Friday, May 14, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #76: Robinsons' Clubhouse


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It's Friday once again and what I have for this week is my shot of the sky from the Robinson's Homes subdivision view. We attended our dear Iya's christening and after the hustles and bustles of the occasion we went to the village' clubhouse and my kids and niece plunged in. It was the village swimming pool and we only paid a small amount for this as we have a homeowner with us none other than Lister, DH of my niece Heidi.

It was a planned swimming actualy as my kids had me packed swimming clothes one day before the occasion. Kuya Lister as they called him promised them that he will accompany them to their clubhouse. As there were still some visitors in the house I told Lister to go back to the house and I'll take care of everything. I didn't swim so I can monitor my kids full time no other things in mind and as I sit on the bench overlooking my kids 3 meters away from me I took the chance to sky watch and took some beautiful shots. We enjoyed the day and my kids were so happy and contented.

Happy sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Finding the Right Man to be Engaged with

Finding your Mr. Right is not that easy because it takes some careful thinking if the one you’re dating and giving attention is the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. You can’t tell immediately if the one you’re in love with is really the one that’s destined to be your husband. I myself asked for signs from God if the one I’m in love with is the one that’s right for me until the
end. I was really decided that whoever I chose to be my boyfriend will also be my husband. God showed me the signs I was asking for and now I’m happily married with my husband for 14 years. It was a blissful 14 years of being together and still in love up to now. It was a blessing given from above and I couldn’t ask for more.

Remembering those times of friendship, courtship and marriage was all happy thoughts. I know that almost all married couples passed these stages and experience the excitement of getting engaged and choosing the best engagement rings to seal their love and vow to each other. It’s the nearest thing to getting married and actually the last step to decide if you really want to be with each other forever. Well for ordinary people like us we had our own simple yet elegant designs that we love.

For those couples who can afford the best engagement rings they chose diamonds because as they say ‘diamonds are forever’ like the love and relationship it seals upon. We all want our love to last forever didn’t we? Like the diamond solitaires that we long to have when we get married. Just as the ring remains classic and forever strong we want our love to stay that way too.

Sometimes we encounter difficult situation and circumstances that test the love we’ve professed to our loved one. Remember that Mr. Right is not Mr. Perfect. Thus prayers should be with your relationship to guide and keep you together. God should be the center of every relationship to make it stronger and to last forever.


Our Own Summer Class

Learning is infectious! Now that Ruth is having her summer advance classes for advance English and Math my second child is planning a scheduled summer review this coming week. She asked me to review with her their grade five lessons everyday for a specific time in the afternoon. She wants to start energetic this coming school year because she’s going to graduate soon. She’ll be aiming for an honor again and she knows that it will take her lots of perseverance, hard work, time, discipline and many other things to achieve her goal. I told Gen that everything can be achieved through prayers and hard work.


Helpful Healthy Facts

My Mom has been afflicted with coughs and colds but after having two days of medicines she announced that she’s fine and will just eat fruits to recover her health. She’s really like that when she gets sick she didn’t want to depend too much on medicines for getting well. Even on her most painful arthritis she prefers having ointments than drinking medicine. Well some of my friends told me that it’s dangerous sometimes to drink too much pain reliever but I’m also advising my Mom to take some treatment options if the pain is severe.

I’ve been reading some Health Facts and I learned some really helpful tips and theories. We need our joints to be healthy always because we can’t move if we’re suffering from joint pains. Every time I see my Mom having difficulty in standing and walking I’m thinking of a good joint pain relief or supplement that can improve her mobility. I also want some medicines to rehabilitate her damage cartilages and have her painful joints repaired.

Health Facts For You has been a great help in giving helpful information on rheumatoid arthritis. I learned about the importance of having healthy joints and the possible remedies to reduce the pain and possibly repair it. Now I’m looking forward to seeing my Mom improve her mobility so we can bring her anywhere with us whenever we want to have picnic, travel or shopping at the mall. We’d love to have her around with us always.


Advance Classes

I was late in fetching Ruth from her school because I have to check the cheap car insurance for my brother’s pickup car. He needs to have some discounts because he’s saving his money for his four schooling children. His eldest will enter college and he’ll be studying in Mapua where a different kind of semestral period is being practiced. Well they have four semesters in a year and my nephew will be spending a lot in a year so my brother is getting wiser in his finances.

Anyway I find Ruth resting under the tree and wasn’t in any way bored. She smiled when she saw me and I ran over her lessons. The past two weeks was a refresher course for them but I learned from her that next week they will start having advance classes in English and Algebra. That’s what I’m aiming for when I enrolled her. I wanted her to spend some of her summer vacation off the cable TV and internet. Kids tend to forget some of the past lessons during summer vacation so summer classes proved to be a better way of refreshing the child’s intellect. That way she’ll be ready for her first year in high school with confidence.

She loves the attention given to her by the class and her teacher because she’s the top scorer most of the times. She promised me that she’ll be more attentive, perseverant and active this coming school year. I trust and believe her and I pray that God will always guide her in all her activities.


Missing Them

It’s super hot again these days and I’m missing the drizzles of last week. If there’s one thing that I miss when I was still working in office was the air conditioned rooms lol! Of course I also miss some of my officemates whom I became very close. Actually few months back when I had just two weeks to leave my work I began thinking that I’m going to miss eating and chatting with them. I eat with Win and Joe (the two managers there) because we eat late before 1pm.

I missed sharing God’s blessings and wonderful things God has done in our lives with my dear friend Win and the techy chatting with the ever helpful Joe who never seem to run out of answers to our problems with computers. Of course I also missed the girls there especially Jen, Yzette and Florence whom I feel like I’m their elder sister. I often frequent our sister company where I came from before I was transferred to Telecoms and I have some old and new friends there whom I missed talking to.

I sometimes smiled when I looked back at how I was greeted with office problems even before I reached my office. I was the problem solver, peace maker and often the catcher of my boss’ rants lol! It was a hard job doing multi-tasking and taking responsibilities in most of the departments. But when I looked back now I realized that all of my experiences there were like a book that I can open anytime when I want to relish memories of my working life with boss, colleagues and friends that I’ve grown to like and love.


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