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Good Additions to Your Stamp Collection

Some people get so much satisfaction when they collect something that they want and of great value to them. Each of us has preferences for things that we love and some find it so fulfilling to collect memorabilia of those things they love to have. I also have penchant for some of my favorite things like stationeries, old coins and stamps. Yes I love to collect these things which I like looking in varieties of designs and colors. I love writing friends and relatives thus I was able to collect stamps not just locally but international as well mostly coming from my god mothers from US and Spain. My stamps and stationeries go together as I used the latter in writing letters to my loved ones who lives miles away from me. 

Well as I grew through the years I became busy and found no time to continue with my collection hobby and stopped collecting some of them. Now I only have some international mail stamps and the old coins which I continued collecting up to now. Collecting things like these seem to give you a certain satisfaction that’s hard to explain unless you experience it also. Now that I miss collecting stamps I would love to continue it again but find it hard now as most communications are online and I seldom receive letters through snail mail. 

Great that now there’s a way for me and for other hobbyists to continue with their stamp collection with the help of other collectors who have stocks that they can sell to others. Find a large selection of US commemorative stamps at and get to see inexpensive stamps and rarities, modern and classics, postal history and a lot more. With the collection that they have you’re sure to find one or two that will satisfy your collection needs. Items have a return warranty within 14 days for any reason you may have.


Home Decors- Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

Do you love wind chimes? I do and I'm very fond of collecting them.  I have some as souvenirs from friends and I keep them all no matter how old the chimes are.  My favorite is the chimes from Cebu made of various colors of capiz materials shaped into variety of fishes.  Another is made of steel with love birds on top which chimes so beautifully especially when there's breeze.

Well all of my chimes were bought from certain places and not one of them were home made.  Now I just happened to pass by this concept of using bottle caps as wind chimes.  I find so nice as it's not only functional and unique but inexpensive as well.  You don't need a lot of money to do it.  One must only need patience and style and wind chimes will be on it's way.  So creative!


Interesting Facts About Latex

For those who are not familiar with latex mattresses, even for those who are, there might be some facts that will surprise you. The first word that comes to mind when you hear latex or rubber is hard, but latex mattresses are like memory foam in their softness.

How Latex Mattresses are Made

Latex mattresses are made using all natural materials. The liquid used to create the mattress is derived from rubber trees. In the same way that maple syrup is tapped from Maple trees, rubber is tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.

There are two types of latex mattress. The first has been around for decades. The Dunlop method was developed in the 20s. Latex is added to a mould and whipped causing air bubbles. The mould is baked to preserve those pockets of air inside the mattress. The Talalay process added an extra step to the manufacturing. The mould is frozen to make sure that the bubbles are more uniform. This method allows more air pockets to be distributed evenly throughout the mould. The second method is higher priced but the mattresses are more durable and softer than the first method. The mattresses have more breath-ability too.

Benefits to the Sleeper

Sleeping on a latex mattress provides benefits to sleep patterns and breathing. During the summer months, it can be difficult to get comfortable while sleeping. Memory foam mattresses don't allow the sleeper's skin to breathe. They get hot and uncomfortable, which causes them to wake during the night. Latex mattresses have natural breathable air pockets that keep the sleeper cool.

The latex mattress naturally aligns the spine and reduce pressure points in the body. Unlike memory foam, there is no sinking or deep depressions in the mattress.

Benefits to the Environment

There are natural benefits to the environment when using a latex mattress. Most used mattresses end up in landfills. The latex mattress lasts between 25 and 30 years, and it can be recycled to be used in other products when it has reached the end of its life.

Not only are there benefits to the overall environment of the Earth, there are environmental benefits to the homeowner. The air surrounding the sleeper is not filled with chemicals that are usually present with coil mattresses. Latex is hypoallergenic. It's resistant to mould and mildews. This is important for people who have severe allergies. It is resistant to dust mites, which can be the cause of most allergic or asthmatic reactions.

Latex Allergies

Most people with latex allergies assume that they won't be able to use a latex mattress. In most latex allergies, people are allergic to the chemicals and proteins used in latex processing. Turning liquid tapped from the rubber tree into latex gloves or latex materials can require the use of chemicals. Latex mattresses are washed thoroughly and use no chemicals, so people with latex allergies might find that they will not have a problem with latex mattresses.


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