Monday, September 27, 2010

A Healthy Way of Dieting

I have lots of reasons to shed my excess pounds and those don’t limit to being slimmer only but to be healthy as well. Planning a good diet plan for me is more of a necessity than a desire because gaining pounds beyond maximum limits may cause certain sickness that will pose more problems for the health. I learned that a year after I resigned from my corporate job I’ve gained 20 pounds. Well I felt bad about it because I’m a very health-conscious person, it’s just that busy schedule and too much work made me neglect my healthy meal plan and daily 3km walking exercise.

I’ve started again and this time I’m determined because I know that I should really discipline myself. My friend told me that keeping to my healthy meal plan would do me good especially if I also keep up my regular exercise and walking regimen. She also suggested that I could try alli because it can help my weight loss by blocking 25% of the fat that I eat from being absorbed. It’s a kind of support for my dieting and it blends well with my healthy meals. In fact it’s suggested that it will be of great help if I follow my meal plans before taking alli because it works best if body has less fat consumed. Why? Because alli blocks 25% only and the rest that isn’t absorbed goes to your bowels thus it greatly affects the frequency of bowel movement. So sticking to low fat diet will help you to avoid the effects and manage your diet well.

I’m still thinking about it but it really helps to know what alli can do reduce the fat from coming into our bodies. It’s really better to maintain a healthy diet and some good healthy ideas that would help us to be aware that with dieting you don’t have to be deprive of eating but discipline it to eating the right kind of food.


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