Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Commercial Cleaning Solutions

In our office we’ve put away the regular cleaner that we hired since last year. We were intending to get a utility man that can be our messenger too. The work load for the said position is so light and our company is still in a light operation so we need a staff that will do both the job for utility and for liaison works. But now that we’re not accepting applicants for the said position we need someone that will clean the office premises twice a week. We actually need one that can clean the office thoroughly because some just do the regular cleaning without going into details of disinfecting the floors and rest rooms and other meticulous job. I heard that it’s good to hire commercial cleaning services from the professional agencies like JAN-PRO. 

They offer superior cleaning at high quality level that involves meticulous and detailed techniques in cleaning. Their services also include disinfection, prevention of cross contamination and maintenance. They have a cadre of professional cleaners who are expert in giving cleaning solutions to various clients like offices, medical facilities, schools, fitness centers, restaurants and a lot more. They will assure you of giving their advanced cleaning techniques and services to keep your place and environment safe and healthy.


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