Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reduce Stress the Christian Way

As a fulltime administrative officer in our company with multi-tasking job of a billing and collection officer, accounting supervisor and human resource officer it’s but normal to sometimes feel the stress in my mind and body. When I’m starting to feel the stress of my job I try to apply the Christian ways of reducing it so my life won’t be affected by what I feel. Stress is not a simple thing as it will also cause your heart, mind and body to malfunction. A friend of mine recently had her vertigo sickness surfaced because of too much stress. I shared her my ways of reducing stress whenever I feel it coming. To help us in our daily lives read this:

Pray, it’s the most important thing in our life. Prayers can move mountain so it’s easy to remove stress if you pray.

Go to bed early and get up on time so you can start the day unrushed – rushing can cause stress in us early in the morning so it’s better if we feel relax at the start of the day. As I have three kids who go to school early in the morning I see to it that I wake up 2 hours before their departure to cook and attend to their needs.

Take one day at a time and turn down projects that won’t fit to your schedule. I always tell my engineer brother who is into house construction to say no to projects that will compromise with his health and too much time. If the project requires him to travel far I told him to think it over before accepting.

Simplify and unclutter your life, if you have many tasks assigned to your department delegate some of the tasks to others that’s capable of doing it, believe me they will thank you for giving them the chance to prove themselves.

Pace yourself. Do and spread out hard projects over scheduled time, don’t try to finish it at once or you’ll be the one who’ll be finished. You might get sick, stressed or hospitalized. Sometimes less is more. Allow yourself extra time to do things, in this way you’ll enjoy your work.

Live within your means, don’t use credit cards on a whim. Don’t buy what you don’t need and do not need what you cannot buy, that’s what my parents told us when we’re just starting on our work. Simple living.

Be sure to have spare for the important things in your house like extra keys for your car or extra key for your house, backups on your computer files and etc. Some extras and spare things tend to loose tension because you’ll be able to use these extras on emergency times.

Less talk, less mistake or keeping your mouth shut once in awhile to prevent trouble.

Get enough rest, eat right and be organized. For your own feeling of satisfaction do something that you love best, if you’re like who wants to cook, enroll in a cooking or baking school and have fun while learning. Write down your thoughts and inspirations, it helps to unwind yourself you know!

Sit on your ego, forget your pride. Too much pride might swallow us.

More of this tomorrow!


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