Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Online Storage

In this generation of ultra modern technology comes also the big threat for security of our files because some people made it their business to hack and destroy important files thus we need extra caution in ensuring the safety of our files. Backups are vital to make sure that all important files are stored in a second copy so if anything happens you can always go back to your backup. Now even the most secured and quality storage is subject to risks, damage and even theft so the emergence of online backup is most welcome.

Online backup offers safe and secured online storage of your files for easy quick access anywhere and anytime. I learned that in few years time there will be no hard disks on laptop as information and data can be retrieved using cloud or online storage. If this will be the next must-have in companies we should be searching for a good provider that can guarantee safety and security of files. Top10Backup provides reliable reviews on best 10 online backup companies. They listed the top ten companies with their corresponding ranks, storage capacity, price, guarantee, score and reviews so clients can search, compare and get the best online backup site for their companies.

Since I know that in the future I’ll also be needing one for my home office I started searching and found the top companies from one to ten including mozy review which is quite popular and good. Mozy has been in online backup service for a long time and they offer nice features. Their rank dropped to #4 lower when they removed their limited offer which I think is favoured by many clients. Anyway if you’re keen on getting the best online storage company visit and see for yourself.


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