Monday, January 11, 2010

A Relaxing Thought on a Hot Afternoon!

Weather these days is unpredictable. My Mom told me when I was young to have a careful watch of the weather for the first twelve days of January as it would certainly be the weather for the twelve months of the year. Each day represents a month and that will start with January 1 for the month of January, January 2 for February and so on. Well I used to believe this one when I was young but now that I’m matured enough I take it as just a guess from the older generation, maybe true or not. Well with global warming happening in our planet no one can really deny if it will rain on summer days.

As this day has given our town a good welcoming sunshine I’m beginning to think of a vacation in one of the beautiful resorts like myrtle beach hotels oceanfront because it’s good to savor the fresh air of the ocean breeze when it’s hot. Anyway with my current workload now I know that it will not possible now. In the next couple of months that would be possible but I’ll have to save some bucks for it. Just some relaxing thoughts!


Just the Simple Car For Us

We’re still using my brother’s car every time we need a car for attending church service or for family’s activities and travel. We just maintain and look for parts that needed repair so the car will be as maintained as our former car. The car was a pre-owned car and bought just recently so we really expect some minor repairs and maintenance. Actually we’re looking for some car parts to replace a small part in the car and I saw some online shops for parts. Some sells for the parts we need and some sites caters only for the beautiful and model cars like Ferrari parts, Lamborghini and other hot cars. Well they are for me since we only have the simple ordinary car in our garage.


Bonding Day with the Kids

We spent the whole Saturday afternoon in the mall to celebrate partly Gen’s 11th birthday because that would fall tomorrow which is a school day. They asked me to let them play in Tom’s World and since they have hundreds of tickets earned they brought it for some goods exchange. It’s my way also of making the day happy for them as we decided not to join their educational tour as we’re saving up for Ruth and Josh’ private schooling next year, Josh in elementary and Ruth in high school. We also decided to opt for this year’s field trip as they’ve joined for two years already and have already gone to the scheduled places in this year’s field trip. Since it’s a repetition we thought it practical to join next year if the trips would be new to them.

After the 2-hour stay and playing at Tom’s World we rounded up the stores in the mall looking for Gen’s birthday clothes but Gen (as usual) didn’t want any of the blouses in the stores. She didn’t want those ruffled and flairy blouses as she only want the simple ones. We dined at Greenwich and the kids enjoyed the Hawaiian pizza, pizza fries and spaghetti. We ended our malling with grocering for our supply, kids’ foodie and Gen’s birthday food tomorrow. Will post pics later!


Life Insurance Leads

My cousin works for an insurance firm and as we’re talking about our particular work she told me that nowadays it’s hard to get a client. She usually gets a client to insure themselves when they have businesses or the above average families. For the working class and those receiving minimum salaries and a little higher than minimum they content themselves with the mandated social security insurance which is not so much to expect. Since my cousin has been in the business for several years already she copes with the latest low market with her skills and experience. She still reaches her quota even in these days of economic crisis. Good for her as I also know that people get life insurance leads online now because it’s better to research and compare insurance quotes in the comfort of your home via online surfing.


My Focus is Mostly Inward

Your Focus is Inward

You prefer to spend most of your time alone. Other people tax your reserves.
You appreciate and enjoy your own company. You can always find a way to entertain yourself.

You don't believe in being bored. In fact, you don't think it's even possible.
With so many ideas, books, and places to explore, you are never lonely - even if you're all by yourself.

Actually I'm not a loner as I enjoy the company of others most of the time, it's just that I also enjoy being alone as I can do many things if I'll be given my own time without interference. My personality is a combination of outward and inward lol! Want to see if your focus is inward or outward?


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