have a business similar to our previous one. We were so keen on pushing it through but when we computed for the amount that we’re going to spend we had second thoughts.

It’s hard to start a business with small or just enough capital because you have to consider emergency funds also. A new business should have estimated amount for contingency because emergency things happen most of the times and you should be prepared for that. Some people find investors so they will have bigger finances for the needed capital. We all know that bigger capital also means higher probabilities of profits so it’s either you find investors for your business or you get small business loan, whatever is more convenient and possible for the new entrepreneur.

Business does not only revolve around capital as you will also think of business location, the staff you’ll be hiring, your probable clients and many others but it’s the finance that will really keep the ball rolling in order to start and maintain your business. Anyway having your own business is a good investment because after several years you’ll be reaping the returns of your capital. I’ve browsed on investment directory and learned about many investment opportunities worldwide. It offers prospect on various fields of work and if you’re starting up a business of your own it can help you determine the probabilities of your kind of business. I noted some of them and will keep in mind when I will start my own.


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