Saturday, June 23, 2012

Better Mobile Signals

Lately we’re having difficulty in receiving mobile calls because of weak signals. I learned that our location in the 32nd floor is a big factor in signal difficulties so we requested for trouble shooting and technical services. They installed cell booster so we can transmit and receive calls better than the previous times. We don’t have much choice but to wait for their solutions since we’ve signed into an agreement with them for two years. Fair enough the installation has brought some improvement on the signals and communication is better now than before. Still we have to find high quality auto cell booster if we want to have perfect signals.


Enjoying Rainy Days

Rainy days are here again and though it’s sometimes inconvenient to go to office or school with umbrellas on your head I still welcome the cold weather brought about by rains. I love summer especially going to the beach and outdoor activities but I certainly hate the scorching heat making me sweat when I go outside. It’s also risky on health when you go outside to a very hot weather from an office with high air conditioning. Every season has its own pros and cons and we have to prepare ourselves for whatever the season brings whether it’s hot, cold, dry or rainy season. What I love about rainy days are those moments when the whole family gathers together in front of some nice movies or shows bonding themselves for a day when no one would want to go outside.

I love cooking yummy meals when it’s raining and it seems the whole family loves to eat more when it’s cold and drizzly outside. It’s even more lovely when you have gel fireplace where you can relax in front of it and will not worry about replacing the logs when it’s burned already. I just heard of this kind of fireplace and amazed at it because you only have to use lifelike logs and gel fuel and you can enjoy the warm atmosphere without the hassles of installation, chopping wood and lighting the logs. This way you can really enjoy rainy days.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Creative Ways to Pay the Bills

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The economy is tight, and it's forcing many people who once felt financially secure into finding new ways to cut expenses and stretch a dollar. In the vast majority of cases, families and individuals can make ends meet, but it may force you to get creative. It is likely that you already have things around the home and skill sets that can catapult you from paying late fees toward having some money in your pocket again. 

Auction Sites 

Do you have a library full of old books you never read? Have tons of jewelry you never wear? There is value in almost everything we have lying around our homes and if unused, or in great condition, your household items are likely to be worth some money. Check into online auction sites where you can turn clutter into money. Some people have been so successful at selling their own books, jewelry and other items that they began scourging yard sales to purchase more of these items cheap and turn them into a profit online. 

Give Up 

One Luxury Even people on a tight budget can find ways to enjoy things they like. Giving up just one luxury can pay a bill for an entire month. Enjoy a movie once per week? Stream a television show at home for free instead, and put the money saved toward the power bill or mortgage payment. At $12 per person, it costs a family of four $48 to see a movie, plus meals, popcorn and drinks. This is easily $100 per week - a whopping $400 per month - that could be put towards a house or car payment, or go towards reducing credit card debts. 

Get Cash Back for Surfing the Web 

Did you know you can get paid for searching and shopping online? At you can choose to get cash back for these activities, or earn rewards to use for deep discounts on other purchases. Since seven out of ten Internet users already do at least some of their shopping online, it's likely you do, too. So, there's no reason not to get paid for doing what you already do. Shopping online and surfing the Internet for free is like throwing money away. 

Take on Side Work 

Whatever you do for a day job, chances are these skills are valuable elsewhere, as well. Are you an electrician? Plumber? Accountant? Computer specialist? There are probably people in your neighborhood that would be willing to pay for small jobs they need done, and they'd rather hire you than a large company or firm with outrageous fees. Determine what you're worth for an hour's work, and discount it by 10 to 20-percent. This is a feasible way to put more money in your pocket, and gives others a great price for professional services done well.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wearing Proper Gear for Safe Riding

Last week on my way to my work I’ve seen some commotion in a main road which stopped every motorcycle that passed by. Police and traffic officers are checking the motorcycle’s registration and driver’s license because of the recent happenings of highway robbery mostly done by motorists. There has been a lot of snatching and illegal activities committed by men riding in motorcycle so the legal officers are installing checkpoints on designated areas to ensure that all motorcycles are registered. 

They also impose penalties when they’re not wearing their helmets. At times the rider’s companions are the ones who don’t have proper protection which is very dangerous especially when travelling in a main road. Actually they should choose quality protection for their heads like Nolan Helmets which ensures long lasting usage and protection for the user. Riders should be aware that motorcycle are not that safe compared to regular vehicles and they should be always on guard when it comes to wearing proper gear when hitting the road.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beauty Education in Three Phases

Education is very important in a person’s life because it’s the only wealth that cannot be stolen from you. Some can refer to it as an investment in life and I can say that it’s a tangible investment because even if you spend a lot of money on it your future will be most promising if you have finished a degree or even specialized course. Some students who wants to study beauty may find themselves a good school like Austin cosmetology school who can give them the best education and training in their specialized line of education. Their program is directed through three phases of learning to ensure that their students will learn all the skills they have to know in the field of beauty services and also in business building. They concentrate on workshop, rehearsal and performance. Learning these three important facets in beauty education will help them be the best in their chosen course and will help them be employed in the best salon.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544


Monday, June 4, 2012

Opening of Classes

Today is the opening of classes for most of the students and my two daughters were very excited about their new teachers and school friends. Their feelings are a mixture of enthusiasm, apprehension, excitement and happiness that they’re looking through another year of learning different things that would help them in their future endeavours. It’s an ideal overview of what students can gain from attending school but what worries me is the current situation of most public schools in the country especially here in metropolitan area. 

I’ve watched the latest news and was sad to learn that there are some students who have no decent rooms to attend their classes because of lack of school facilities. I actually remembered that last year it was the same dilemma. Well now I’ve heard that there are plans and goals of constructing thousands of school rooms to attend the immediate needs of public sectors and hope that it will be sooner that this plan will push through. The government particularly the department that handles education should prioritize this project to help educate children who will not see a bright future if they will not be given a chance to enjoy learning without spending a lot.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Garage and Pole Building Kits

With the changing of weather from summer to rainy season comes the usual problem of diseases that goes along with it. People are now very careful with their environment as the onset of having dreadful dengue and viral diseases are becoming a common scenario in most hospitals and clinics. Maintaining a clean environment inside and outside our compound should our utmost priority to prevent occurrence of common diseases. This is not the only problem with the wet season as vehicles tend to show malfunctioning on seasons like this, maybe because they’re most exposed to rain at this time of year. This is the reason why it’s better to have an enclosed garage instead of the usual open garage which is not only susceptible to dirt, dust and rain. 

Constructing a new building even just a small barn or garage would cost a lot and will be built for some period of time or maybe few weeks. Well this will not be a problem with APM buildings because they offer better alternative to those who want to have their garage, shed, barn or pole buildings.  provides kits for garage and pole building so it will be easy for you to add a shed, a barn or other types of building without having to worry about the length of time and big finances. Using their quality building products and kits will save a lot of money especially those DIYers who prefer to do the building themselves. With the ease of construction like this there will be no problem with the changing of weather and even if it rains all day cars and properties will always be protected with closed garage, shed or barn.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kids’ Sweet Treats

The kids are asking me about our Father’s Day celebration and I laughed at them because they’re the ones who are very excited about the occasion and you know why? Because I have collection of vouchers and gift cheques on food stores usually cakes and pizzas and they want to claim them all. Last week we had two boxes of Cellos Doughnuts and they enjoyed every bit of it. I can say that it has the quality of expensive doughnuts and love their presentation and the looks. 

Anyway we’re thinking of nice gift for their daddy and some foods for the occasion say a treat like Sharis Berries as the husband has sweet tooth and he’ll surely love the taste. Just wondering if he wants it dark or white as I would want dark one. We all love berries and if dipped in choco and other goodies it would so yummy. Celebrating Father’s special day would be sweeter with this kind of treat. Nice gift for Father’s Day don’t you think?


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