Friday, August 28, 2015

Good Sound System and Accessories for Special Occasions

My eldest daughter just had her debut last week and we’ve done all preparations of her special day in more than a month only so we were all tired. We decided to celebrate Ruth’s debut in our own house so we redesigned and renovated the old house to make it presentable for the occasion. Since we’re expecting 150 guests we maximized all possible spaces that can seat the number of guests expected for the day. On the day before debut we managed to set up everything from decors to chairs, tables, buffet table, flowers and a lot more. Of course sound system wouldn’t be missed as my daughter’s slideshow and videos should be clearly seen and heard by the guests. 

We had a problem with a jack that connects laptop to the sound system and was saved by my best friend’s brother who perfectly matched what we’re looking for that day. We’ve gone to popular shops but we failed finding the right cable and my friend just volunteered her brother’s shop. It pays a lot when you have good sound system as the occasion relies heavily on that especially on the speeches, songs and wishes for the debutante. It’s good to have shops and sites that cater to these needs. So next we would need a specific jack, cable, accessories like p2r and other musical accessories I should browse online ahead of time to minimize stress in special occasions like my daughter’s debut.


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