Saturday, August 15, 2009

Small Talk Six : Rest and Relax

Rest and Relax....

Six things that you can think that will make you well rested or relaxed.

1. A day on the beach with family

2. Baking and cooking special foods relaxes and excites me because I love doing it. It's also a bonding time for my kids and hubby as they try to learn by helping me.

3. Reading inspirational books including the bible.

4. Traveling in the countryside and stopping by the woods to have lunch relaxes me

5. My hobbies - playing bowling, badminton, scrabble, word factory, chess, text twist, blogging and shopping relaxes me

6. Best of all, attending our church fellowship service and singing to my soul's delight relaxes my body, mind and spirit. God's bosom is the best resting place of all


Budgeting Skills

It’s payday once again and as early as now I’m planning our budget together with the bills we have to pay. As this is the 15th of the month we have only water and internet bills to pay for plus the school service of my son. It’s easier this pay period because the bulk of our expenses come at the end of the month so I’m planning carefully to insert some extra commodities so as not to interfere with my month-end budget. Being a wife and mom doesn’t only means loving and taking care of your family. It also means being smart and wise in spending your hard-earned money or else you’ll end up short of funds for your basic essentials.

When we were newly married it’s easier to plan how we spend our money but now that we have three schooling kids a lot of budgeting skills should be used. Well if I failed with my skills we will end up getting some cash advance like what others do. But as of now I can still manage to get by with my hubby’s salary and my online job. It gave me a breathing space for my allotted money for our expenses. Luckily I’m getting plenty of work to keep me busy and contented with my income. I’m glad though that anytime I’ll be needing cash for emergency situation I can always get payday loans to help me get through. You’ll never really know when you need extra money for certain situations so you better be ready with some options. Anyway I just learned that it’s easy and quick to apply. Really fast cash!


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