Sunday, October 21, 2012

Experimenting With Colors

Source: via Race on Pinterest

My little boy loves art and amazed at how colors transform as they're combined with others.  He keeps asking me what will happen if he'll combine a particular color with another.  I'm just glad that I did some experiments when I was his age and I know fully well different outcome of color combination.  I told him that he should use the water color or other liquid colors like poster paint to experiment and see for himself what will happen.

We've done the same experiment as shown above and he's thrilled at the results.  He really can't stop until he's sufficient with his learning.  Next time I saw him he's doing some art drawing using poster paint and happy to combine yellow with blue to achieve the green color.  My little artist is not wasting his time to be good in art and determined to be an Architect someday.


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