Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Another Musical Instrument to Learn and Play

It’s the Industrial Engineering week in my daughter’s university and though she wants to be included in their band performance in playing guitar, beat box or keyboards she was assigned to play drums. That’s a real surprise to Gen because she has never played that kind of instrument since she started playing musical instruments. She was so busy with her preferred string instruments and in her piano playing that she really ignored the drums. 

Well the drums are for Josh anyway so it’s not really Gen’s priority. Now her section is really keen on making her play drums on their performance night that she’s forced to learn in one or two days. Wow can you beat that? Well it seems that she has no choice now and should follow their leader which prompted her to go over music friend site for some information on the required drums instrument. I told her like any Mom should be saying that she can do it and will pass with flying colors. She smiled but thinking on how she would make time for the practice because it’s their examination week these days.


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