Saturday, October 16, 2010

Making the World a Better Place

If a person is determined to reach whatever goal he may have he can really make it come true. I admired people who have the perseverance to achieve their objectives in life especially if it involves not their personal lives but of others. It takes some kind-hearted people to use their wealth to extend it to help other people and make other lives better. Sometimes success and wealth makes people forget about others who were less fortunate than them. This does not applied to Jesse Willms because despite of having successful companies and reaching the height of his professional career he transformed himself to being a world-class philanthropist. 

Being Internet marketing professional didn’t prevent him from reaching out to charitable organizations. He happily started helping out various charities after heading the challenge and call of very successful Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to use the money to make the world a better place. His answer to that call is an equal challenge to his staff to help him reach his goal and they did it ahead of their target time. Jesse Willms & Co. donates $25,000 each to 4 well-known charities such as The Breast Cancer Research Fund, The Nevada YMCA, Boston Children’s Hospital and The Gulf Oil Restoration Fund.

His remarkable determination guided his life as he started out very young at 16 with buy and sell computer business which expanded to launching internet companies after 6 years. He has been helping out charities then but his first was sponsoring 100 children in World Vision children’s charity. He’s really into helping out others to make their lives better too like him. Now that he has helped in making those charitable organizations pushed their projects I know that many lives especially the less fortunate ones will be better. Our world will be a better place to live if people like him will extend their helping hands to the needy.


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