Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Right Web Host For My Blogs

As a working Mom I am fully aware of the effect of the rising prices of commodities for the last two years and to help my husband to cope up with daily expenses and utilities I decided to monetize my blog as I know it will augment our financial expenses. I’ve worked for several years as an officer in a telecommunications company but decided to leave my office employment and just work at home and concentrate on working full time on my sites. It’s a great blessing from God that I can work at home and still help my husband in our family expenses.

I love writing and through my blogs I can share my experiences in life and some inspirational thoughts too. Writing is my first love and finally I came back to it but with the blessing of earning through writing. To further enhance the full potential of blogging I decided to buy my own domain and to help me decide on the right company to host my website I started on reading reviews like GoDaddy Review. Actually my friend referred the company to me and I just searched for reviews on GoDaddy and decided to buy my domain when I learned from reviews that its high quality service can be relied upon.

It’s almost a year now since I purchased a domain with them and I can say I’m a satisfied customer with its features, capabilities, reliability, dependable technical support, good customer service and many other things that spells good service. I didn’t have any problem with redirecting my site as they have user-friendly tools to help you setup your blog. Their yearly fee for hosting my blog is worth it. Just visit their site for plans and packages that will suit your specific needs.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Enough Blessings to Share

Still I'm not quite adept to working on my tasks now as I also have offline duties and responsibilities at home. I did some last shopping for gifts for my godchildren in our church and for all my brethren. No don't think that I'm rich that I can buy expensive gifts for more than 70 people, I just bought some little nice things for everyone. I'm a smart shopper and I can think of small gifts that won't hurt my budget. It's just my way of sharing my blessings and love to my fellow. I thanked God that He has given me enough blessings for this year and not just financial blessing but spiritual as well. It's also my first Christmas as a WAHM (working-at-home Mom) and I'm glad that I have more time to shop now for gifts and our needs for the holidays, at least I can do my online tasks whenever I have time.


Backup Essentials in our Camp Meeting

Just got back from a fulfilling four-day vacation fellowship in the province away from the bustling city of Metro and up to now I can still remember the cold weather we left there in Indang, Cavite. We brought everything from basic essentials like food, clothing, medicines, staples, car repair kits, some electrical supplies for emergency needs and rechargeable lights just in case we encountered power failure. Anyway everything went well and we consumed our four days without sickness, accidents and emergency cases. We had our best fellowship ever with our renewed relationship with our brethren.


I'm a Pinky!

Just find this quiz quite different as choosing what finger are you can really tell your character quite simple and almost perfectly true. See my results and try this one if you want - let's see your results.

You Are a Pinky

You are fiercely independent, and possibly downright weird.
A great communicator, you can get along with almost anyone.
You are kind and sympathetic. You support all your friends - and love them for who they are.

You get along well with: The Ring Finger

Stay away from: The Thumb


Monday, December 28, 2009

High Quality Accessories for your Chevy

Since we had a car several years back I’ve experienced many things about cars and learned that owning one is like having another baby as you have to take care of it and maintain it the proper way so it will serve you at its best meaning it will not be in trouble in the middle of the road. Anyway we only have a pre-owned car and far from the beautiful model cars I see online but it also needs proper maintenance and careful monitoring of the important parts.

Through our car I learned the proper model and type that should be used by people from all walks of life. I also had a chance to accessorize our car in simple ways and found myself searching online for different accessories that would make our car nice like chevy accessories which is being provided by CARiD. They have all Chevy’s high quality parts you’ll ever need for your precious Chevrolet. You can visit and you’ll see parts from headlights, rails, tires, body kits, steering wheels, hid lights, spoilers, floor mats and more Whether you need these parts for replacements or just want to have some upgrades you can browse and make your car look as beautiful as ever.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays! myspace graphic comments

Warmest holidays to you all - my blogger friends and my daily visitors. By this day and time I'll be at our camp meeting fellowship in Villa Dominga Forest Resort in the high lands of Indang, Cavite near the famous holiday vacation city of Tagaytay. We'll be spending our holiday praising God and sharing His words. Hope your holidays be as peaceful and happy as I am with all of my family with me. See you all next week! Warmest wishes to you all!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bathroom Renovation

I’m so happy that we’ve finally finished the first part of our bathroom renovation and we’ll just have the finishing of the walls and some additional accessories. It feels good to have a part of your house renovated or reconstructed because it makes your home more comfortable and beautiful. It’s nice to be at home and happy with what you see around you. I’ve always been an admirer of beautiful houses and interiors and I’m also familiar with such things because my brother is into construction business. Actually he’s the one who taught me where to buy the best bathroom accessories and fixtures before I started our bathroom renovation.

We visited the showroom together and I was amazed at the latest array of BathroomSuite available in the market. There are various models, packages and displays and I was a little bit distracted by the choices that I almost forgot my original choice. I actually had an online searching of different bathroom essentials and everything about bathrooms through browsing at where they offer a good selection of bathroom suites, furniture, baths, tiles, bidets and many more. I’ve found some really good discount deals on bathroom suites and some of them especially the stock clearance sale offers a 20% off on bathroom tiles when you buy one of their suites, great deals isn’t it? Now having beautiful bathroom is never that expensive.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings Week #360

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Interest :: Hobbies, Likes
  2. Chase :: Go after, Run
  3. Itch :: Allergy
  4. Soothe :: Massage, Therapy
  5. Lamp :: Light
  6. Tutor :: Teacher
  7. Nicole :: Kidman
  8. Sloth :: Lazy
  9. Burn :: Fire
  10. Bug :: Insect


Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Getaway

Holidays are coming soon in a few days but it’s actually starting with Christmas parties, family reunions, never-ending line in mall stores, children singing Christmas carols at the front of our houses and glittering lights and decors all over the place. It’s really festive everywhere and people seems to rush on shopping for clothes, appliances and food. They never seem to get enough of things to prepare on midnight dinner. All these things are happening every year and sometimes I get tired with sore feet, traffic jam and hectic schedule of fitting into all holiday activities. I’m just glad that we have our camp meeting fellowship every holidays which we held in faraway place in provinces away from the busy bustling city. Some people planned their vacation during holidays and they go to beautiful resort like Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort where they can rest and relax and be free from traditional activities which is sometimes stressful.

Don’t conclude that I don’t want holidays because I really like it because it’s also near my birthday but I just don’t want the hustle and bustle brought about by this favorite season of the year. I’m also a part of the frenzied buyers sometimes but I hate having sore feet and being dizzy on rounding up big malls. It’s really good sometimes to just spend the holidays on one of the places beside the beach like Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels which offers comfort and luxury accommodation to their guests. It’s great having the whole family with you enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean on one of the lavish condo resorts of Towers on the Grove. This new condominium resort offers bedroom condos perfect for holiday getaway of families, couples or even group of friends. Having your vacation here is one thing that you’ll remember for a long time as you’ll have a great time enjoying the beauty of the oceanfront and luxury accommodation of Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel, perfect for a relaxing stress-free vacation you’ve been planning for.

Now it’s not only luxury, comfort and beauty that you’ll experience there as Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts offers specials and packages without costing you so much with manager’s special rates this December. With activities that will enhance your vacation enjoyment you’re sure to take advantage of enchanted sailing charters and executive helicopter tours, well this is really good for those who loves sailing and seeing magnificent views from helicopter. For me I love their romance package series where coupes can enjoy a romantic and relaxing vacation with spa with free chocolates, champagne and flowers on the side. Will surely love having them on our arrival if ever I’ll have the chance to plan a cozy vacation there. For now I’ll just enjoy my holidays on our local resort here.


Friday, December 18, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #55

Click the image to see larger view


This is my shot of the sky when I went to my daughters' school to assist in their school party. The sky was so clear with soft cotton pure white clouds at the top of one of the houses there. I'm just lucky to spot a place where there's no cables or wire obstructing my view. It was a tiring day for me accompanying my son in their preschool christmas party and visiting my two daughters' school also as parents assisted in the party games of their class. I had a lunch with some of my co-parents there. It was fun indeed!

Happy sky watching!Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Accessories for my Phone

I’m not used to adding so many accessories on my mobile phone, well not for my housing as I want the original housing of Motorola. I just want the simple elegant look of my phone with a black housing color. But when it comes to casing I’m interested on looking at various available leather case of Motorola CLIQ Accessories. I found this nice pouch leather case which can protect my cell phone from having scratches or from falling accidentally. For me these CLIQ Accessories is truly a secured safety device for me and for all Motorola users especially those who always find themselves on a tight schedule that they always use their phone for various call transactions. It’s not only a safety device but a pretty carry along pouch that fits Motorola phone perfectly.

There are many Motorola Accessories available for people who really want to make the best of their phones. There are chargers, batteries, headsets, memory cards, data cables, charms and many other useful and beautiful accessories that would make you choose the best for your mobile phone.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Had a Bad Fall!

I had a bad fall last Sunday after our lunch at a fastfood restaurant few blocks from our church. We were leisurely walking back to our church when I suddenly lost my steps and fall on my left side suddenly. My right ankle was the most injured part with dislocated veins which caused my feet to be swollen after many hours. My left knee suffered bruises and my skin were scraped out which gave me pain until now. My right arm and shoulders up to my nape suffered the most because it’s where I forced my whole body to lean on. I was just lucky that the palm of my left hand which turned red recovered after two hours. I had an hour of therapy from my Mom when we arrived home after 6 hours. It was so painful that I nearly screamed my pain; imagine having your veins in your ankle dislocated?

Well I’m beginning to feel alright now except for just little pains in my back and knee. I had to work even I’m sick but just to visit some blogs, read my emails and finish some due tasks, not enough time to bid and get more assignments. Well I guess I should be starting my blogging holiday mode now, don’t you think?


Monday, December 14, 2009

Water Therapy

I’ve learned from my Mom that there are sickness that can be healed by water therapy and we have a book confirming that so when we want to resort to natural healing of minor sickness we apply water therapy. Even if you take medication for fever, colds, cough and some other sickness it also helps a lot if you drink plenty of water. It applies not only to sickness but for someone like me who want to lose excess pound, instead of drinking powdered juices or coffee we should drink water instead and it’s even better if it’s not too cold. Well it seems hard at first but very beneficial to our body if we make it a habit. Just make sure that the water that you drink or you use for therapy is a good, clean and purified water or it’s filtered from contaminants by something like a gswf filter because it’s very important to know that the water we’re drinking is safe and clean for a healthier you.


Friday, December 11, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #54

Click the image to see larger view


This is a shot near to my entry last week at the top of the 4-storey residential and commercial building in front of the building where we rent our church venue. It's easier to shoot some sky photos across the building as it's a beautiful frontage of the clouds. The building looks majestic with the clouds almost touching the top. Nice that it's higher than the wires so there's no obstruction for me.

Happy sky watching!Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


When your Work Always Change Location

My friend is complaining about her rental fee in her current apartment because at the start of the coming year it will increase its monthly rent. It’s hard to budget your money if all basic necessities like food and shelter increases while your salary don’t move a bit. I told my friend that she should think of having her own house instead of spending her money on renting apartment which she can’t own even if she’ll rent for many years. Her only problem with buying her own house is the nature of her job which changes work location after some years.

It’s hard to build a house and leave it when your work transfer you to new location. I told her she should have a mobile home just like manufactured homes I’ve seen online which she can easily transfer when she want to move to a different place. It looks like a regular house also and it has various models and prices.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings Week #358

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Hotter :: Burning coal
  2. Negotiator :: Peacemaker
  3. Crimson :: Red
  4. Loses :: Give Up
  5. Tide :: Low or High
  6. Alan :: Name of our fish dealer
  7. Fool :: Stupid
  8. Pink :: Pretty in
  9. Palm :: Oil
  10. Lipstick :: Makeup


Moving On

We’re happy now that we’ve moved on from the damages caused by the big flood few months ago. Our appliances were in good working condition except for some furniture that we gave up due to extreme damage. We still have almost all of them and we just have to buy a new sofa for our main living room. We need a big sized living room design furniture for that room as it’s our main area for accepting visitors. We’re still looking for quality but not so expensive furniture and I know DH will take care of that as he’s an expert when it comes to appliances and furniture as his work for 17 years is related to that.


What Color Glasses Do You See the World Through?

You See the World Through Blue Colored Glasses

You live your life with tranquility. You have faith that things will work themselves out with time.
You judge all your interactions through the lens of hope. You try to get all the facts before forming your opinion.

You face challenges with wisdom. You know that all bad things pass, and you have the confidence to see problems through.
You see love as the utmost expression of trust. Your relationships tend to be peaceful and stable.

At your worst, you can be cool, melancholy, and detached. You sometimes have to step back from emotionally charged situations.
You are at your happiest when you are able to reflect and relax.

This one is quite nice so try this!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Funny Bumper Stickers

We’re thinking of buying another car as we’re not so sure if our old one will be restored to its original condition after the repair. It was very much affected by the big flood that hit the metropolis and its deep submersion caused much damage. Anyway we can’t afford a new car so we’re looking for pre-owned cars. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a new model as long it will serve the purpose of getting us to church every Sunday, every midweek bible study and on our out-of-town ministry and camp meetings. Since we’re searching around and I find it quite interesting to look around cars of different types and models especially those with unique bumper stickers, usually the customized one which you can’t see on other cars. I know having one of these stickers make the car unique in its own way.

Many cars I happen to see have car accessories that will really caught your attention but I had a great time viewing some unique accessories online. I also had a good laugh when I found funny bumper stickers which will certainly turn your smile to laughter. They’re just samples but I find it so funny although I know some of the words there are true. I’m thinking now if I will order something of that kind and what design could I possibly put in my customized bumper stickers.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My New Baby!

No I'm not having another baby 'coz Josh is my certified youngest kid. I just want to blog here about my new blog which I started three months ago. This is what's keeping me busy even at nights. I can say that it's hard to start another blog because you'll have to exert extra effort, plenty of time and you'll have to think of new ideas. When I first had my domain blog added to my two bravejournals I told myself that I can't maintain additional blog as I'm too busy to update them all. But that was history as after Moments of My Life I added My Crossroads after 10 months and then added Beyond Horizons last July this year.

Now my new baby is Wahm's Cozy Corner, my blog about women's interest. There I talk about facilitating shopping, technology, various tips and more. It's entirely different from my other blogs except that I get to mention once in awhile my kids, well I can't help it! Visit my new blog and be my guest! Don't forget to leave your comments :-) Thanks!


Which One is Right for Me?

Two weeks from now I’ll be celebrating my birthday and I’m not decided on what I’ll buy for myself. When I’m just working in office I never buy myself expensive gifts as I try to spend most of my Christmas bonus on gifts for my loved ones, things and toys for my kids and home appliances. But since I entered the world of blogging and started earning online I compensate all my hard works on keeping my blog maintained by buying what I want most for the year. I’m just simple in many ways and I don’t buy super expensive branded bags. If I have one or two of those branded things it usually come to me as a gift and I appreciate it, it’s just that I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on it. People are different and so are women.

On my first months of earning money through my sites I rewarded myself with a new gas range because I love cooking and baking. On the second year I bought myself my personal digital camera which I used for joining photo meme and which became my favorite companion everywhere I go. This year I planned to buy myself laptop so I can use it anywhere around the house or I can carry it along. When my brother searched around for the latest branded netbooks in my friend’s electronic gadgets’ brochures I began to think what’s the ideal for me, a lappy or a netbook. Anyway as I plan to buy it after the holiday season I still have time to think it over.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Blogging Overtime

Wow! I’m still awake this time at dawn, my online friends has signed off one by one and knowing that all of them were asleep makes me feel more sleepy too! I just finished half of my due tasks on my other blogs and I need a real willpower to go on and finish them all. I’m just worried that if I reached 4am I’ll only have less than an hour to sleep as I’ll be cooking for my girls before 5am. I’m happy that at least I have my mojo now, thoughts and ideas are flowing easily from my mind that I can easily write any topic on my list. I just need some patience and determination to meet my goal.

I didn’t prepared coffee as sometimes it gets me to sleep, strange but true! I only drink cold water when I think I can’t hold on anymore. Anyway I’ve had lots of practice when I was still working in consultancy firm which forced us to work on three consecutive overnights when we’re beating deadlines. I’m working at home now but the same strategy I used in my previous jobs on overnights still works for me.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping for Baby Things

I’m so happy that my niece gave birth to a healthy baby girl last October. A new baby is a delightful addition in the family and it brings so much joy and happiness to every home. You know I feel that there’s a certain magic that baby brings. They truly add some fun and excitement and just to hear their little cries and giggles makes them so funny to me. Well baby girl Iya I’m referring to is a cry baby and when she visited us she doesn’t want her grannies to carry her but only me. I had to leave my online tasks to attend to her. I saw that my niece takes special care of her things especially her infant clothes which looks very cute to me. Since she’s a girl her clothes are all pink and white in color and they’ve chosen kitty designs.

The couple carefully chosen Iya’s bottles, clothes & shoes, toiletries and nursery furniture when she was about to be delivered and all things were ready when she was born. They’ve chosen a crib that’s fairy small to fit with their house size and they’ve added a swing for her. They do all of these things for their little darling in the house. I can see my niece sometimes get exhausted with the new responsibility of a mother but when she looks at the little angel she’s holding she will smile and feels happy enough.

It’s sometimes tedious to prepare everything for your baby especially shopping when you’re pregnant. It was easier now to choose and buy the things for your little one like babies and toddlers’ things through online shopping at Shopwiki. With this kind of shopping you can buy the things that you want in the comfort of you own house. No need to fall in line to pay, no need to walk around several stores just to pick your needed items. Shopwiki has all the specific stores that sells baby and toddler items. It makes shopping easier!


Friday, December 4, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #53


Click the image to see larger view

This is a shot from where we had our fellowship service, we're on the fourth floor so I had an opportunity to shoot on a much clearer view free from cables and wires lol! I've taken several shots on this angle but it always give me a different kind of sky view. I'm imagining the clouds wanting to meet at the center! I always have this thing about cloud formation, I'm always imagining objects lol!

Happy sky watching!Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Cool Protection from UV Rays

Living in a tropical country is good because we have plenty of sunshine to enjoy most of the days in a year but it also has some little disadvantages because the rays of sun starting late morning up to afternoon is hazardous to our health. I remember in the old days that the folks bring out the babies in the veranda to enjoy the sun in their skin in the morning. They needed the sun to nourish them after their birth for them not to be yellowish as my Mom would tell me. Now I think that the sun after 8 in the morning is not anymore good for the babies, maybe a little earlier than 8 in the morning would be fine.

Even we should take enough precautions before exposing ourselves to sun because the UV rays will cause some hazards if we don’t protect ourselves. It’s a good protection if we’re in a building or in our houses because we will not be exposed to too much sun. But what if the windows of our houses are not made to withstand the rays of the sun? That’s why it’s best to carefully select the windows that we will be installing in our house. Installing window film seems to be the best idea just like California Window Film because it cools down the heat from outside and protects the house interior from the UV rays of the sun. It’s even stronger than glass and using it can give us enough safety from the harmful effects of the sun. Ordering is very easy as you can buy it online, just make sure that you choose the size and class type you want. Experience the cooling effects of window film and enjoy the savings in cooling and heating costs. You can also use it in your car to block out the damaging rays of the sun. Cool!


What Hand Gesture Are You?

I'm a Thumbs Up

Your life philosophy can be summed up as, "Tomorrow is another day."
Your greatest wish is for everyone to be content with what they have.

You are naturally content and optimistic. You encourage people to be happy.
Even if life isn't perfect, you believe that life is what you make of it!

This quiz looks very positive to me and this is not just a quiz it looks like some kind of psycho test to me when I answered several questions before arriving at the above results. Try this one, it might give you some idea of who you really are!


Lasik Eye Surgery for Better Vision

I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since I was in college because my eyes are nearsighted and it’s hard to be in a big classroom when you don’t see the board clearly. I had to wear eyeglasses then because my eyes would worsen or increase grade number. Now I’m comfortable with my eyeglasses because the years of wearing it makes it feel like a part of me. Some people don’t want to wear eyeglasses as they will look like older than their age so they resort to contact lenses. Lenses are said to be more comfortable than wearing eyeglasses but for me I still want my eyeglasses because it fits my lifestyle.

Having healthy and normal vision is my dream as I spent half of my life having nearsighted eyes. There are also things that I cannot do without eyeglasses like reading from afar and playing some of my favorite sports. Because of this I sometimes envy those people with 20/20 vision as they can do anything they want without fear of seeing things in blurred vision. When my Mom was operated for her cataract I learned about using laser in a lasik procedure and I was so amazed that it can bring back your blurry vision. There are clinics that performs such operation like Lasik Eye Surgery Boston which offers an all-laser lasik procedure meant to correct your vision on the exact needs of your eyes. It’s a painless, safe and quick procedure which can give you 20/20 or better vision.

It’s actually a perfect solution to people with eye problems of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism only. This is not for other eye problems such as cataract, glaucoma and many others. Modern technology has reached the eye science and I was very happy to know that there’s still a guaranteed remedy for my kind of eye problem. Now patients can do away from their glasses and contact lenses when they avail this service from Boston Laser.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Online Tasks to Finish

Looks like I’m going on an overnight blogging again. I don’t want to rush tomorrow and on weekends so I decided to do all my due tasks one or two days ahead of time for a better writeup also. Most of the times when you’re rushing your assignments it affects the way you write and your post suffer from it. Even though I’m doing some paid posts doesn’t mean I would sacrifice quality but sometimes it happens because of very tight schedule and deadlines. I have plenty of offline tasks in the morning and I can’t seem to fit it all in my planner so if I have several posts to do I do it at nighttime when my kids are asleep. It’s just the headache and dizziness that I don’t want when I don’t sleep.


Make Them Happy with NFL Jerseys Gifts

I’ve almost completed my list of gifts this coming holiday season and though I’m having second thoughts on other gift ideas I think I’ll go on with it as I don’t have enough time to change it. It’s easier to think of gifts for girls as they have plenty of things to choose from. I can give dress for the tots, toys for the toddlers and blouses and gadgets for the young girls. When it comes to boys you only have few things to choose from so if you really find it hard to think maybe a set of NFL Jerseys would be so right for them especially if they’re aged from 4-10 years old. It’s even more exciting if they love sports and a fan of one of the teams like Philadelphia Eagles.

I’m sure no kid will resist receiving a complete set of NFL uniform set with jersey, pants, helmet, adjustable chin straps, face mask and more. The whole set costs $39.99 and to display his NFL uniform set you can also give him an NFL Fan Locker and avail of the blowout sale which marked down its price at $79.99 from its original cost of $129.99. Great savings while making the kids happy with the complete outfit and locker. It really feels good to give love and gifts on Christmas!

*This is a sponsored review


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

:WW - Josh with EK's Characters

Click images to get larger view!

I'm still posting one of my son Josh' pictures in his educational tour 'coz I got hundred of shots :-). Here you can see how he's smiling when the two characters in Enchanted Kingdom posed for a picture with him. Many kids wanted to have these two on their sides but we're lucky enough to catch their attention to stop and pose because they're heading for a whole kingdom walk. They walked the entire vast area of the amusement park after this shot. I'm always wordfull anyway!

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Excited with Big Screen Flat TV

My cousin is so excited about this coming week’s company bonus that she’s now looking and canvassing price for her dream 32” wide flat TV. She really waited for her bonus money before buying the big screen TV because it’s only her whim. Now that she’s been advised that indeed she has extra money this Christmas she might as well buy her most wanted appliance, after all it’s a nice remembrance for her money that every time she sees the TV she’ll remember that it’s the fruit of her year-long bonus money. She also asked me to look for a perfect plasma mounts for her TV so she can be sure that it suits her plasma TV. Now I have to look for quality but not so expensive one because my cousin wants to save some for her savings.


Top Ten Droppers for November 2009

Thanks for my droppers for visiting and dropping their Ec's here everyday especially my top ten droppers for the past month. Appreciate your visits very much!

Dropper # of drops
Life's sweets and spices 31
moms..... check nyo 31
Mommy's Little Corner 31
Yummy-as-can-be 31
The Modern Mom 31
A Simple Life 31 30
Trends Finder 24/7 30
Jean sQuared 30
Wirez and Circuitz 29

Wow thanks Liz for making your various blogs at the top always!


Knowledge Gained on Construction Business

I’m glad that my brother have a new residential project now just in time for the big expenses this coming holidays. He’s an engineer and managing his own construction business. Because of his work I became familiar with most of the construction terms and I had a working knowledge of some of them due to my previous jobs. I was employed by a consulting company for design, construction and supervision of roads and bridges for ten years and I was assigned in making bidding proposals. The work was tough because we’re always beating the deadlines where we used to spend three days and three nights without leaving the office just to make sure that proposal will be able to meet the due dates.

In my earlier years in the company I used to help the project managers with their monthly accomplishment reports and when I work with them I see to it that I know what I’m doing such as looking over the basic terms and work done on different civil engineering works. That’s when I learned about pavement, drainage, structural works and many other things concerning the construction of major roads, bridges and vertical structures in the country. My Engineer friends taught me how they check the contractor’s use of concrete forming method such as insulated concrete forms to construct building and residential grade walls and basement. Our projects include horizontal and vertical construction and we also handle commercial establishment although we specialized in flyovers, roads and bridges. I can say that my previous jobs helped me a lot to gain knowledge on various fields of work and I’m very thankful for that.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10 Things You Want, but Wouldn’t Buy for Yourself

Actually I'm not a shoppaholic kind and I'm very smart in buying things for myself, I don't buy what I don't need and what I can't afford:-).

The things that I want but wouldn't buy it for myself are:

  1. Canon D-SLR Camera
  2. Ipod
  3. A new car 'coz I can settle for pre-owned car much cheaper and less dangerous to handle
  4. A new video camera
  5. Laptop - not for now, maybe next year
  6. Complete kitchen showcase - very expensive for me though I love it!
  7. Vacation house in Tagaytay, I love the place but it's not practical for me to own property there when I can only visit it quarterly. Maybe I'll just built a vacation house in my hometown in Laguna because the lot is ready for anything that we want to do.
  8. A piano - well not for mysef but for my kids in the next few years.
  9. High technology appliances that's too expensive for my lifestyle.
  10. High-end mobile phone that costs like a branded laptop, I wouldn't buy it because it's not safe to carry it around.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Things to Bring on Holiday Camp

Holidays are here again and that means our camp meeting is near again. We’re going to a far provincial place that’s why as early as now I’m making some lists of what we’re going to need on those days. We reserved one of villa’s conference halls for four days and we’re all excited about it. Our camp meeting is our semi-yearly fellowship service held at far away quiet places where we usually put up our tents and have bonfire over cold nights. We have our service schedule for old and young alike. The children have their own group which we called Sunday school and to avoid disturbance in our service they were taught and guided by youth assigned for them.

Well back to my list which is quite long I think. I should check for all our clothes and DH shoes which I got from recommended men's classic shoes. I don’t want to rush buying it so I ask my friend’s advice. DH will certainly use it for our service whether he’s an emcee, exhorter or preacher. As the villa resort has a vast area for recreational activities we can have some sports for the kids in the morning to warm them up before fellowship activities and for us all we can have some walking and running early morning. I also got one pair of mens running shoes in hand for DH just in case he wants to use it. Now aside from these I’ve got to bring food, utensils, essentials and sleeping items to complete my list.


Friday, November 27, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #52


Click the image to see larger view

We were traveling along Bagumbayan near Eastwood to shorten our way from our place to our church when I shot this one. It's early in the morning but the clouds looks quite dark already, actually between good and bad weather. Just love the effect of these clouds atop a townhouse/condo units, looks very perfect there not minding the busy street below. That's the nice part of sky shots you can ignore the scene below and just concentrate on the upper level.

Happy sky watching!Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Skin Care Products as Holiday Gifts

It’s only few weeks before the holidays and I’m finalizing my list for holiday gifts, well not many this time as I’ve resigned from my work though I plan to visit them one of these days and give gifts to some of my close friends. Anyway my schedule is so hectic these days and I’m wondering why because I’m just working at home. I didn’t expected it to be this way well I guess working at home is really busier than working in an office as you’ll get to see all the household chores and school activities wherein if I’m at the office I only attend to household matters in the morning and night.

Still I love my present situation now working in the comforts of my home where I can earn more than my previous salary and attend to my family’s needs at the same time. When I was still working outside my home I sometimes neglect some skin care essentials for myself, I’m just lucky that my skin is not so sensitive that it doesn’t needs too much maintenance except for the basics.

Now I can attend to my personal needs now like caring for my skin as it gets dry during this cold season. Women my age should use the right skin care treatment like moisturizers to bring back the softness and glow we had in our younger days. It’s actually an essential part of caring for ourselves because you’ll look older than your age if you neglect your skin. You know we’re not getting any younger and we’re not like the teenagers who only worry about getting acne treatments when they have pimples or acne. Despite being prone to getting pimples young girls have beautiful and soft skin, the gift of being young I think.

Back to my gift list for the holidays I’ve seen some nice selections at some of the sites I saw in Shopwiki and I want some really nice gift to my female friends, something that will pamper their hair and skin. Women care a lot about how their hair looks and how soft their skin so I’m eyeing some organic products for them so they can care for their hair, body and skin without fear of allergy and irritation. Well I should pick some not-so expensive products and I’ve seen Shopwiki has the widest selection of stores where you can choose your specific shopping requirements. I’m glad that I discovered online shopping years ago because I can shop for my family and my gift needs conveniently in my home even if I have very hectic schedule. It makes shopping easy for me and thanks to Shopwiki for making various stores available to shoppers.


Friday Fill-Ins# 152 we go!


1. Wait! Wait, don't forget to drink your vitamins first.
2. Instructions of teachers followed at once by students.
3. The trouble is when you're not contented with what you have and you always envy your neighbours' things.
4. My friend is waiting for her husband's vacation who works many miles away.
5. With a faint pop she screams at my surprise, she's a nervous young lady.
6. The clouds in the sky looks shadowy and ominous.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending my time with Josh as he's sick and he wants to be by my side all the time, tomorrow my plans include supervising my fence project which will be finished tomorrow and Sunday, I want to relax and just think of our fellowship service!

See more answers at Friday Fill-ins.


Busy With School Assignments

My kids are so busy with school and sometimes I think their activities are too much for them. Imagine they wake up at dawn, go to school early in the morning and reached home late afternoon. Then with no time left for other things they still have research work and projects to do. I’m glad that I’m here for them now unlike the past years that I’m working in an office and gets home around seven to eight in the evening. I was always in a hurry then especially if they have assignments and projects to do that needs my assistance.

Now I can help with their online research earlier so we’ll have more time with our dinner and some conversations. Yesterday they asked me to pick one card in their few selection of holiday cards they have from school and asked me to explain why I want that card. Then one by one they also choose their favorite card design. Well I forgot to ask them why we did that. I don’t think it’s one of their assignments.


He's Sick!

Can’t concentrate much on what I’m writing because Josh is sick today. He has no cold, no coughs but he has a fever. Despite of his fever he still asks me to let him go to school because Friday is his favorite school day and maybe that’s the reason why he really wants to go to school. Friday is their writing day and the teachers let them play a bit also.

Every Friday they brought along one toy and their teachers let their chairs form in a circle and they learn and play. Now that they’re in their preparatory level their playtime is limited unlike in their nursery and kinder days. Anyway I told Josh that I will worry for him if he goes to school because he’ll be tired and his fever might worsen. I told him to be just near Mommy and I’ll teach him their lesson. Well of course now that he’s not well enough I will not allow him to do any school work. I’m glad that he’s sleeping soundly now. I’ll rest early from my PC and blogging also.


Zenni’s Holiday Eyeglasses

I want something new this coming holidays but I want to spend my money wisely on something that I really need everyday. Since I wear eyeglasses since college I’m used to wearing glasses than contact lens. I’m very comfortable with it and I just buy nice eyeglasses so I will not look older than my age. People say that wearing eyeglasses add some years on your age. This isn’t true as you only have to choose stylish eyeglasses like Holiday Fun Eyeglasses and you’ll look good and young.

With the wide selection Zenni has in their $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses there’s no problem in choosing the kind of style perfect for your face. You don’t have to worry also of the price because it’s very affordable. Now with the New Arrivals that I saw online I think I know what I want for myself. I’m going to buy myself a pair of Zenni’s eyeglasses as I’ve picked pretty and stylish eyeglasses when I browsed at their selections. I’m confident that I’ll be getting not only stylish prescription eyeglasses but a quality one also. All these for very affordable price.


What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Say About You?

You Are Flexible and Easy Going
You're the type of person who can get along with anyone. Like mashed potatoes, you mesh well with stronger personalities.
In fact, you tend to prefer to hang with those who steal the spotlight. You were never looking for the spotlight anyway.

You are appreciative of every thing you have in life, and you don't take much for granted. You enjoy life's small comforts.
You are never picky, and you pride yourself on being low maintenance. You can always make the best of a bad time.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

When Kids Get Older

I was having some inventory of my kids’ shoes, toys and clothes and found some really nice ones that I can give to some of my churchmates’ kids which are a lot younger. I always give my daughters’ Sunday dress to those who want to have them for their Sunday fellowship clothes. The clothes don’t look old because my daughters seldom wear them. I’ve collected many of these dresses when my two girls were still young and I’m the one who choose what they’re going to wear.

Now that they’re older they have their own preference and style with their clothes, shoes and bags. When I shop for their clothes and things I prefer to bring them with me then I let them choose what they want but subject to my approval. Because my eldest is really getting bigger we almost have the same size of shoes and when I buy something that she wants she would ask me if she can have it. I’ll then buy another for me; kids are really like that most of the times. When I browse online for some of the things I want she’ll also view some of the finds I get like those Naot shoes we saw yesterday. She’s pointing one pair that she wants. I can say now that online shopping can also be a bonding for Mom and daughters.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

:WW - Dino Fossils Bulldog Tarpoon

Click images to get larger view!

This is a presentation of Bioresearch of Dino Fossils of Bulldog Tarpoon. Well just an imitation but for kids they love it especially Josh who loves watching Dinosaur movies. He has collections of Dino movies and he smiled sheepishly when he saw the fossils feeling like he saw a real Dino :-)

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Camp Meeting Vehicle

We’re running out of time regarding our car which should be repaired before our camp meeting next month. Because of the high demand of mechanics here in our place our schedule with my cousin’s mechanic was cancelled. He told us he can’t repair the car anymore as he’s fully booked until December. Now that left us with no choice but to bring it to mechanic shop.

As for our long travel next month we will just use my brother’s other car which is actually much bigger and just right for our baggage. It can accommodate up to seven passengers and one driver with a spacious area for all our things. As this car was bought two months ago I’m not sure of its insurance status. Anyway I’ll only check some insurance quotes for it to be ready if ever its insurance is due for renewal. We wouldn’t want to travel without the car being insured.


My Cute Visitor

Whew! Got a cutie visitor today – my niece daughter 1 month old baby Sofia fondly called as IYA. Her Mom entrusted her to us for more than 2 hours before her checkup with her doctor. She has two grannies to look after her my Mom and my Auntie but when she cries she only stop when it’s me who will carry her, funny baby! My Mom told the others that nobody can make me get off my chair from blogging but when Iya cries I stand up as fast as I can and embrace her. She doesn’t want anyone to carry her but me. Oh dear with all my due tasks today I’m lucky that I finished more than half of it before Iya made it obvious that she only wants me to cuddle her. Anyway it’s worth it as she’s so cute, soft and smells like milk hmm. I can still smell her on my shirt. Lovely!


I Just Love Fountains!

I’m very fond of looking at different types of fountains. I can spend a whole day of just gazing through it while having some books on the side. When we travel we usually stop or slow down our car when we pass by beautiful fountains. My kids love it too!

When Josh and I went to an amusement park in their educational tour I stayed some time around the fountain and took some beautiful shots of it for my photo stocks. With the huge fountain they have I wonder what kind of pond pumps they used to power it. I hope they’re easy to maintain because if not their fountains wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is! Hmm I just love fountains, makes me dreamy in a way!


10 Things I Am Thankful For

In no particular order…

1. Three Angels in my life (Ruth, Gen and Josh)
2. Loving and understanding husband
3. My wonderful Mom and supportive sister and brother
4. Sweet memories of my father (he died 12 years ago)
5. For having God in my life, He who guides me and family whenever, wherever
6. Friends, Brethren in our church especially our dear Pastor Ed
7. For my online blogging job who helps my hubby in supporting our financial needs
8. For the life that God has given me
9. For the simple things in life that makes me happy.
10. For internet connection that makes my online tasks possible

I have more things to be thankful for because I feel blessed!


Feeling Healthy

I feel much better now with my health as I don’t feel so heavy with my weight. I can do some exercises in the morning and I don’t feel anything wrong with breathing. You see last month I always had chills in the night and sometimes I feel something in my chest. I figured that the chills have something to do with work overtime and daily stress on fitting into my time schedule and the chest pain came from being overweight. It’s in my body system that I reached a certain level of excess weight I feel something in my chest but when I lose some pounds I feel normal again.

Maybe I wasn’t really meant for obesity so I should watch my weight from now on or I’ll be sick again. I’m glad that now I don’t have to take appetite suppressant because I can just eat half a cup of rice and vegetable and I’m satisfied. I disciplined myself to stay away from too much fat and carbo intake because it’s really a hazard on health.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pushcart Educator Won the CNN Hero of the Year

I was so happy last Sunday night when I heard and watched the news announcing the CNN Hero of the Year. I voted for our very own Efren PeƱaflorida, the pushcart educator from the Philippines and I have posted it in my other blog for anyone who wants to cast their vote on any of the top ten CC heroes. I admired his advocate for educating the less fortunate children on the streets and slums which have robbed of precious education because of poverty.

My very own Mom was a retired teacher and she shares the same passion of educating the non-reader children neighbours in our place. For me it’s one of the best awards given to individuals. Now that Efren PeƱaflorida won there’s a great hope that this project of Efren will flourish into more fruitful endeavors. Please see this touching speech of Efren from CNN.


Bro’s New Car

Recently my brother bought a car and he’s been taking good care of it. He has another car which is a lot expensive than the new one but he decided to sell it and just keep the new one which is more flexible for his lifestyle. He’s a contractor and he finds it very useful to have a much bigger car than the one he’s using previously. Anyway before he sells his previous car he checked the insurance quote given to him by his friend because his car’s insurance will lapse in a month. He wouldn’t want the would-be buyer to have the car without insurance. He wants everything in order before he finally endorses it to the new owner.


I'm the Dynamic One

You Are the Dynamic One in Your Family

Family members who haven't seen you in a while may joke that they hardly recognize you. And it's true that you change a lot.
You are very bright and quick-witted. You have to keep moving and keep learning to satisfy all your curiosities.

While your life travels and studies may take you far away from your family, you're always close to them in your heart.
And of all your family members, you're the most interested in family history and genealogy. You want to learn as much about your family as possible.


Coupon Codes for Free

For us who love shopping but don’t want to spend much money on the not-so-basic necessities in our house we always look for big sale, best deals and discounts. Having discounts saves us money and it feels good to get a good bargain especially when you really want the item for your family. It’s better if you will find coupon codes to use as discounts for the things you want to buy online.

I was looking at Babies R Us for baby things and accessories on sale and I found some babies r us coupon codes, discounts, offers and special deals for free. I’ll have to buy something for the babies here in our compound and I’m glad to find some good deals. Just have to take advantage of those free coupons to make the most of my money.


Gen's Dental Checkup

Gen had her dental checkup for the last two Saturdays but still her tooth was not extracted as I asked her dentist to check if we can still save it. She had general dental cleaning with fluoride and has already finished all the light cure fillins she needed. When we came back after a week to see if we can save her tooth her dentist informed us that it can’t be restored as it didn’t reacted to the prescribed antibacterial.

Since Gen has a slight cough on that day we rescheduled her extraction appointment as she needs to be in good condition when her tooth will be extracted. It’s going to be her first time so the dentist thought that we should prepare Gen for it. Anyway she was told that she has very nice and healthy set of teeth and since it’s permanent already she should take good care of it.


All-Inclusive Vacation at Breezes Resort

Everyone loves vacation because it’s a time of relaxation and getting away from all the stress, pressures and daily routines of life. Once in a while we should give ourselves a break from the everyday chores of life to keep us in good condition physically and emotionally. All work and no vacation make a tired body so we should put importance on giving rest to our weary mind and body. I myself hadn’t had a vacation for years now, well if you will not count the three day fellowship in Tagaytay City twice a year. Actually for me that will count as we enjoy being there away from the bustling city of urban areas. Even though we spent camp meeting there we were relaxed and rested. It’s like recharging our mind and body for the coming challenges of life.

It would be more relaxing if we really spent some days or weeks off our routine work and booked an all inclusive resort just for our family vacation. I know Breezes Resort offers everything from comfortable accommodations to beach resorts up to fine dining and sports activities. I learned this from my SIL who loves going to a vacation by the beach and just recently planning to have a vacation where she and her family can enjoy entertainment, fine dining, some water sports and comfortable accommodations somewhere in the blue waters and rich landscapes of Caribbean resorts. She’s been working so hard that a month of relaxation in a beautiful beach resort can really do her good. She saved some money for it and she want to spend it wisely.

I would really love to do that also and spend my vacation in the old-fashioned Jamaica Island. I want my vacation to be different this time with not just the beautiful beach resort and scenic view but I would also love the Jamaica all inclusive vacations where they offer delicious cuisine which is good for those who love to taste different menus of different places. For sporty person like me I know I can indulge on several sports there. It’s nice to spend early morning by the beach just before the sun shines and feel the breeze of wind on my air. Oh my I’m getting the feel of the vacation already! Now you can imagine how good to have a Breezes Resort vacation and when you want it for yourself just visit their site and booked your all inclusive package.


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