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Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre

LeCoultre & Cie, located in the small Swiss village of Le Sentier in the Jura Mountains was the original owner of LeCoultre trademark. However, in 1985, Jaeger-LeCoultre officially replaced the former trademark, after it expired.

Jaeger LeCoultre manufactured the famous Atmos, which is a non-winding mechanical clock. One of the most unique features of the model is its capability of independently deriving its total energy requirements from small changes in its environment. Minute changes in temperature or atmospheric pressure are sufficient to serve this purpose. It requires no human involvement whatsoever to function with unproblematic efficiently.

Jean Leon Reuter of Neuchatel, Switzerland, who was an engineer by profession, designed the initial Atmos in 1928. It is generally agreed that the clock unofficially called Atmos 0 was invented prior to the 1928 model. However, this was a non-commercial trial model that operated by an expansion device, containing mercury in an inbuilt glass tube. Even the smallest alteration of a degree in temperature was sufficient to self-wind the clock for a continuous use of up to two days.

Manufacturing of the first marketable model of Atmos 1, that used ammonia and mercury power source, was commenced in France in 1929. Consequently, its commercial production was taken over by the company in 1935. A second version of the model, later on to be named Atmos 2 was initially developed and publicized in 1936. This model used ethyl chloride alternate power source, which has remained in constant use till today. However, due to persistent problems, its full production failed to start until 1939. Successive models have successfully produced more than 500,000 clocks, based on the original design.

Timepieces available as Jaeger-leCoultre replica watches, perfectly copied from models of the famous original Atmos collection, are a constant source of inspiration that can be readily compared to the devotion displayed by its creators.


Easier Shopping

I’m glad that it’s now easier to shop than the last few weeks because stores are not crowded. It seems that people are not so much frantic about shopping for things as the holidays are over and we’re back to regular days. I remember last month when you have to wait in long line to pay for your purchases. The barcode scanner keeps on scanning the items and I’m glad it never failed to do its job or else the long line of shoppers will never be finished. Almost all shops and stores uses barcode scanners for safety purposes and easier than manual punching of prices. My little boy was so amazed at the scanners that every time I pay at the cashier he would try to see how the cashier uses it.


What Matters to Him

With plenty of church celebration, holidays, dinner dates, reunions and other activities my weight got worse. I gained pounds and this month I have to go back to my health regimen if I want to have a healthy weight. I envy my husband for having a good metabolism that he didn’t have to think about using the best mens fat burner because he didn’t gained so much this holiday season although he has good appetite. When we got married we both have slim physique but now my size got bigger up to three times my previous one that I really have to go back to my workout exercise and healthy meal plans. I blamed him for my weight because he always say that it doesn’t matter if I’m overweight or if I’m fat just as long as I remained the same girl that he married. Well to me it matters so I’m determined to reach my goal.


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