Friday, December 30, 2011

Still Busy at Work

My brother is still busy even on holidays like this. He needs to round up construction site of his projects because they have to clear some of the debris before the celebration of New Year to prevent some hazard if ever there are people who will use fire crackers nearby. He’s also looking for some instrumentation fittings for his building project and asked me if I know the tube bending at He’s not so familiar with buying online so he consults things with me when it comes to buying things online. I told him that more often it’s better to do it online because you can look for the brands you need and compare prices as well. I hope he’ll get the things he need sooner so he’ll get into vacation mode earlier.


How We Used to Spend New Year

We always spend first day of the year in resorts with the whole church as we want to welcome the year with good vibes. Even the weather is cold we still rent a private resort with swimming pool which the kids loves most because they could have the pool by themselves only with no other group to share with. At times the staff of the resort would fix their pool pumps for better water flow and they would also check if the hot spring is just enough for our needs.

Now that it falls on a Sunday we will be in our home church and have our regular Sunday fellowship. In the afternoon we’ll have our gift giving and we’ll share some of our foods in our New Year’s Eve feast. We just had our four-day vacation in Baguio with our church mates and still we feel happy that we managed to have it through whole year saving of our money. The weather in the upper north is at 14 degrees when we were there and we’re thankful that we were able to visit nice places and stay at the park late at night even if it’s cold. The kids had a blast and we’re all satisfied with our vacation.


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