Monday, January 9, 2017

Is There a Medical Solution for Low Testosterone?

Men with lowered levels of the male hormone testosterone are subject to bouts of fatigue, lowered libido and prone to conditions like gynecomastia (man boobs), type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. What many men do not realize is that they are usually not only dealing with lowered testosterone, but an added increase in estrogen. It compounds the problem by further reducing the balance between the feminine and masculine hormones.

What Is the Difference Between Low Testosterone and High Estrogen in Men?

There is no difference between the affects of low testosterone and high estrogen in men. One situation tends to feed off the other, making it one that has nearly double the impact on a man. A reduction of testosterone in men leads to an increase in estrogen, which means the symptoms are the same. Levels of testosterone begin to naturally drop in men at about the time that andropause, or male menopause sets in. This is generally in their early to mid-fifties, although it tends to vary by the individual.

What Causes High Estrogen Levels in Men?

An increase in the enzyme aromatase in the aging male begins to turn testosterone into a specific estrogen hormone called estradiol. This hormone then begins to turn even more testosterone into estrogen hormone. It is the cause of both a drop in testosterone and increase in estrogen. This drop in natural male hormone and increase in estrogen can lead to cardiovascular problems, prostate cancer and type diabetes in even the healthiest man. Finding a safe solution is important.

How Can Estrogen Levels Be Reduced?

Adding more testosterone is not the single solution. There has to be a process of reducing estrogen levels to counteract the testosterone being converted to additional estrogen. Anastrozole has proven effective for this problem. It actively suppresses the production of the estrogen hormone in men. This minimizes the turn of testosterone to estradiol. It brings a better holistic balance to the system.

Is Anastrozole Safe and Effective?

Anastrozole for men is proven both safe and effective in treating elevated levels of estrogen in men. The amounts given are not so high that they throw the body out of balance in any way. The goal is to get the testosterone levels up to where the symptoms of depletion are gone. This product will also help protect men from cardiovascular illness, prostate cancer and diabetes type 2.

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