Saturday, July 23, 2011

Integration for Incoming Students

My daughters have celebrated their integration day in school where freshmen were introduced and welcomed by their school mates. Each section will be divided into two and will be combined with other students of senior years so they would know some other students beside their classmates. It’s also aimed at making the students of the school be familiar and friends with other class and elder students. It was actually an exciting day for them where the three senior years from second year to fourth year will bring their food for the freshmen that they would welcome in their room. There will be competitions to deal with, awards to vie for, and activities to thrill them and finally a surprise for the incoming students. 

Before the integration day they gave black shirts to their teachers for t-shirt printing where the logo designs would be on their shirt something like the blac label clothing for men where there are logo design prints also on the shirt being sold. Anyway the result of the printed shirt was cute and it looks good on my daughter. The other years wore specific color for each year level so they would distinguish easily the year level of the student just by their shirt. The day went good for my daughters and told me their activities when I reached home. My eldest excitedly told me that the


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