Saturday, January 22, 2011

Planning Their College Courses

My second daughter will graduate from primary school this April and as early as now we have to decide where she will study in her secondary level. Our decision is to send her also to TUMCCS where her elder sister is currently studying. They always have the same school since preparatory and they’re always together as they only have one year gap. This is the first year that they study in different schools because Ruth is already in first year high and Gen is only on her sixth grade. Now if things pushed through they will again go to the same school and together in their school service. They’re like that since they were born. They’re like twins although they’re not identical and we’re thinking that they will have to adjust when they go to college as they will have different school preferences for their chosen college course. 

Now we’re discussing their ambitions, likings and would be courses in college and we told them that whatever they want to pursue we will support them. We’ll try our best to let them study in the best schools that will give them quality college education. They’re now searching through different schools with expertise on business, education, arts and sciences as those are they inclination as of this moment. Ruth told me that one of her classmates is aiming to study in beauty schools like Regency Beauty Institute that will give high quality of education pertaining to her chosen field of education in beauty. Her family is in that field of business and they want her to manage it when they grow old. Studying in that kind of school will give her a big advantage in running a business in the same field.

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