Friday, April 30, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #74


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This is my shot of the University of Rizal System Morong Campus where I accompanied my friend in taking university entrance examination. I need to use my two-hour idle time so I walk around the campus and took some sky shots for this meme. I also observed that the campus is very wide that it can still accommodate more campus buildings in the future.

It's just unfortunate that Morong is very far from us that studying here is not feasible enough for me, for my kids I mean in the future. It's a one-hour travel without traffic but it's tiring enough for students. It's only possible if the student will stay in boarding house. Anyway I gather from the waiting Moms there that they provide quality education here and with just a small amount of tuition fees. That's good news!

Note: I wasn't able to put my copyright due to some problem in my software but this is an original shot from me.

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House Improvement Plans

I’m thinking of another house project that we’ll start after the enrollment of our kids to improve some areas in our house. I was quite satisfied with the projects that we had in the past few month starting from the renovation of our bathroom where we bought nice bathroom accessories, lavatory, toilets like the Kohler toilets I’ve seen online, soap and tissue holders, shower heads, faucets and plumbing fixtures. We also had our fence and garden area fixed and built and some other areas in the house.

I was thinking of pushing through our plans of converting our first floor room into a TV or family room. Then I will renovate the master’s bedroom in the second floor. It was used only as a storage room since we have enough rooms for us all. Now that the kids are growing up I’d like a wider space in our ground floor to accommodate their friends and classmates on some occasions. It can also be useful for their group study and group projects. I would want them to do those projects in our house than in their classmates’ place.


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