Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Vacation Getaway

School vacation is just around the corner and many of my friends are planning up their vacation as early as now. Some will go to their provinces but others will go to some beach resorts of their choice. It’s the common itinerary of the friends I have because beach vacation can really relax and bring your energies back again. Just imagine a week of stay in the beautiful cottage fronting the beach side with the cool breeze of the ocean on your hair hmmm.. it’s so relaxingly beautiful. Well as for now I really don’t have any fixed plans for the vacation but my cousin is urging me to look for a place to stay in Myrtle Beach because they really want to go there by next month. It has long been planned but due to some circumstances it was cancelled. I suggested Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels I found online because it has many beach hotels and resorts located directly on the ocean which my cousin so dearly loves to stay.

Cousin’s hubby can’t take his sports on the side while having vacation so I’ll have to look for a place where they can combine hubby’s favorite golf sports with cousin’s flair for finest amenities and accommodations of the new Seaside Myrtle Beach Hotel which is just some few steps away from the dazzling beach side, perfect for cousin’s dream vacation. Well they really love staying at one of the resorts there because that’s exactly what they’re planning a year ago. So many things happened including the disastrous big flood in our place that makes everyone strive hard to make up for the lost properties.

Now that we’ve moved on and somehow have saved enough for a relaxing vacation we might as well plan a vacation getaway that will bind the family. I just can’t make up my mind where so I just helped out my cousin who is so busy with her business to arrange things for their family vacation. It’s a favor I’m doing for them and since I’m always online I have the privilege of seeing what’s new and good for the deals. Well If I’m to ask I’ll definitely choose Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel for them so they can enjoy vacationing in the beach, some nice entertainment, fine dining, shopping, perfect accommodations and of course his husband’s golf which cannot be put behind the vacation. Good for all of them and I think they agree with me.


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