Friday, May 28, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #78 - Over at Marabella Resort

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This is one of the shots I have of sunset over the top of Marabella Resort in Antipolo, Rizal. I've been there to attend my niece wedding and it was celebrated just in time when the sun sets in the afternoon. I love capturing sunset and it's not everyday that I'm on top of the hill like this one. I love sunset and whenever I see good angle I took pictures just to remember the glorious beauty of God's creation. Btw can you imagine the figure on the clouds here?

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Quick Cash for Your Immediate Needs

It’s payday again tomorrow and I know that every payday also brings about expenses and monthly bills to pay for. If you’re the type who plans every incoming expenses and pay for it on due dates you is lucky enough because not all can do that. Sometimes your pay check is not enough to cover your bills and incoming expenses but if you borrow money from the bank it will take a long time to process your loan. So take some options that will guarantee fast and easy processing like payday advance which answers your immediate need for cash and saves you from emergency cash problems. This loan can really work out for your emergency needs and payable in short period also.

Anyway it’s really for fast, easy and quick approval loan so it’s a great help for those who didn’t have the time to wait long for their loans to be approved. And if you’re just borrowing a small amount you will not have to suffer from long processed loans. You also wouldn’t have to think about big interest on this. This is actually a less stressful option for your immediate need for cash.


Looking for Healthy Supplements

There are many products that I want to try using when I’m looking for healthy supplement medicines that I want for my Mom. I was actually looking for a supplement to strengthen her bones and limbs so I browsed and read some supplement reviews so I can have an idea of the veracity of the promo for different supplements in the market. Believe me there are many out there in the market and they’re all offering the best according to them. But actually that’s only for their marketing strategy. The consumer should know the contents and the quality of the medicines before taking it. Better still consult your family doctor first so you’ll be safe and assured that it can be good on you.


Ruth’s Summer Refresher Course

My daughter will finish her Summer Refresher Course today. It’s an advance class for her in English and Math. I’ve enrolled her in the class for her to gain confidence in speaking and to be able to review her previous knowledge in the two important subjects in education – English and Math. For me it’s the two main important subjects they need to excel in facing challenges in learning.
It’s been discussed in our house at the start of her enrollment if we will enroll her or not and I’m glad that hubby agreed with us that it will do well for Ruth to spend part of her summer vacation in a refresher course. She’s also happy and enthusiastic about it. Now she’s ready to face another level of learning this school opening as high school Freshman and really challenging for her as she’s included in the pilot section.


Regaining Your Good Credit Name

I have experienced having more than one credit cards and I can say that it’s very tempting to buy for the things that you want. Sometimes you tend to buy for the things that you don’t really need but you desire in your heart. That’s not good for a wise financing as it can lead you to big credit card debts. Actually credit cards can be a great help in us especially if we’re smart in using it. You can use it on your groceries, purchase of furniture, acquiring gadgets and many more but the thing is you must pay it on the date assigned.

There are installment payments available in one year like what I did in my laptop or you can pay it in full. This way you will not be charged even a single interest. But the moment that you take your purchase as credit and pay only the minimum amount due every billing period you can find yourself in big card debt you will find yourself in big trouble. If you’re in this hard situation there are options which you can do to regain your good credit standing and that’s applying for credit card debt settlement which offers a less stressful option. They will help you settle your bills and debt for less than your actual debts and give you a monthly due that’s affordable to your budget. This is quite a great relief to your credit card debt burden and soon you’ll be debt-free again.


Play Golf and Design Houses

I used to be very athletic when I was in school but now due to busy schedule I can’t delegate some of my time to going back to some of my sports. My weight suffers from this neglect of sports as the former slim body became bigger now. I’m just thankful that despite my increased weight I can still walk easily and with agility for 2-3 kilometers. I used to play volleyball, table tennis, badminton, softball and bowling. I also join walkathon and marathon. Now I can only exert my energy to my household chores lol!

Well I promised myself that some of these coming days I will return on one of the sports I used to play. I don’t play golf but I have used golf balls here with me as some remembrance from my friend in my first job. I’m keeping it for my son because he wants to play golf. He’s doing it on online games, in the games of my mobile phone and on his golf set toys. I don’t know someday if he’ll continue with his golf liking because now he’s into designing houses. He told me he wants to be an architect someday. Dreams are not for adults only because little kids dreams a lot too, don’t you think so?


Help in Paying for Your Kids’ School Fees

School season is coming in two weeks time and I’m glad we’re finished with enrolling our kids. It takes quite some finances to pay for their tuition fees, uniforms, books and other miscellaneous fees. Hubby and I had it planned already as early as the start of this year so we were able to schedule our expense priorities monthly. I had all school expenses paid for and bought all their school things, bags and shoes in the middle of this month. I’ve chosen quarterly payments as its more convenient for me; anyway it’s just a matter of few hundred differences if you pay in full payment cash so I opted for that payment mode.

For others who have no savings or not prepared for the big school expenses you can apply for payday advance which can help in paying for your kids’ tuition fees. It’s easy and quick so you’ll have no worries that you’ll not make it to the enrollment deadline. It’s more convenient than having your loan on other means such as high-interest loan companies or banks. This way you can be assured that your kids will be ready for this coming school year. Now you can spend some of your money on buying other school necessities. I'm sure all our kids are excited now!


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