Saturday, October 27, 2012

Demo Presentations

DH always has a need for presentation and demos as required by his professors in his Secondary Education course. As such he brings his laptop and uses it with the school’s projector for ease of reporting and good feedbacks from audience which is commonly his classmates only. He’s giving brochures or sample of his work I’m so proud that all his demo presentations got high grades which in turn contributed to a much higher final grade in his card. 

Now I’m wondering what if he just gives CDs whenever he reports and required the audience to participate. Well he needs a good and quality cd replication services to be able to give every attendees in the conference a good copy to read and watch. I hope that DH will never get tired of their busy school activities.


New Terrace for MIL’s Home

DH came from his Mom’s house where they’re currently building a terrace at the side of the house. It took me a long time to finish it because they just did it by themselves and didn’t hired construction workers. As I’ve seen from the picture he showed me the house transformed into a much bigger house with the extension of terrace with great garage floors

Yes it can also be a garage but since the road at the front of their house is always empty we can always park on the road. They were able to get a good location for their house that there’s enough parking for our car when we go there for a visit or vacation. We’re planning to visit there later this day. Hope plans will push through.


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