Monday, September 6, 2010

Learning About Hydraulic Rams, Pneumatic Valves & Compressed Air Dryer

When I was still in college it was easier for me to understand some of the things that complicates me now like the other things in life very far from being a Mom or those that’s outside my working experience and profession. When it comes to things like driving and keeping our car in good running condition I leave that thing to dear hubby who will not frown when asked about automotive or mechanical terms like Pneumatic valves or other terms that’s way out of my scope of Mommy duties. 
I graduated from engineering course and had taken up all areas of Engineering aside from my computer course but it’s all behind me now. After two decades after graduation I’m more inclined to know about telecommunications, technical proposal and accounting because that’s my working experiences. If would ask me about Compressed air dryer I would just tell that they prevent microbes, rusting and corrosion. It’s a wonder that the things you learned in school sometimes vanishes like air. 

Sometimes I get to learn things from my brother because he’s into construction business and he would ask me to search for his required motors and products for his projects. I browsed online for electric motors that he needs and I came upon Fremont Industrial Supply, a distributor of high quality pneumatic valves, Hydraulic rams, air line preparation components, air line tubing and fittings, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, electric motors and other power transmission components. They’ve been with the business for several years which they devote on delivering their services with quality, affordability and good service coupled with good customer assistance. It’s good to learn new things by patiently searching and reading and in the process I helped my brother also.


Ink Refill

We’re a frequent user of computers and printer because I have three schooling kids and DH is studying too. I bought my own laptop before the school opening so I can work without interruption because they have their own desktop computers; one was our old desktop which I’ve used previously and another one from my sister who gave it to my kids so they can use it any time they want for their assignments. She’s happy with her notebook which she bought along with my laptop. Every day one of my kids would need printing for their research assignments, reports or simply images that need for cutting and pasting. With the high cost of our printer’s original inks I’m thinking of getting an ink refill kit to cut on some ink expenses. Anyway I’ve visited, one of the Internet’s largest distributors of toner for cartridge laser printer models and saw the instructions for refilling ink. It’s a Do-It-Yourself guide and it’s so easy to follow. 

It’s nice visiting the site as it has wide variety of quality printer and ink products for the clients to choose from including 300 brands which will enable you to find one that’s suitable for your printer. They have laser printer cartridge, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, ink & toner refill kits, refill accessories, replacement chips, printer ribbons, bulk toner and a lot more. You’ll find everything you need for your printing requirements all in one stop shop. Their prices are very affordable and come with a full one year guarantee. Shipping is free on all orders over $45.


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