Thursday, October 28, 2010

Health is Wealth Just Like Gold

I’ve been thinking all ways on living healthy and fit so now I’m disciplined enough to eat the right and balanced food, do regular workout exercise and sleep as much as I can to complete at least 6-8 sleeping hours. Having a healthy mind, spirit and body is a kind of investment that you will treasure in the coming years because a good healthy habit will prevent complications of sickness and avoid painful diseases caused by vices. It’s a kind of investment that’s good to have just like putting your hard-earned money  on investing in precious metals like gold bars because it will surely increase and appreciate its value over the years. It isn’t like some other investments that have risks of depreciation value. Gold has been proven and tested to increase its value over the years since the old generation.


Best Tryon Frame Fit at Zenni

DH doesn’t want me to use contact lens because for him it’s safer for me to use my usual prescription eyeglasses. He told me that he thinks it’s healthier for the eye to leave it with no lens so it won’t be prone to infections and everything. Even if I want to try I just followed his advice because it doesn’t really matter to me as I’m used to wearing eyeglasses since college days. I will just buy more so I’ll have one for going out, one for working and another while doing household chores. Why? So I will not be bored. 

Anyway my friend told me to Check out Zenni's New Site! And I found some nice frames that fit perfectly to my face using their new additions. Yes Zenni now has the best tryon: Frame Fit that you’ll love to use because you can see what will fit your face. . The site has improved and also their price because the affordable $8 stylish glasses are now made even more affordable with ZenniOptical $6.95 Rx Glasses. It’s having quality, style and affordability all in one prescription eyeglasses.


Knows How to Fix Appliances

It’s nice seeing DH fixing some of the appliances at home because when he’s still working in his previous job he knows nothing about it. Now that he’s studying electronics he easily adopted to his course and tries on fixing malfunctioning appliance like our other TV which was not in use for several months because of tuner problem. Last month he tried to fix it without buying a tuner, he rushed to one electronics shop here and bought a cable wire and connected it to the back of our TV and voila it’s as good as new. 

The kids were happy and my plan of buying a new Samsung 3D TV will not be a priority now, maybe in few months or after the holiday season. I’m saving now for my birthday wish list and I’ll prioritize my Windows Phone after we completed the general check-up and repair maintenance of Mazy, our newly acquired Mazda Pickup. It’s in running condition but we want the best performance so we’re having it fully checked by our trusted mechanic.


Benefits of Health Care Plans

It’s painful to be sick but it’s even harder if you don’t have money to spend for your hospitalization expenses. This is a very common situation especially on the month when everybody seems so susceptible to diseases. This is where regular employees are good about because they’re compulsory members of health insurance company like the Medicare part D plans which takes care of medicines and hospitalization expenses of members. 

I didn’t continue with my own healthcare plans because DH’s healthcare membership covers us all. Now that he’s resigned from his regular job we’ve just continued paying for his voluntary member contributions. I also asked my brother to do that when he’s retired from government office and he informed me that he has resumed his membership few months ago.


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