Monday, November 9, 2015

Recovering From a Back Injury

Many people experience occasional back pain caused by sore muscles, usually caused by overexertion. Although minor back injuries can cause pain and discomfort, they usually heal with adequate treatment and rest. Severe back injuries often require surgery or long-term treatment for chronic pain management that can take months or years to heal.

Types of Back Injuries

Minor back injuries are typically caused by overexertion during exercise, athletic activities and lifting heavy objects. The results are usually pulled muscles, sprained ligaments, torn cartilages, bruising and swelling. The lower back is subject to a great deal of strain from activities like golf, tennis, bicycling, swimming and running that use repetitive impact.

Car accidents and slip-and-fall injuries account for a significant number of major back injuries each year. Both types of injuries can result in sprains to muscles and limbs, nerve damage, ruptured discs, torn ligaments, and fractures or broken bones. Severe back injuries can result in spinal cord damage that can lead to immobilization and temporary or permanent paralysis.

Back Injury Treatments

Depending on the severity of your back injury, treatments can range from medication and bed rest to physical therapy and surgery. Minor sprains and pulled muscles usually respond well to icing, anti-inflammatory medications and bed rest. Often, strengthening and stretching exercises along with physical therapy are recommended. Bone, ligament and disc injuries that result in tears and breaks may require physical therapy, as well as pain medication or medical acupuncture treatments for chronic pain management. Spinal fractures occur when the bones in your spine, called vertebrae, break or collapse. If the spinal cord or nerves are damaged, numbness, weakness, tingling, even paralysis can occur. Most spinal injuries require close medical attention that includes pain medications, back braces, physical therapy and surgery to heal properly.

Your back is made of bones, muscles and various tissues that extend from your neck to your pelvis, and back injuries can occur in any of these areas. Whether your back injury is minor or severe, it can cause pain and limit your mobility. It may be impossible to prevent back injuries from an unexpected accident, but you can prevent minor muscle strains and sprained ligaments by using caution during exercise and outdoor activities. It's important to take care of your back. If you're suffering from back pain, talk to your doctor and learn more about back injuries, types of treatments and pain management.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Functional Jewelry

Traditionally in the old generation jewels are used as gifts to royalties, dignitaries and for bride-to-be. The sparkling pieces of precious stones are one of the most desired gifts and dowries when a girl is asked for engagement. This tradition is passed through many generations and until now in our modern times precious jewels in several forms like necklaces, rings and bracelets are used to give to special someone on special occasions. Time changes but even in the height of this high-technology generation the practice of giving jewels remains the best form of showing your care and importance to a special someone. Engagement ring is still the most in-demand item to give your loved one when you’re asking her to marry you. 

Well now it’s not only known gifts, engagement or dowries but for functional usage as well. As we’re so much aware that jewels are so fashionable there are also those that can be used as a therapy for some illnesses. I also came to know about customised rings for career and occupation like police rings or the Joy Jewelers firefighter jewelry which is not only stylish but represents a certain uniqueness of its kind just like when firefighter fights to save people and properties from fire. Things are different nowadays and in this modern generation you’ll get more choices.


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