Friday, April 3, 2009

Month-Long Recovery Period

After my Mom’s operation there are lots of do’s and don’ts doctor told us about. We have to drop three kinds of medicine for different purposes. The schedule of the drops needs a full-time attention as one drop is every one hour; the others are every 3 hours. I’ve made a list of the hours for me to forget the scheduled hours and set the timer also on my mobile phone.

My mom will not be left to take a bath by herself as it’s too risky, her glasses must be clean at all times and her eyes may be cleaned only by cotton buds dipped in sterilized water. She must not be allowed to droop and lastly she must eat healthy foods like fruits, veggies and fish. That’s not a problem as she’s a health-conscious woman. It’s good that I go to office once a week only and on that one day Redge will be absent from her office. With this all in hand we’ll make it until she passed the 30 days critical period of the post operation recovery. God will not forsake us I know.


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