Thursday, June 12, 2014

Special Thoughts on Father's Day

It’s only three days left and another special day is coming up to celebrate and remember someone in the family who gave his best to protect, guide and love all of us. I’m talking about Father’s Day, the day that we give our special wishes and thanks to the man that serve not just our strong wall but a shoulder to lean on when things get tough. My own father died several years ago but he left us enough sweet memories of his love to live us by every time we need and miss him. Now my celebration extends to the father of my kids who loves us dearly and gives his never ending guidance and protection. 

He lived up to his promise of love to me as a husband and still giving more as a father to our 3 children. We can never ask for a better husband and father because God has given us the best. Well now we are thinking of a special gift for him on such special occasion and I have plenty of gift ideas like nice accessories, tool kits for the car, maybe some unique gift like magnetic bracelet for men or things that he can use for his practice teaching session. I’m hoping that we can decide now what to give for the special man in our life while thinking about what to cook on Father’s Day. I know our eldest kid has planned it two weeks ago and she’s still privy about it.


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