Saturday, July 27, 2013

Extra Space for Recreational Activities in Your Roofing

As the years go by the percentage of using flat roofing is getting higher especially commercial buildings which finds the need to create an extra space for rooftop and other creative purpose for the top of the building. Some uses it to create a beautiful place atop the building or simply found the need to use flat roofs for style purposes as majority of modern buildings have it. There are advantages and disadvantages of using it as not all homes and areas can be installed with this kind of roofing. For instance, a place which is active in human traffic can’t be accommodated with flat roofs because it can produce damage on the waterproofing membrane which can lead to water leaks in the process.  

Flat Roofing on the other hand offers advantages over the regular slope roofing. It’s proven to be the most cost-efficient roof shape because the space below and above it can be used functionally. It can be an area for recreational activities or be a perfect spot for a green roofing where a beautiful landscape garden can be created. I’ve seen it in many modern buildings these days and needless to say how beautiful it is. Since most of the westerners love to use it despite the common problems that arise they just need to find highly skilled roofing professional to install and maintain the roofs regularly. 

With all these things to consider one should get a company that will be able to give them the most cost effective solution to problems related to Flat Roof. The company should be able to come up with a reliable and good service that will ensure long term good usage to prevent the costly repairs that will affect the budget of the owner. In time they should bring about preventive maintenance in times of heavy rain clogging or building up of snow. With a good company to install and maintain your flat roofs you will never have to worry about its disadvantages and just enjoy the benefits of extra space atop your home or building.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Saving for Major Home Renovation

I love furniture, home decors and everything about house planning and design. I guess it came from our hobby when we were kids when we always want to draw home plans for our dream house. We have a nice huge house but it’s devoid of pretty interiors. All our furniture are made and designed by my father who took up carpentry as a hobby when he’s not in his government office. All of them are made with quality wood and craftsmanship that even after 3 decades it’s still in good condition. Last year I had some of them restored to its former beauty not just for looking good but for my father’s memories as well. It carries all the sweet memories we had with our father when we were still young and he’s still living. 

Now we’re saving a lot for the general renovation we have in mind and we’re investing on some small business if we’ll have enough finances. My friend is asking me to teach her how to buy gold bars and told me that she’ll let me invest stocks on her future jewelry shop business. She’s now working abroad and saving for the big dream of hers so when she decides to stop working she’ll have something as good investment and source of income.


Renovation Ideas For Your Home Garage

Garages can quickly become a really big garbage bin for your house – all kinds of stuff gets thrown in there, never to be seen or heard from again, and existing only to turn your garage into an eyesore. To renovate your home garage into a garage/shed that you'll actually get use out of, take these ideas on board.

Shelves are a man's best friend

See that chainsaw on the floor that you spent hundreds of dollars on but now rests in dust? It needs to be a on a shelf. Build yourself some shelves in your garage so you have somewhere to rest your power tools once you've built them. Shelves should be sturdy and attached to your walls securely, at a height that's easy for you to handle, so don't go building them above your head if you're planning on storing your chainsaw and hedge trimmer on them. Keep high use items at elbow height and low use, light items higher up.

Add wheels

If your garage turns into a shed for you on the weekends, build a workbench on wheels instead of installing one that's attached to the wall. That way, you can wheel it out of the way during the week, then bring it out on weekends so you can access all sides of it, which is especially useful when you're measuring or constructing something delicate that shouldn't be pivoted until it's finished.

Add hooks

Why build a whole cupboard if you don't actually need one? If you have shelves and all you'd use a cupboard for is hanging up your protective eyewear and jacket, rip out that old cupboard and install a few hooks instead. It's much better to have your things on display instead of shove in a cupboard – out of sight, out of mind. You can also use hooks to hang up your shovel, broom and even your bike, so they don't hang out in a cupboard getting dusty and being forgotten.

Go high

Build one tall cabinet instead of a few shorter ones and you'll be able to save space and have more storage room. You can keep a small step ladder beside it so you can always have full access, and use the cabinet to store the little things that can't be kept on hooks – containers of screws, your battery charger for your power tools and all the little things in between.

Hang it all

You can also add hanging mesh baskets to your walls, to keep items that might be dirty or wet in place and stop them from making a mud mess in your cabinet. If you've got small gardening tools, they are much better suited to being kept in a mesh basket so they can drain any loose soil or water, instead of being shoved in a cupboard.

To get the job done, you need the right tools on your side. Go to your nearest STIHL dealer today and pick up some STIHL power tools to make your garage renovation a breeze.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Book Cases Around Sofa

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Many of the modern homes today don't have spacious area like those condominiums I see on TV advertisement or even on the brochures that I receive every now and then. They only maximize their home area and come up with smart designs that could help save spaces. Well I've seen many designs and they all come up to expectations. 

When I saw how people would think of bright ideas that would liven up all parts of the house and apply techniques on using every space of the house. Looking at the pic above you'll see a comfortable sofa surrounded by book cases. Just look at how the designer used all available space to avoid clutter and at the same create a place to store books that you frequently read. So functional yet very nice also..


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Benefits of an Elevated Deck System

Most modern homes now have rooftop patios or decks to maximize the space of their homes. They can use the rooftop for anything that would be useful to them like recreation area, garden, washing area, picnic area or whatever creative ideas you can think that will be useful for the family. Since it’s a rooftop there are advantages and disadvantages of having it on top of your house instead of just putting a regular roofing on it. During rainy season your rooftop is the place where rain will most likely accumulate which will bring you much problem when it seeps through downwards and affect your house. 

I’ve seen some which leaks plenty of water down to their rooms damaging the interiors especially the carpets. It’s somewhat risky sometimes to have that kind of rooftop the reason why we should think of wise solutions to common problems of homes with decks or rooftop. Consider elevated Decks from which can give you valuable benefits and resolutions on keeping your decks at its best form. Solution for this common problem is the installation of slopes for drainage benefit using pedestal or paver system. This way the problem of messing with the roofing penetration is eliminated finally. 

The output design for the new elevated deck is safe, attractive and level. With the elevated design for rooftop you can be assured that the roofing material will be protected from leaks or penetration. The  site offers pre-manufactured elevated decks for both residential and commercial requirements such as roof top areas, pedestrian walkways, pool decks, balconies and more. This is a great solution for those who are very concerned with how they want their family decks safe from any problem that might cause some effects on the rooms and floors below the deck or rooftop patios..


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Find Your Way to Luxury Homes for Sale

Many people want to change their situation. They want a better job, a better car, a better home, a better relationship, a better dog, a better gym, a better diet, a better life. Desiring all of these things usually leads to regular emotional meltdowns. How can one person focus on improving so many things at the same time? The trick to realizing your dreams is changing your thoughts. Your thoughts are what create your reality. Recurring thoughts will trigger emotions. Emotions will most certainly lead you to actions. Actions will always have results. What happens when you change any factor of a mathematical formula? You will end up with a different result! Changing the way you think can lead to changing your entire life. When you see luxury homes for sale do you think about how great it would be to live in one? Or do you get angry because you think you will never be able to have one? 

Live Life Outside Your Comfort Zone 

Living a life of luxury is possible for anyone. You could live in a hut made of sticks, mud, and straw and still feel luxurious. You are given time every day to make progress towards your goals. Use every second wisely and be thankful that you have the opportunity to work. If there is something you want you should think about it in a positive light. Sit down and write a story about yourself being in that situation. When a challenge comes up that feels uncomfortable or scary take it on with tenacity. If you want your situation to change you have to get out of your comfort zone. 

Help People and They Will Help You 

There will always be  luxury homes for sale. It is possible for anyone to own one. Be willing to get uncomfortable. The more you step outside your comfort zone the wider your expertise will become. Once you have mastered your weaknesses you will discover that you have some amazing talents. Use those talents to help other people. You will see your efforts return to you in positive blessings.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Home Decors- Electric Oil Burner

As I grew up with a mother who is known for being such an excellent home economics grade school teacher I was trained early in home making. I was actually one of my Mom's students in my primary home economics subject and tried my best to excel to make her proud of me. Anyway best or not my Mom is always proud of us and all my best efforts are stars to her. She taught me the best techniques in crocheting, stitching, basic sewing, cooking and home decoration with our home room looking like a real home with all the rooms in there.

My Mom made her homeroom area a complete home with living room, bedroom, dining and kitchen rooms. A part of it was used for our classroom and display area for the chosen finished projects. One of the things that I really liked about the subject is home decorating where she taught us on how to choose the right vases and some ceramics to fit in the room perfectly. Well now there are better choices and wide variety of decors like the Aroma electric oil burners shown below:

RC Straight Star Lantern Aroma electric Oil Burner 
Made of all natural red clay
10 watts with 1.5-meter AC Cord
Glazed terra-cotta
Oil dish approximately 60ml
Handmade, safe, and decorative
Price ₱ 400.00  at

RC RL Star Aroma Electric Oil Burner (Lime Green)
Made of all natural red clay
10 watts with 1.5-meter AC Cord
Glazed terra-cotta Oil dish approximately 60ml
Handmade, safe, and decorative
Price ₱ 430.00 at


Choosing the Right School for Your Kids' Education

I believe in good education and we spend quite a precious amount to fund our kids’ school fees to ensure they get the best school. Well maybe not the most prestigious and expensive school but a Christian school that will give them not just quality education but encourages inclination to arts and music aside from inculcating love for God. All my kids love playing musical instruments and aside from the summer classes in our municipality I never enrolls them in expensive music school. They learn from our church music ministry and from their own perseverance in learning.

Well we came from a family who plays Alfa, violin and some other musical instruments and it’s in this history and genes that I think my kids got their inclination and talents. I myself love it but not lucky enough to spend time in learning due to some circumstances in life. I love saxophone the most as it gives me relaxing tones but none of my kids tried this one.

When I saw tuba in my regular site for searching musical instruments I told my little boy that I would love seeing him play such kind. He grinned and told me that he would love to do it not just for me but for his satisfaction as well. Since he’s just a little boy now I reckon I’ll be counting some more years before that would manifest.


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