Monday, August 31, 2009

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It’s been some years now since the public has been aware by commercials and health bureau about the wonder of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are found in cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon and mackerel. There are other sources of Omega-3 like some seeds and plant-based oils. It was researched and studied that our body should have a daily supply of omega 3 in order to prevent sickness such as heart disease, inflammatory disorders and many others. Though we really must get all vitamins in a natural way sometimes we need supplements to ensure daily supply of these wonderful fatty acids.

If it’s true that it’s good for our physical and emotional health then we must start on with getting our Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids supplement. There are many suppliers of Omega 3 fatty acids but we must be careful with getting these supplements as not all of this kind that we buy on drug stores is certified supplemental to our fatty acid requirements. We need a real highly purified omega-3 supplement like Omax to ensure us of the benefits we can get from having these fatty acid supplements. Omax offers a fresh, 91% pure fish oils with high potency and optimal balance of 4:1 ratio of EPA and DHA that will help us restore our body’s natural balance. Need not worry about the price as its competitive enough to compare with other fish oil products. You can visit their site for more informative details on Omax.


Unconscious Mutterings - Week#344

It's unconscious mutterings again and look at what we have here this week:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Spinning :: wheel
  2. Impasse :: standstill
  3. Gravy :: perfect for fried chicken
  4. You are :: friendly
  5. September :: start of the holiday season
  6. Divulge :: disclose
  7. Training :: on the job
  8. Crap! :: stick
  9. Results :: output
  10. Shutting down :: logging off
You can join us at Unconscious Mutterings


Smart Spending With Zenni

I love searching for nice eyeglasses and I’m doing it for several years now because I prefer eyeglasses than contact lenses, I’m more comfortable with them. I’ve been wearing eyeglasses right after my secondary school and I came to love looking for fashionable ones. During those days I had to spend a sizeable amount just to have My favorite high fashion eyeglasses because prescription eye wear was expensive then.

Now I’m glad that I can share my finds to my friends and will be able to advise them on How You Can Start Spending Smart by referring them the best deals offer from Zenni Optical. Yes buying from Zenni’s various $ 8 Rx eyeglasses can save you a lot of money because their products are not only low-priced but quality made and stylish also. I’ve been choosing more styles from them as I can afford different styles to wear on different moods. Isn’t it great?


Friday, August 28, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #39


This is a Sunday sunset taken last Sunday atop our church' rented room in fourth storey. It was such a good place to shoot pictures of the sky as the level and the height from where I stood is very conducive to what I'm aiming for and that's the sky atop buildings in Pasig City, Phils. I feel like I could never get enough of the sky photos there, I always get a nice shot from there. Got my lucky star!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reckless Impudence

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of accidents on the road and you’ll wish you never saw the news being aired because you’ll be mad at how the drivers has taken driving as a profession. They just never seem to check on their vehicles before traveling if it’s in good condition or not. Sometimes the vehicles are in perfect condition but the driver is not, some are drunk while others are simply reckless. Just imagine what happened to a mother and her 3-year old daughter when they were hit by a bus which killed the child and damaged the right arm of the mother.

No amount of sorry will ever bring the child’s life and I can say this happens frequently because some drivers are too reckless to care about following all the rules. They only realize their bad driving habits when accidents happen, too bad for the victims. Same thing with motorists as accidents mostly happen on motorcycles because some really can’t stay on their designated lane. It’s just lucky when good attorneys like San Jose motorcycle accident attorney help them recover their loss in accidents. They will take care of the issues like how much they will be paid for the motorcycle’s damage, their hospitalization and their missed salaries due to absence from work and hospitalization. But aside from all these things I really think that government should be strict in issuing driver’s license especially to those who are professional drivers.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

:WW - In Deep Thoughts!

This is my Shaina, daughter of my niece in Laguna who in the middle of playing with Josh suddenly stopped and acted like she's in deep thoughts. We were surprised by the act and in seconds we were all laughing because as fast as she stopped she also switched again to a playing mood, babies can be so moody at times.

See her in captivating bedimpled smile in Moments of My Life

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Changing Weather Makes Us Sick

Weather these days are inconsistent and unpredictable, one moment it was shining brightly then after some minutes it was raining heavily, I just don’t like this kind of weather because children became more prone to sickness on changing weather conditions. I noticed that my Josh is starting to show signs of near cough sickness and I immediately gave him 2 doses of vitamin C for the day. Our doctor said that if the child has a cold or cough they must take vitamin C twice a day. I’m taking precautionary measures to prevent sickness as they say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so I’m just making some prevention.

I don’t want any of my family to be hospitalized as I don’t like to stay also in the hospital. As I remember being there on my 3 deliveries to my children, though it was only giving birth that brought me to hospital still I don’t want to stay there. When I’m in hospital I can’t stand the sight of old people being sick, I’m just glad at the thought that when people get sick and they have a Medicare supplement they will not worry about their sickness at least with regards to financial matters. It’s still best to secure medicare for ourselves and for our family.


10 Traits You Look for in a Romantic Interest

This week's theme is very interesting, let's see what I have in answer, I'm already married but when I'm still single these are the traits that I would like my partner in life to be, hubby is 95% fitted :-)

  1. A born-again christian, I want our married life to be centered to God, a man with a life devoted to serving God will create a home with kids close to God.
  2. Good perspective in life - every man should have this to be the head of the family
  3. Thoughtful, understanding, loving at all times
  4. Good sense of humor, someone who will make me laugh with our kids, that's near to looking at the bright side of life
  5. Sense of responsibility in everything, hardworking will fall into this category
  6. Honest & trustworthy
  7. Someone who will love me without boundaries
  8. Intelligent but not necessarily academically intelligent
  9. A man with maturity and integrity, someone you can depend upon
  10. Must love music like I do, someone who can sing to me when I'm down
I didn't include my preference for looks as it's not really a factor to me as long as he's tall, dark and handsome with deep set eyes and beautiful nose, not bad huh!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Tired Eyes

I’m tired now and long exposure to my computer somehow worsens my backache. I’m thinking of getting some rest now after doing my tasks offline and online. I’m tired but I really enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes my Mom would told me that just looking at me working in the house and in my PC makes her feel worried that I’m overdoing my job. Mom told me to rest early in the night but I felt inspired to write more. You know I’m always like that my mind wouldn’t cooperate with my body or vice versa meaning my mind would tell me that I can but my body sometimes fails me. The moment that I feel some pain in my eyes that’s the only time that I would stop, people can be stubborn at times I admit.

Well then I don’t want to suffer pains in my eyes so I’ll stop now to rest and watch television shows, meanwhile I’ll be checking my SIL errands on searching for quality camcorders. She’s busier than me and can’t find the time to search for good camcorders and since I’m online most of the time she asked me to do it for her. Anyway I’ve found what I’m looking for in minutes, I’ll just forward the site name and presto she’ll buy it immediately.


Golf Vacation

Planning your vacations but can’t leave your favorite sports behind? Sometimes if it’s a family vacation decision is hard with regards to vacation resorts because you have to consider every member in the family. My friend who is currently been so hooked with golf suffers this kind of dilemma because he really can’t spend a week without a day or two with his golf sports even though their family really needs a long overdue vacation. Well this wouldn’t be a problem anymore as he can try Myrtle Beach Golf where he’ll be happy with his golf while enjoying a true vacation with his family. That’s what we called hitting two birds in one stone. If everybody is happy it’ll be a very nice vacation for all.

Reservation can be done online so there’s no need to worry about choosing Myrtle Beach Golf Package that’s right for your specifications and needs. They offer various golf special packages for flexibility of schedule. My friend can’t wait to prepare himself for their family’s getaway and as early as this he’s making sure that he has finished all his work deadlines so he can enjoy his vacation without having to worry about anything.

His family on the other hand can enjoy having him on their vacation even if he’ll be on his golf course most of the time. Of course the nights will be spending on family to enjoy leisurely walk on the beach or enjoy a sumptuous dinner with his family in the restaurants available there. It will really be a complete Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation with complete facilities for airlines, car rentals, lodging accommodations, restaurants and even spas. That’s vacationing while enjoying his favorite sport.


Run the Race

We need a lot of determination in order to achieve our dreams and goals in life, yes determination and failure cannot coexist because you only failed when you quit! Failure only happens if you stop trying and whether it’s a business, relationship, spiritual life, career or some other issues if you keep on trying you are in the game. If you want to win the race of life we must do everything to take off what’s preventing us from running and keeping off the sin that will pull us down where we could never have the strength to stand and run again.

The most important thing in running the race is focusing yourself on God and leaning on his strength to get you through the marathon. Despite all hardships and persecution thrown our way we have the happiness of seeing our final destination in life. Just always remember that God is our guide and when we run the race of life He runs beside us each step of the way. He’ll even carry us when we fall over, isn’t that something to be happy about!


Donate A Car

I believe in the saying that it’s better to give than to receive, I’ve experienced that in my life and it’s very fulfilling especially if the recipient can’t return the favor. It’s nice to give without expecting anything in return, it’s the kind of work that fulfills something inside you, a kind of feeling that reaches the heart. There are lots of people who give valuable items but sometimes they give for a reason or wanting something in return. If you give and expect a return God will not be pleased as He also gives without any expectation. He gives because He loves us. Blessings come in various forms be it spiritual, financial or any other kind but we must all be thankful for whatever we received from God.

Then if we were blessed so much we should extend the blessings to others especially those who badly needed it. God wanted us to return the blessings we’ve received from Him to the humblest of our brethren meaning those who need help in anyway they can get. There are many channels wherein we can direct our donations; there are charitable institutions that accept different forms of donations like canned goods, clothes and cash money. But I came across an institution online who accepts vehicle donations as charitable donations. They accept used and second hand cars for a donation to help them in their ministries. It’s also a help in the community as if you get rid of old vehicles there will not be pollution in the air so you’re hitting two birds in one stone.

I’ve heard about this thing few months back but I think it’s for a boat donation. This one is nice as many car owners now can say goodbye to their old cars, buy a new car for themselves and participate in donate car program. It will also lessen their tax in the process, oh what a great way to help people who are less fortunate than giving your donations on people who have more. I find this car donation site very useful and it opens a way for people to help not with cash money but with something that they own. Think that in every car you donate a Christian charity will be able to help children and those in dire need.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Tree Test

You Are Optimistic and Lucky

You believe that life is a gift, and you're going to make the most of what you've been given.

You feel blessed with what you have achieved in your life, and you enjoy sharing your blessings with those you love.

You have a healthy outlook on life. You see the glass as (at least) half full.

You take every opportunity to forgive, learn, and grow. Life's too short to do anything else.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Put Romance Back in Your Relationship

Is your marriage turning sour? Well for couples married for several years they should make an effort to make their partner feel loved and special even after years of marriage. Couples tend to spend their time on work and kids that sometimes they neglect their duties as husband and wife to each other. It’s but natural especially if you have plenty of kids and your work gave you no time to reflect and realize that you’re running a monotonous life meaning day-to-day existence only nothing special.

Before it turns sour don’t you think you need to talk it over and spend some quality time with each other thinking about how you’ve met, dated each other, decided to marry and live together forever. Does that sound romantic? Well I’ve got something for you as I came across a site offering romantic vacation riviera maya which will surely put romance back in your relationship. Who wouldn’t if you will have the chance to have a vacation where you’ll be surrounded by white-sand beaches, accommodated with good packages and gourmet foods, wow! That’s exactly what I want for me and hubby. That would be relaxing!


Friday, August 21, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #38


I and Josh dropped by JennyL' house to bring snack from Ruth's birthday and since my bank is just two streets away we decided to take a leisurely walk at it's 5pm already and there's no more sun to worry. I also felt like having some shots on the area as I've seen the sky and liked the slowly creeping sunset mode. I kinda liked the different shades that formed in the clouds. It's really nice to walk sometimes because most often you'll get some nice shots! Do you agree?

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Facing Life After Rehabilitation

This modern generation with high technology gadgets and equipment has really gone so far in terms of innovations but modern science can’t cure the oldest addiction that affected human and that is drugs. As I can see it’s becoming severe as the years go. Greed must be one reason as illegal drug pushers keep enticing the youth to use illegal drugs. Becoming drug dependent starts with trying out then little by little you became comfortable with it which will then result in addiction.

There are many reasons and factors involved including family problems, peer pressure and lack of love. I know this by heart because I have a close relative who’s been a victim of drug addiction and when he stopped his addiction resorted to alcohol. He has gone treatment in drug rehab center for eight months and when he finally graduated the treatment programs I was convinced that indeed he has been cured because he looks and speaks well. He tried to change and return to normal life but when temptations courted him again he returned to his vices.

We tried getting him to church but he keep on saying later, I guess he’s not yet ready or was afraid to face the realities of life. His mother did everything to separate him from his friends who influenced him to drugs and now he’s doing fine. I came to realize that people who have drug abuse background and undergone rehabilitation treatment should be given enough love and care to survive life after rehab center. Without our help and God's guidance they will not be able to face normal life again.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

:WW - SJES Drummer Boys

These are the drummer boys of SJES who greeted Mayor Ilagan and Gov. Ynares when they arrived on our induction last week. I admired their talent and skills on playing drums because they've trained only in the school with jus one hour for about three times a week compared with other instrument enthusiast who enrolled in a formal school. They only paid an amount of I think P10-20 pesos per session as allowance of the trainor and that compensate for the skills they've gained from drums' training.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Managing Apartment

There are lots of things to remember when you’re running an apartment business according to my brother. He has apartments in different locations which he constructed to prepare for his children’s studies when he’s no longer working in office. It’s a great help to him and his family as it gives him enough returns for their expenses.

Apartment business is good source of income but you have to be ready with maintenance expenses because every now and then the building will need minor repairs and after several years some renovations. Just now he told me that he need to check on the spa filters if it has anti-microbial technology to prevent bacteria and some other microbes from growing. Tenants nowadays are becoming aware of modern technology that should be installed on their apartments so my brother is keeping some updates on the modern maintenance of his buildings. Anyway he really needs to be updated, at least for his current residential and small building projects.


Math Camp 2009

I accompanied my daughter Gen for the first time in her Math Camp last Aug. 7 wherein they will compete in various match challenges. It’s the first Math Camp competition ever because in the previous years they only had Math quiz bee, Math-rathon and other usual Math Challenge. This time together with 10 other schools chosen students from SJES vied for Math Investigation, Math Trivia, Math Rail, Math Race, Human Calculator, Mr.& Ms. Math Camp and some other Math Challenges including Math Yell and Cheers. The only thing that worried me then was that they only had one day to review after the screening, oh boy I’ve experienced being a contestant in a quiz bee and though it’s very exciting it’s not a very happy experience for me. But when I asked Gen and her classmates I was amazed at their courage and expertise in facing challenges and competition. They’re not in any way frightened, may be just a little nervous which was expected in any contestant.

We were about 3 batches of vehicles who went to Karangalan School as the school is the district center for Cainta District 1 and I get to see it for the 2nd time, the first time was with Ruth when they had won the oral language speech for ‘The Bells’ last year. I was happy enough for Gen and her partner Angelica who got a place in Math Trivia, it’s a difficult challenge as you’ll never know the boundaries of the trivia scope. SJES got the second place in Math Investigation, 4th in Math Rail and 3rd in Human Calculator, 4th in Math Yell/Cheers but nothing for other competitions.

All in all we were glad that even if they had no review for the competition they fight strongly and I wish that they will have at least one week notice for the kids because it somewhat affected their school academic as it’s also their periodical exams. Well anyway I just helped Gen review for her academic subjects the weekend after that. I told her to relax and rest that weekend as she’s also included in the group of students who joined the Journalism competition. We had a very hectic schedule that week and the coming week after that, I guess my being a WAHM helped them a lot now to be academically active.


Monday, August 17, 2009

When to Use Hidden Camera

Do you ever feel an urge to monitor what’s happening in your house when you’re not at home? Sometimes we need to know what’s going inside our house when we leave our precious kids in the hands of their nannies. I believe in the privacy rights of helpers and nannies but there are situations when you can’t trust anyone to take care of your little ones but you can’t do anything or have no choice but to leave them in the company of household helpers.

This situation usually arises when your child had a previous experience of maltreatment from helpers thus trusting isn’t that easy to give anymore. With the help of a Hidden Camera you can monitor the newly hired helpers and nannies if they can be trusted enough to handle and take care of your kids. There are many types available for your specific needs like those which look like an ordinary air freshener, air ionizer or a tissue box which are not so obvious. I marveled at the ideas of using ordinary things to hide the spy camera.

If you’ve proven or see for yourself that your helpers cannot do harm to your kids then that’s the time that you can remove your hidden camera to free yourself from feeling guilty that you’ve spied on your household members. Actually it’s not a good feeling to spy on others but when it’s badly needed it can be of great help to those working moms who doesn’t have a choice but to leave their little darlings in the hands of their household staff.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Small Talk Six : Rest and Relax

Rest and Relax....

Six things that you can think that will make you well rested or relaxed.

1. A day on the beach with family

2. Baking and cooking special foods relaxes and excites me because I love doing it. It's also a bonding time for my kids and hubby as they try to learn by helping me.

3. Reading inspirational books including the bible.

4. Traveling in the countryside and stopping by the woods to have lunch relaxes me

5. My hobbies - playing bowling, badminton, scrabble, word factory, chess, text twist, blogging and shopping relaxes me

6. Best of all, attending our church fellowship service and singing to my soul's delight relaxes my body, mind and spirit. God's bosom is the best resting place of all


Budgeting Skills

It’s payday once again and as early as now I’m planning our budget together with the bills we have to pay. As this is the 15th of the month we have only water and internet bills to pay for plus the school service of my son. It’s easier this pay period because the bulk of our expenses come at the end of the month so I’m planning carefully to insert some extra commodities so as not to interfere with my month-end budget. Being a wife and mom doesn’t only means loving and taking care of your family. It also means being smart and wise in spending your hard-earned money or else you’ll end up short of funds for your basic essentials.

When we were newly married it’s easier to plan how we spend our money but now that we have three schooling kids a lot of budgeting skills should be used. Well if I failed with my skills we will end up getting some cash advance like what others do. But as of now I can still manage to get by with my hubby’s salary and my online job. It gave me a breathing space for my allotted money for our expenses. Luckily I’m getting plenty of work to keep me busy and contented with my income. I’m glad though that anytime I’ll be needing cash for emergency situation I can always get payday loans to help me get through. You’ll never really know when you need extra money for certain situations so you better be ready with some options. Anyway I just learned that it’s easy and quick to apply. Really fast cash!


Friday, August 14, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #37- Libis Area


This is the view from Mercury Ave. in Libis just a few blocks away from my office when I was still working. I dropped by our office for some requests of my boss and I took this shot at the center island while I'm crossing the street. I just felt the urge to take a shot of this beautiful formation of clouds atop an office building near my own office. Clouds formation changes every now and then so if you saw an awesome cloud scene you'd better capture it or it's gone! That's why I love my Canon point-and-shoot digicam, it's handy whenever and whatever!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Missing My Hometown

I missed going to our hometown and I’m planning to go there again on a non-occasion date. I just want to feel the cool breeze of the air coming from the mountains, the air in our province is still fresh and smells good. I also want to have a decent photo shoot there of beautiful scenery, pretty orchids and some nice subject for my weekly photography tag.

It’s always been a cool respite for me to spend my day reading or taking pictures of whatever comes to my mind. And if I’m going to do that in Laguna I could very well be going home with great pictures of scenery and beautiful flowers plus whatever subject that may arise there.

I’ve noticed that Josh was so excited in seeing field animals there like carabao, cows and horses. Well I don’t blame him for acting like that as there are no field animals in our place.

Our last visit has made Josh wanting to experience riding in a horse, next time I know he’ll be asking about equestrian apparel. When the time comes that he’ll be asking about that maybe I can show him the site which provides horse riding apparel and horse riding equipment for men, ladies and young riders. He’ll surely love it!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

:WW - Fancy Well

Just fancied these two prominent figures in the district school's front garden where they held the everyday flag ceremony. It's not real, just an addition to the landscape of the school, just love taking pictures on the place because it's big and has a lot of landscape around the vast area. Karangalan Elem. School is the district office for schools under Cainta Unit 1 and this is where academic competition, quiz bee and other inter-school activities are being held. We're there last week for the first district Math Camp participated by 11 schools. Gen was chosen to compete for Math Trivia.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simple Joys

Children always love having new things like toys, clothes, school items, shoes and bags. As children they derive their happiness even on the simplest of things yet they found joys in it. My kids are no exception as every time I go out with them they are contented just to be with me eating on their favorite fast food restaurant, playing one or two hours on the arcade and shopping one or two items for each one of them.

I have three kids and my time is full taking care of them the reason why I resigned from my 16-year old job. I treat them fairly enough because I don’t want anyone of my kids think that I have a favorite kid. When opening of classes begins we see to it that we shop for them all their necessary things in school like books, uniform, shoes, School Backpacks and many other school requirements. Even if shopping is a bit tiring I just go through it because I see smiling faces after we’re through. Now if I don’t want to get tired I’ll just look on some sites like Do It Tennis which offers complete source for school bags and other things associated with it. Their backpacks are available in known brands with different style to suit your specific needs.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Inspirational

I've been listening to Don Moen's song and I particularly liked his rendition of 'I Will Sing' it uplifts my mood today, great start for this Sunday morning. Like to share this with you guys.

Will be doing this weekly to share good and uplifting inspirational songs to those who want and need this kind of songs. Be inspired!

Source : You tube - niel05


Friday, August 7, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday - Office Building


This is the view across my office in Libis just a few meters away from the flyover. I was crossing the street here when I took the shot. The road here is very dangerous to cross at so I took my time here and waited for the cars to slow down. For us bloggers and photo hobbyist we don't waste our time when we see a beautiful scene around or above us so I immediately took out my digicam and clicked a few shots atop our office building.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

When You Moved Out

Moving out to another place is a very difficult and tiring activity as you’ll sort everything you have and pack as if there’s no end. Transferring can be a result of many reasons, it can be a call for job relocation, a transfer to a more beautiful and comfortable place can be for better business or greener pasture move or just plain change of environment. For all reasons mentioned moving can be an exciting and thrilling adventure especially if you’re the type who loves new things in life. It can also mean meeting new friends, seeing other places and having new community to live by.

For me when I moved out and transfer to another place especially if it’s a long distance transfer I want all my things be moved out and carry by a high quality service mover like cross country moving companies. Of course we must think of the safety and security of all our properties and belongings especially our precious personal documents. When you get a very good moving company you’ll be able to move out without so much pressure and worries as your belongings will be safely traveled and secured.


:Thursday Challenge - Artificial

Artificial Flowers

This is my Mom's artificial flowers given to her by granddaughter Baby who lived with us for about 3 years. She lives in Laguna and formerly working in the city that's why we offered our house to her so she'll stay on weekdays with us and go home on weekends.

Anyway my Mom loves flowers and she has some beautiful blooms in her garden but inside our house she has this artificial ones for one corner of our house which she thinks is kinda gloomy. She put this flowers so that corner will have some sunny atmosphere. The effect is great!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Life Path Number

Sa this personality quiz over at my bes JennyL's blog at Intuitive Reasoning and I liked it so I did the same quiz and here's the result:

Your Life Path Number is 11

Your purpose in life is to inspire others

Your amazing energy draws people to you, and you give them great insight in return.

You hold a great amount of power over others, without even trying.

You have the makings of an inventor, artist, religious leader, or prophet.

In love, you are sensitive and passionate. You connect with your partner on a very deep level.

You have great abilities, but you are often way too critical of yourself.

You don't fit in - and instead of celebrating your differences, you dwell on them.

You have high expectations of yourself. But sometimes you set them too high and don't achieve anything.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving Out Can Be Exciting!

Moving out to a new location? That could be an exciting thought except that it’s also tiring. It would take you days to pack and later to unpack things from storage. It will take a lot of energy and time-consuming too. Some friends I know who moved out to a new location became stressed out from the day they pack up to the time they had moved in and unpack. Moving out became a bad experience for her. Now there’s a solution for the unhappy moving experiences as offered by Smart Box USA. They offer the convenience of portable storage as with pods west palm beach . Imagine having the storage units delivered to you and you can pack and load in your own preferred time. Really convenient isn’t it?

Lucky for those living in South Florida as west palm beach storage company eliminates the need to haul your things and belongings to the old storage traditional way. It’s flexible, easy to sort, great organizational storage and affordable too. Smartbox storage can turn your moving out into a wonderful experience. With the help of west palm beach movers your documents and belongings can be safely transferred and your move can be a truly exciting adventure seeing different place, meeting new friends and joining a new community.


The Weekly Musing #8

Let’s talk about relationships. If you have a partner (husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend…), talk about your relationship with that person; if you don’t currently have a partner, or don’t wish to talk about that person, feel free to talk about a past partner, an ideal partner, or best friend; I’ll make these questions appropriate and general enough so they can be answered if you choose to talk about your best friend.

  • First off: Who is the person you are answering these questions about? How did you two meet and how long have you known each other? It's my hubby. We met in the church when I first attended a born-again christian fellowship service, we've known each other for 15 years.
  • What one word or phrase comes to mind when you think about this person? Sweet
  • Describe your ideal day or weekend outing with this person if money, time, and space weren’t factors. Perfect on a beach vacation
  • Share a funny experience you had with this person. We had plenty of funny experiences but most of them are with the kids especially with our son Josh who has a lot of funny antics.
Come and join this Weekly Musing here


Help in Finding the Right Franchise Opportunity

If you’re tired of long-term employment that never seems to augment your family’s financial status you must start planning your life and think of starting your own business. Of course starting your own business can be a little risky especially if you’re not an expert in the field. Plan your business through feasibility study and choose the line of business that you have interest. Put your heart into it, ask advices from friends, consult professional experts and if you’re living in San Francisco start a business San Francisco, CA. Don’t waste your years over your job that never gave you enough salary to feed your family. Stability is not having a stable job with very low income. There are more opportunities outside employment.

You can choose what business you want depending on your budget, interest and location. My auntie lives in California and she’s thinking of some franchise opportunities San Francisco, CA because franchises are easy to manage as they take care of products, staff training and marketing. If you’re in doubt what kind of franchise business you’ll enter to you can ask the advice and assistance of franchise consultants who can help you find the right franchise opportunity for your specific requirements. They will guide you to search, choose and analyze the perfect match to buy franchise San Francisco, CA. Some people think it best to consult the experts before entering the world of franchising business, after all a carefully laid out plan and several advices can be the best gauge in starting up a business.


Ruth Loves To Cook

We had a funny and worthwhile Saturday morning when Ruth asked me to demonstrate to her how to cook spaghetti. They will have some cooking sessions in school today and they were asked to cook spaghetti. Ruth got from me my flair for cooking and since she was barely ten years old she started showing some real interest in cooking. When she watched me bake some macaroons she asked to let her the next time we cook and she proved us she can do it. She tried some recipes and desserts including leche flan and lechetin (combined leche flan and gelatin).

I dictated all the ingredients and how to cut or do it for spaghetti. I also taught her how to choose brands and the brands’ effect on the sauce like if it’s H it’s a little sweet and if its’ DM it’s sour. Of course we want H for spaghetti as I’m only using DM for viands. I taught my kid the right way of boiling pasta and the importance of cooking it the right way that even if she uses the ordinary pasta she can make it as firm as the known brands. The secret of delicious spaghetti relies on firm pasta and delicious sauce and of course coupled with a good cook. It’s our family’s favorite that’s why we really cooked it as yummy as possible.

After taking notes and on the spot cooking :-) Ruth learned the whole process. It’s a coincidence also that I’ve planned cooking spaghetti last Saturday. When we finally set the table for breakfast Josh asked for the cake lol! He always wanted to eat pasta with cakes!

The kids asked for the second serving in the afternoon and because we have plenty of sauces Ruth cooked another half kilo of pasta for our snack-dinner, they just can't get enough :-)


Care About the Roofing of Your Homes?

Now it’s always everyday that we get lots of rain showers, we’re just so lucky that even if there’s storm in the country our province is still not badly hit by such phenomenon. For those who were badly hit and almost lost their homes after the typhoon be very careful in choosing the materials for constructing your homes. It’s not just once or twice that I’ve seen houses with flying roofs and badly damaged houses and I felt bad thinking where will they get money to finance the reconstruction of their homes. I can say now that good roofing is really important in our houses the reason why it should be carefully chosen for.

My big brother has a small construction business for which he handles purchasing on his own and he’ll be glad to see variety of roofing panels that he can use for his residential and small building projects. He chooses high quality and affordable roofing system for all his projects because it also reflects his reputation as an engineer. I found this one brand that offers corrugated roofing that’s very ideal when it comes to various roofing, re-roofing and do it yourself construction projects. I mentioned that it’s very ideal because it’s easy to use, made of lightweight materials and can be cut and install easily, it even offers lifetime limited warranty. So how’s that for your roofing?


I Scored 100%

You Scored 100% Correct

You are an 80s expert,

You never confuse New Order with the Pet Shop Boys.

You know which classical musician Falco rocked.

When it comes to 80s music, you Just Can't Get Enough!

How Much Do You Know About 80s Music?

Of course I know I'll be topnotcher here as we're the 80's batch in high school and
college, I have a collection of music books then and I'm called a
walking songhits in our college days lol! Those were the days as
I'm a different person now as I only dig christian music now!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rainy Days Makes Me Lazy

Lately the weather is always on the rainy side and I feel lucky enough not to rush against the inevitable traffic when raining. It seems that traffic is the twin of rain showers, suddenly the cars are slowing down and people are rushing in to get transportation. I’ve observed and noticed this occurrence on my several years of traveling to work. I just felt lucky that I don’t have to protect my corporate clothes from being wet and tousled by rain.

Now that I’m here working at home the only problem is getting lazy and violating my discipline on time and work scheduling. And you know if it’s raining I tend to eat more, I know everybody does! I can’t afford to gain more pounds because I’m already on the verge of having excess of it so I have to be very careful with my food intake. I’m talking to myself to have discipline or else I might need be needing products like phentermine diet pills to regulate my weight. As of this writing I can still manage to control my weight not to add more but to shed a little. Hope I’ll manage these coming weeks as I have many activities lined for me in the coming months. I shouldn’t be too plump when I attend meeting and special occasions with former officemates and schoolmates. I still have four months to go.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

: Photohunt 172 : Entertainment (Clowns)

One way of entertaining children on birthday parties is to hire clowns like them. See how they entertain, assist kids on games, make them laugh and make them joyful and happy. They do some tricks and magic along the way which makes parties a really exciting one to attend to. This shot was taken last March of this year during one of my kids' friend birthday party. They had fun with the clowns, actually Josh has some poses with them, see!

Visit my other entertainment entry at Moments of My Life:

For more entertainment photos just visit


Call Center Predictive Dialing Systems

I worked for a telecommunications company for more than 6 years and spent my stay there handling carrier settlement, billing and collection, human resource and administrative functions. It’s more like a multi-tasking job as I grow with the company, I’ve been there since it started even while I was employed in its sister company. My boss let me handled two companies and after sometime he legally transferred me to his telecoms’ company. Well I was happy then because the location of my new office is great and easy to travel.

My years spent in BT&T were years spent in learning telecommunications’ business, it’s not hard for me as I’m a graduate of Computer Engineering. I learned the craft easily with the help of my colleagues entering the field of accounting and at the same reviewing my education in communications technology. We have equipment and program packages to learn and I was glad to know all of those things as it helped me grow intellectually, you know work experiences are always a welcome thing for me. Actually it’s kind of exciting at first as we have VoIP termination, prepaid cards, direct inward dialing and many others.

We have gateway equipment and some telco systems like administrative systems for gateway management and equipment for our call center catering to America-based Filipinos like call center predictive dialing systems which helps a lot in our outbound call management. Our customer service managers used it for easy and quick access to information needed for our clients and their interaction with them. It’s very ideal for managing the usual volume of inquiring and applying customers. It’s very ideal for telecom companies’ outbound call service and we managed everything we need through this system. My boss really liked this system because we’ve gained improvement from it from customer service assistance to agent productivity up to reduced administration costs. Who wouldn’t be happy if something like this improve your call management and at the same time reduced some costs in the company expenses?


Top Droppers for July 2009

Again I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all my visitors who patiently paid their visits here and dropped their entrecard to me. Your visits and drops have helped this blog to increase traffic and it warmed my heart to read your comments on my post. Thanks guys!


# of drops

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I'd like to special mention my friend Liz who made it to the top for all her 4 blogs here! Thanks Liz!


BT Paintball

What’s this I’m hearing from my male friends about national paintball game in the world? Some of them are really playing this game and have owned at least one bt paintball gun, you knows boys will always be boys and they want this game so much! They even sign up for the newsletter for updated information. This will be on the 8th of this month and as early as now they’re so excited

They told me it’s going be real fun and exciting as it’s the first worldwide event and there’ll be plenty of players who will play in one game. Of course coinciding with the exciting game are also good prize giveaways. Actually some just want to play this game even if they will not be able to bring home prizes. Go online now and get informed of their event details and updates. I’m sure most of my friends are really interested with this thing so I gave them the site for them to search, find and browse about.


Still Adjusting

It rained since early morning and up to this time I'm still thankful that I'm done with my chores because I don't wanna mess up with wet environment. I want to stay at home during rainy days as it makes me write more quality posts. My only problem is I also want to eat more and be lazy lol! I have many tasks to do but up to this time I only posted one or two, I still have to learn how to be a work at home mom and how to manage my time properly. I'm still a novice you know!


Effective PR Service

In all fields of business we all know that success cannot be gained only by having a high-finance owner or a good feasibility study. A good startup business needs the two mentioned things to start with but through the course of running a business we need good management scheme, a well-laid business plan and marketing strategy to promote whatever product we are endorsing or services we are offering. Money is not all that’s important in business but sales,marketing and advertising. We need good Public Relations Service when dealing with clients and business partners. Even if your products and services are of the best quality if you lack the right PR you will not be noticed, you will not have the chance to promote your products properly. In business you need the best communication skills and convincing powers to last a long running in the chosen field of business.

Now if you can’t do it by yourself or other staff in your company there are companies who will do it for you like online marketing, promotions, event management, public relations, media relations and the likes. They will do whatever they can to achieve maximum publicity for your business. So if you want viable media campaigns to boost your business consult JPR team now!


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