Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Music Talents from My Grandfather’s Genes

It will be another week and my kids will be free again to do what they want as it will be their break from school. Summer vacation is always a welcoming thought for them as we get to go around places, take the time to go swimming or just visit our hometown in Laguna. Even when at home we make the most of our time together free from school activities and just enjoying quality time with the family. 

Just the other day Gen told me that she wants to learn how to play violin. She didn’t talk about enrolling in some school or workshop studio as she will try to learn it by herself. Well she’s a natural with music and I know she’ll be fine with learning violin just as she is in playing guitar and cleaning guitar strings. Except for the two months she studied basic keyboard lesson she didn’t attended any paid lesson in playing musical instruments but she did very well in her pieces. Maybe it’s the genes from my Mom’s father that’s working on her and also a gift from God and I always tell them that in time they will use their talents in our church.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Giving Your Overhead Crane the Attention it Needs

When it comes to overhead cranes, you're dealing with massive equipment that has to handle heavy loads and tough jobs. You can't afford to have a breakdown. The expression, "Time is money," holds true in your line of work. Every minute that your machinery is down means a delay in getting your project done. When you miss deadlines for one client, it can have a domino effect on all the rest that you have lined up. The last thing you want to do is damage your reputation. That's why it's important to pay attention to your equipment.

Be Proactive

Prevention is the best medicine for people and machinery. You know exactly what your cranes need. Wear and tear is a problem. There are going to be parts that typically break down over time. You can stock up when you turn to a source like www.ProservAnchor.com where you will find an extensive list of parts for every model of overhead crane. Be prepared when something goes wrong so you can be back in business as soon as possible.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Be sure to perform routine maintenance on all of your equipment. Whether you are in the middle of a job or waiting for the next project to begin, you can perform a thorough check of your machinery. Pinpoint problems and address them. You want your overhead cranes to stand up to the test. The team at the ProservCrane Group can assist you with safety inspections and your maintenance needs to ensure that your equipment is in excellent shape, ready to handle any job that you have lined up in the future.

Remember that Your Cranes are an Investment

Your overhead cranes are a substantial investment. You and your crew depend on them for your livelihood. You need to invest time and energy into your cranes to ensure that they are ready to rise to the challenge. When you turn to the ProservCrane Group, you'll find a helpful staff that can assist you with answering questions, locating parts, or dealing with fabrication issues when you can't find exactly what you need. Time is of the essence. You need to stay on top of everything for your crane so that you'll stick to your schedule. When you need an essential part and you need it right away, the team at the ProservCrane Group will make sure it's on the way, helping you to pick up where you left off.


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