Monday, September 7, 2009

My Essentials Outside Home

Now that I’m working at home every time I went to somewhere else besides the church I always bring a smaller bag than what I used to bring when I’m going to office. I have this camera bag I bought last year together with digicam and that bag has became my favorite now as I can carry my most precious essentials without looking so bulky. I can fit all small things I always carry aside from my digicam and that includes my mobile phone, digicam, purse, pens, small notepad, extra memory card, extra batteries and two Promotional usb drive which were given to me by our telco partner last Christmas. I just love these basic essentials always on my bag so with everything I have wherever I go I can take a shot and blog anywhere I want.


Unconscious Mutterings - Week#345

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Abusive :: drug users/addict
  2. Psychotic :: mind sickness
  3. Parents :: protector/adviser, who loves us without anything in return
  4. Yell :: shout, cheers
  5. Amulet :: talisman, necklace
  6. Sandstorm :: desert storm, dangerous
  7. Amusement :: something that entertains, it could be a park or game station
  8. Imitation :: fake, cheaper than original
  9. Baby :: infant
  10. Rainbows :: 7 beautiful colors
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