Thursday, March 7, 2013

The George Nelson Pendant Range

The George Nelson pendant range is an iconic collection of designs that hark back to American modernism. Designed in 1947 for Howard Miller, Nelson’s architectural background helped him create the simple sculptural lamps from self-webbing plastic and a steel wire frame.

The bubble-like product was at once outer-worldly and evocative of ancient Chinese paper lanterns – an appropriate symbol of the tussle between modernity and traditionalism in the 1950s. They were discontinued in 1979, but reissued by Modernica in the 1990s. Modernica were faithful to Nelson’s original designs, instead taking creative license to name the various shapes. The ball, the cigar and the saucer—as we now know them—have since remained a modern classic. They are part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, but are just as popular in homes worldwide.

The bubble lamps diffuse a cosy, glare-free yet abundant light, and their elegant simplicity looks striking in any interior space. Pendants are becoming increasingly popular in interior design, and a George Nelson bubble lamp can be easily incorporated into your home. Their versatility means they look great mounted alone or in multiples, or suspended at staggered heights for a dramatic effect.  The neutral shade complements any colour scheme and also means they won’t look dated in a few years. Nor will you have to change your light features if you decide to redecorate. They are fun, but not limiting.

Adding a George Nelson bubble lamp can really tie together a design scheme. There are many cheap imitations on the market however, so look to an authentic dealer such as Geoffrey Harris to buy yours. Consider the cigar shape for a small room, or group together a few to create your own streamlined chandelier. The regal cigar offsets a vintage style living area perfectly, as does the classic saucer shape. Alternatively, mount a ball lamp for a more contemporary feel. Remember to not feel restricted however—these pendants work equally well in the kitchen or dining room as they do the bedroom or the hallway.  Experiment with different shapes, different sizes and different heights to find your own personal way to introduce a piece of modern art into your home.


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